Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New shows and Funnel Cake!!!

Hey there!
Well, as mentioned before, I have been a teeny bit swamped with work and life. There have been so many good things, but I haven't been able to share. I'll start with the stuff that has me most busy these days ... an order for more Cooking for Real episodes!!!! 26 to be exact! With about 3-4 or even 5 recipes per show, do the math and I've been catching kitchen time as much as possible to work on recipe development. There are people that have waaaaay more recipes per episode than me, so I can only imagine the workload. I begin taping 13 episodes soon and then 13 more before the end of the year. The crazy thing is I've been on the road shooting How'd That Get On My Plate? and in the midst of all that I decided to invest in a new kitchen ... which meant moving, huh? Exactly, crazy move, but I needed it so my work area was comfy and I work in the kitchen now ... In my blog/journalism/radio days ... all I neeeeeded was a great couch :-), now I need a great range and a ventilation hood that works. So, anyway I am super happy because jussssst as I was getting things all settled with the new kitchen, I got the call about the renewal of Cooking for Real. Crazy thing is I had some installation issues with the ventilation hood that set me back and I was on the road while moving. Things are good now, but I'm just now getting every part of the kitchen working. Hard, when recipe prep is the name of the current game. I start tomorrow working in the Food Network kitchens to plan out the shows and what act will have what part of the meal prep. I'll post flicks like last time and the time before, so check in for a preview of food that's on the way. Alright, thennnnn there's more ...

I've signed on to host a special for Food Network with a tentative title, but it's basically a show about all the neat festivals and fairs where there's some good food to eat. So far I've been to the Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY and the Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo Park, NY. I think I ate about a jillion wings in Buffalo ... wanna know how? I entered the chicken wing eating contest!!! Lemme tell ya, if you are ever hungry at a fair, enter the eating contest ... free food! teeheehee ... Hopefully the tape of me scarfing down wings will make the show, it won't be pretty, but boy was it fun. The guy next to me won and I'm sure I didn't place well because I was watching him most of the time ... he was a vacuum, what a sight to see close-up ... Here's a pic of me heading on stage to judge a wing sauce contest,

In my hand is NFNS contestant Kevin Robert's cookbook, he was there along with Bobby from Hell's Kitchen. Very foodie'd up event.

The wing sauce contest was sponsored by Frank's Red Hot, which was cool ... I use them in my wing sauce recipe and several other things. Then, over at the RenFair, I got all dressed up like the medieval times and did more than just eat turkey legs! I had frozen cheesecake, sorbet in fruit and even Mediterranean/Greek food!!! It's still goin' on check here for info if you are in the NYC area. Here I am on stage during a show at the fair, the dude is balancing me on two legs of the chair that is sitting on top of another chair as he balances himself upside down... before I went on I told him I was heavy, 170lbs to be exact ... he shrugged it off and got to balancin' ...

I don't know where we are headed next for the shoot, but one place we were supposed to attend didn't work out. I don't know why, it just didn't. I never had any contact directly with the organizers of that festival, but when the shoot got cancelled I think someone got a bit excited and called me a "no-show" in the local press, a week before the event even occurred. :-( Hopefully no one was upset, but I never personally agreed to attend and my attendance was only based on the production company's attendance. Sometimes, things are truly out of my hands and I find out last. Moving on ...

This past weekend I headed over to the 3rd Ave Fair in NYC. Now, for many New Yorkers, these street fairs that pop up during the summer really mean traffic and detours, but for me ... it means a chance at some street food, more than the usual here in NYC. A good friend of mine that works with Radio Disney and OurKidsNews.com, asked me to come by and support the young journalists and do an interview. I started my love of reading early, then writing very soon after, so it is truly neat to see kids younger than I was beginning to discover what they love to do. Here are my two interviewers, the video should be up at their site soon.

Right after the interview, I went in on some funnel cake ...

Click and enlarge the flick above to see the kid that got stopped in his tracks when he saw the funnel cake, his face is priceless!

And now, what got me lined up for some sweets ...

Anytime you see someone prepping it in cast iron, get in line!!! 4 bux and boy was it yummy! I had powdered sugar all over the place, washed it down with a $1 lemonade and headed back to Brooklyn to work on recipes. I really have been squeezing every minute out of every day for work and stuff, which is why I've been a bit slow on blogs, but I do want to say a huge thanks to you if you watch Cooking for Real. It's my baby and along with a team of producers, directors, stylists, camera men, sound, lighting, editors, etc. we managed to do something together that worked. It's a true team effort and without you the team isn't complete and full-circle. Thanks so much for the support and I hope you like the new shows and menus.


houstonmacbro said...

Sunny how great for you! We all share in your success and wish you many great episodes in the future!

Ms. Proctor said...

Congratulations on the success; my mother watches you on the food network all time time. :)

Just wanted to stop by and say hello.

Peace and Blessings,

Brittnay [not Brittany...lol]
-West Covina/Riverside, CA [I'm a student so I have two cities I reside in. :)]

Complaint Department Manager said...

I saw the C.F.R. episode the other day. Uh...just HOW bad do you miss BoJangles? That's the first hing I thought of when I saw the Oyster po-boy. That looked like something I would see on their menu.

I would have commented on this earlier, but after seeing that funnel cake, I went into a diabetic coma. I hear ya on the powdered sugar all over the place, last time I tore into one, it looked like the 80's all over again(know what I'm sayin'? *sniff*sniff)

Cate said...

Sounds like you've been really busy, but a good kind of busy. I love festival and fair season and look forward to visiting all the food vendors. I made your Tri-Color Meatloaf Stuffed Pepper Rings recently - good stuff.

Sunny Anderson said...

houstonmacbro, THANKS! here's hoping!

brittnay, thank you so much and tell your mom the same! and omg i lived in rancho cucamonga for 6 months 2 years ago! what's with the hail one second and sunshine the next? lol

complaint dept. mgr., teeheehee ... look i really just wanted to eat the oysters, the bread gets in the way sometimes ... i usually start peeling away bread two bites in, like "gimme the gold!!!" and u r funny, i poured a bit of flour out on the counter last night to make some pizza dough and my dude said the same thing about the 80s. it was a good lil chuckle, thanks for the repeat!

cate, yaaaaaaay! glad you are watchin and cookin! (4 real lol) thanks so much for the support and keep cooking!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sunny,

Just wanted to say Congrats! on your continued success. We're still watching your shows...and as a matter of fact I'm about to go watch your show right now! Maybe I'll try the oxtail recipe that you're doing right now, 'cause my hubby loveeees oxtail...lol.

Keep up the great work!

Karen & Kabrina

Sunny Anderson said...

karen, give kabrina a big hug for me, she is such a star! thanks for the support and enjoy the oxtails!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

Hey you - I see you're hella busy. But you know, that's what you have to do when you're a star - lol! Big ups for you! Keep it up - you know you're an inspiration.

Um, that kids face was priceless. Really - hilarious. Great picture.

And you're right, when you see cast iron - that's what's up!

Um, wing eating competition - damn, where do I sign up?

See you this weekend (on DVR - lol)


ps: it's so funny - when I watch you on TV it's like I know you. I talk back to you and everthing - especially when you crack jokes. Like that one with the oxtails - you were like if you're up early on a Sunday morning and then gave two winks - lol - classic!

Lys said...

Congrats to you - 26 eps - WOW!

Mary at My New 30 said...

Yay!!! Sunny, you are so busy my head is spinning. Congratulations - I'm excited and can't wait to see the new series for sure. You ARE my fav Food Network star afterall! ;)