Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My New Show!!!

hi all!

Well, I don't have to hold my tongue anymore!!! I have really good news and I hope you'll join me in the excitement!!! I wanna give you some background a bit to bring you up to speed if you haven't checked in or know what i've been working on ....

I still get questions about radio and what my plans are and i've answered them individually, but I feel the need to hopefully say it once on a blog and let it sit there for a sec. So, basically long story short, I got to NYC in 2001 at 26 years-old and the #1 question people asked me was "what's next?" and I would think, I just got here ... it was my dream and goal to get to HOT 97, I haven't thought of what's next.

So, I worked and enjoyed my dream. I enjoyed the listeners, the places I went, parties I hosted, I enjoyed so much. Then, I began to cook for friends on the side and after charging for groceries, then time, I staffed up and started catering events. Many of you came and enjoyed a meal at clubs or events, and for that I thank you so much. N.O.R.E was my first invoice for catering his studio press-day and other executives and companies followed suit. Then, I did my radio-norm and yakked about news, my personal life, and of course, cooking. Somewhere in there a listener actually listened and heard something they'd use later.

She happened to work as an audience coordinator for Emeril Lagasse's Food Network show, Emeril Live. In 2005, in a meeting with her team, ideas were discussed for show guests and topics for Emeril's new season. Somewhere in there, new to her position, she decided to speak up in the meeting and mention this chick she listened to on the radio that always talked about food and cooking. She thought, even though Emeril had never done a Hip Hop themed show, maybe this chick would be someone they should look at. That chick was me. (sidebar: the audience coordinator is now working with Emeril as an associate producer in his new venture with Martha Stewart)

Now, I can go on, and will at length one day, but the bottom-line is, I did the Emeril show and realized I knew what my next dream and goal was. Took me 4 years, but that day after taping the show and feeling really good, I realized I'd found a way to combine so much of what I loved into a radio career, and I could do the same with food television and chase down another dream. I left radio a month before the Emeril Live show was to air on Food Network in Oct 2005 and from that day on -- save for a very sad, wack 6 months in Cali (more on that later as well) -- all I did was work towards my new dream. there were so many people trying to get me to go back into radio at various points, but I figured if I got to NYC by 26, I had plenty more time to do another dream, why sit on one dream my whole life?? I only get one of these in this body, so I really want to live.

So anyway, I just wanna get to it, but feel the need to pad this with some back story, but the truth is, it's a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng story and right now all I want to do is get a simple point across before I make my announcement. ;-)

No matter what, if you have a dream, a goal, a plan ... it can happen if you work. And I do mean work. And you have to believe and be honest with yourself. And really that scary feeling you get, the anxiety, the teeny little self-doubt, you gotta fight that, cuz I really think it's what it feels like when you are on the way to your goal ... your dream. It's scary, it's tough, but in the end it is so rewarding.

So, it is with my tears, hard work and a mention from 1 person in a television meeting, that I'm able to tell you ..... coming in April this year I begin to share another dream with you, those who I know and others I hope to know. Food Network has signed me to a new cooking show called Cooking for Real and it debuts April 6, 2008 at 1030AM EST. Below is the press release and in the next coming days and weeks, I'll continue to give updates and as much behind the scenes info as I am allowed. :-)

This show means so much to me, I focused on different types of food I've grown to love throughout my travels and did my best to bring them into your kitchen. I'm simple (teeheehee) and the recipes are simple as well, I hope you enjoy it and spread the word! I'm gonna be smiling, cooking, and sharing on Food Network!! 

I also hope to bring my website www.SunnyAnderson.com up to speed soon and this post as well as others will also begin to pop up on my blog at www.SunnyAnderson.blogspot.com

Please check in often for updates and news, and thanks so much for all the kind words. People don't post comments much, but I do get so many messages and emails and have some really cool conversations with you, and they are all appreciated. OK .... here's the official look :-) .....

