Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Food Network pages are up!

Hi all!
I'm couch ridden today, my back is killing me, so i'm reclined on a heat-buzzing thingy, handling writing for my daytime gig and dreaming of a day this week i'm not too busy to get a massage or something. Doan's and Calgon ... take me awaaaaaayyyyy :-) ok, the biz...

Many people are asking me where to find more info about Cooking For Real on Food Network's website. It's not listed yet in the main directory, but a Topic search on the Food Network home page of "Sunny Anderson" or "Cooking For Real" will pull up my bio page, then for the video clips, click the teeny Cooking For Real link at the top of the page once you get to my bio page. I know, you're like Sunny, just give me the link ... I tried, goes right back to the home page, i think it's unlinkable because they haven't indexed it on the site yet ... but for now, get ya sleuth on! :-)
WAIT ... i got it :-)


MY BIO :-)

On the video page are clips from some stuff I did about a week before I began taping. For two days all the Food Network hosts did commercials and promos in this set. The director is great cuz it's the same set in the funny Danny Boome Eats the Neely's Ribs commercial (which btw, i think was perfectly acted, Mr. Neely really looks irked, luv it). The same set was used for some other stuff I've seen on the network as well. You'd never know it was the same kitchen! The taping of the promos was a two-day event, I taped on the last day and was the second to last person, so I didn't really get to meet too many of the Food Network hosts, but I met Danny and Robin Miller, both very nice. Robin was like "You comin' to South Beach?" (referring to the Food and Wine fest that the network sponsors), i was like "uhhh maybe", knowing i wasn't going. wanted to though, as an attendee, just too busy hustling in nyc. hopefully i can make it next year :-). She was sweet and Danny is just a cool dude. ok, check the links and don't get it twisted, I'm not all soul food, it's just what my brother and friends asked me to prepare :-)...

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Lys said...

Sunny - that's AWESOME!

As for SOBE, you should be there next year!!! I know I say I want to go every year but it's tough with the 9to5, the music stuff and everything else. *sigh*

Looks like things are moving quick for you!