Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Monday!

So, hope you had a great Easter if you celebrate. I went for Easter dinner in New Jersey with my boyfriend's family. We had so much fun. I ended up making Banana Walnut Bread. I wanted it to be warm when we got there, so I started making it right before we left and couldn't find my loaf pan. That's why it's in this casserole dish. I am a geek and usually take pics of food i make right before i serve it so i have a reference when i write the recipe. Sometimes taking a picture can be stressful, especially when you are hungry. Sometimes the urge to eat wins over the urge to document. :-) This is one of the few times my dude was like "yo, you gotta take a picture of that before i eat it". Real sweet. Ok, after pouring in the batter, i dropped like 6 dollops of 5-berry preserves on top and swirled them with a skewer, a little food curb-appeal. To spread on the bread, i made a brown sugar cinnamon butter, which was pretty simple and yummy. We ate like crazy, there was ham, lasagna, pork butt, 2 salads, flan, arroz con gandules, plenty of food, enough to take a nap ... and that we did when we got home! Ok, also this wknd i made some beef,sage, and asiago ravioli. Real easy and yummy cuz i used wonton papers ... i've been doing this since my time in Korea and just this morning saw Sara Moulton on GMA doing lasagna with wonton wrappers and i was really happy the word seems to be spreadin about a really quick way to make pasta, without making it :-).

So, when i do this i make the whole pack of wonton papers and freeze the pasta i won't eat that day for later. I made a yummy no-vodka sauce cuz i used up the last of the vodka the night before on some Shake Shots (i'll demo these in an upcoming Cooking for Real epsisode) Anyway, if you are into some quick pasta that keeps forever in the freezer for a quick meal ... do a lil research, there are some great recipes out there and once you know the process, you can just go crazy with flavors on your own and leave the recipes alone! ok ... another full shot of my Easter offering at the dinner table yesterday ...


Lys said...

Personally, I think the bread looks good like that - it's a bit more "za za zu" than the typical, right?

The raviolis sound interesting... haven't tried the wontons - any tips?

Sunny Anderson said...

wonton tip ... ok, what i do is i buy the wrapper and keep em in the freezer. when i'm ready to use em, i thaw them in the warmest part of my fridge. they are realy when you can easily peel them off of each other. the cool thing about the packaging is they layer them with a light dusting of flour, so u won't need to even flour a surface.
ok, so i make the filling and put a lil dollop in the center. then you brush the edges with water and fold in half, seal. then you take the ends and wrap them around the back and pinch them together. this is really more like a tortellini. you can make the big ravioli by not even folding it over and placing another wrapper on top and sealing that way ... you don't need egg wash, just water and you don't have to pinch it so hard that you leave a finger print, just some light pressure.
ok, then boil em until they float and for about 3 mins after that.
you can freeze em separated on a sheet and them put them in a freezer back and the have the same cooking process, no need to thaw. give it a try girl!! u will be so impressed with yourself!! you can also deep fry them and dip in soy! yum!!!