Sunny Anderson Hosts “Cooking For Real” Premiering Sunday, April 6th at 10:30AM ET/PT

Mary Nolan Hosts “Chic & Easy” Premiering Sunday, May 18th at 10:30AM ET/PT

Anne Burrell Hosts “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef” Premiering Sunday, June 29th at 10:30AM ET/PT

NEW YORK, March 17, 2008 – Beginning this April, Food Network switches up Sundays adding new shows to its weekend ‘In the Kitchen’ lineup. First up in her new series Cooking For Real is former hip-hop DJ, Sunny Anderson, who simplifies and creates dishes with affordable, easy-to-find, easy-to-use ingredients and infuses them with rich, rewarding flavors. Next, culinary enthusiast Mary Nolan shows off her sophisticated yet simple meals and unique entertaining solutions with her new series, Chic & Easy. Well-known chef and Iron Chef America regular, Anne Burrell reveals professional kitchen mysteries and translates restaurant favorites in to approachable at-home meals on Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.

Premieres: Sunday, April 6th at 10:30AM ET/PT
With an understanding of everyday life and that real people deserve down-to-earth delicious meals, Sunny Anderson serves up solutions for easy-to-prepare, fantastic-tasting menus. Sunny’s fresh, uncomplicated approach to classic comfort foods, along with her passion for interpreting the flavors from her unique travels, brings a bright style to delectable, down-home dishes. Every recipe is designed with an eye toward real life budgets, easy-to-find ingredients and time saving tips to make preparation a breeze. From her spicy yet sweet Shrimp Pot Pie from New Orleans, her favorite bistro-inspired Wilted Green Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette, or her mouth-watering take on Germany’s finest, Baked Apple with Crisp Topping, Sunny elevates the everyday meal in Cooking for Real!


Growing up traveling the world as an Army brat, Sunny indulged in many local cuisines. When she joined the Air Force, she continued her culinary world travels and also discovered she had a desire to explore music, becoming an award-winning military radio host and news reporter. Sunny continued her broadcast career playing radio host at stations in New Orleans, Montgomery, Detroit, and finally, in New York at hip-hop radio powerhouse, HOT 97. Sunny also served as Food & Lifestyle Editor at Hip Hop Weekly Magazine and previously ran her own catering company, Sunny’s Delicious Dishes. She debuted on Food Network back in 2005 as a special guest on Emeril Live, and in 2007, Sunny co-hosted Food Network’s series of specials, Gotta Get It.

Premieres: Sunday, May 18th at 10:30AM ET/PT
Whether it’s a ladies-only soiree, a posh picnic, or big movie night, Mary Nolan proves that successful entertaining results from mouth-watering menus and stylish, welcoming atmospheres. Her exciting twists on the traditional create entertaining delights like Stilton-Stuffed Dates, Sweet and Smoky Popcorn, and Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes with Ganache Frosting. Whether highlighting her practical approach to using local produce, showcasing a single splurge ingredient, or impressing guests with a unique flea-market find, she always offers crowd-pleasing and affordable solutions to make memorable entertaining Chic & Easy.


Born and raised in Davenport, Iowa, Mary Nolan was inspired by a creative and food-loving family who exposed her to hands-on epicurean adventures including working on her grandparents’ rural farms, preparing meals, and culinary-focused vacations. While studying journalism at The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mary enrolled in nutrition and food science courses and began catering bridal showers and parties. Spending a semester in Italy provided yet another source of inspiration for Mary’s cooking. After graduating from college, Mary moved to New York City to become an assistant at premier culinary magazine, Gourmet where she eventually became an advertising copywriter. Dedicated to sharing her fresh perspective and passion for accessibly chic entertaining, Mary is currently attending The Institute of Culinary Education.

Premieres: Sunday, June 29th at 10:30AM ET/PT
With extensive experience as a top restaurant chef and a lifelong passion for food, Anne Burrell takes the mystery (and apprehension) out of the professional kitchen and highlights the practical techniques necessary to create delicious at-home meals. Based on her love for rustic food with simple ingredients and intense flavors, Anne prepares surprisingly achievable dishes such as Herb-Crusted Leg of Lamb with Roasted Fennel, Artichoke, and Red Bliss Potatoes and Brined Grilled Pork Chops with Parmesan Polenta, Sautéed Swiss Chard and Bacon. With stand-out recipes perfect for a party but easy enough for an everyday meal, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef will make the viewer’s dinner table the hottest reservation in town.


Now serving as Executive Chef at New York hot-spot Centro Vinoteca, Anne Burrell has always stood out in the restaurant business for her remarkable culinary talent, bold and creative dishes, and her trademark spiky blond hair. After training at New York’s Culinary Institute of America and Italy’s Culinary Institute for Foreigners, she gained hands-on experience at notable New York restaurants including Felidia, Savoy, Lumi, and Italian Wine Merchants. Anne can also be spotted battling on Food Network’s iron Chef America as Mario Batali’s energetic and reliable sous chef. Additionally, Anne taught for three years at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education and recently took over the kitchen at New York’s Gusto Ristorante e Bar Americano.

FOOD NETWORK ( www.foodnetwork.com) is a unique lifestyle network and Web site that strives to be way more than cooking. The network is committed to exploring new and different ways to approach food - through pop culture, competition, adventure, and travel - while also expanding its repertoire of technique-based information. Food Network is distributed to more than 90 million U.S. households and averages more than seven million Web site users monthly. With headquarters in New York City and offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Knoxville, Food Network can be seen internationally in Canada, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Monaco, Andorra, Africa, France, and the French-speaking territories in the Caribbean and Polynesia. The E.W. Scripps Company (NYSE:SSP), which also owns and operates HGTV(www.hgtv.com), DIY Network,(www.diynetwork.com), Great American Country (www.gactv.com) and FINE LIVING (www.fineliving.com), is the manager and general partner.


Press Contacts

Cooking For Real
Lauren Mueller, 212-401-2426, lmueller@foodnetwork.com

Chic & Easy and Secrets of a Restaurant Chef
Michelle Betrock, 646-336-3683, mbetrock@foodnetwork.com


Lys said...

I am SO excited for you Sunny! When I saw the teasers this week, I had to go "NOOOO! 'Bout damn time!" Much congrats and I will definitely be adding this to the Tivo list (and the blogroll)

Sunny Anderson said...

thanks sweetie!

Melina said...

Hi Sunny,

Love what you're doing. You're an inspiration to all women in the food industry. I'm 27 years old, in culinary school, and trying to get a catering business off the ground. Any pointers?

Thank you.

Sunny Anderson said...

melina, welcome to the blog! i think my best advice is just work hard and don't cheat yourself or the process. and honest win is the best win. build relationships in the local catering arena as well and just believe that dreams can come true, with work. :-)

Denise said...

Wow!!! I used to listen to Hot 97 and I have heard your name a time of two, and have been to quite a few of the parties that you may have attanded. However, I was speaking to my sister last night and as I was telling her "Girl, do you watch "Cooking for Real"? I really like Sunny, I think she has a great personality.." My sister said "You do know that is Sunny from Hot 97 don't you..?" I was blown way, I had no idea!! You are a great presence on Food Network, and I hope to see you many years to come.

Much, much luck to you Sunny, job well done, and you are indeed a fav I watch on Sunday - Kudos!

I have a blog on here too, check it out. "The Sweetest Release".

Be well!

Sunny Anderson said...

carlo, thanks so much!!!

Victor said...

Sunny...love your show...i must admit i got a lil jealous when u made a dish using your "boyfriends" fav...peanut butter..lol...im jus here givin a beautiful woman her props. from your skillz in the kicthen to that smile u got it goin on....

thanks SunShine...lol

Sunny Anderson said...

victor, thanks so much for watching and for the compliment ... trust me, i make sure my guy knows he's got it good with a cookin chick lol ...take it easy and welcome to the blog!