Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Linner: Garlic Overloaded Pasta

Ok, so this is leftovers I reheated just a minute ago. I'm working online today and thought I had a meeting in the city, so I scrambled early to get some things out of the way and low-n-behold, how 'bout a cancelled meeting!? So, I put on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie I DVRd, began my secondary online search for my blog gig, and let the microwave do the rest. Why cook Linner when there are leftovers? Alright, this is Spinach Fettuccini (bought fresh, I didn't make this time :-) ) with shiitake mushrooms, grilled chicken and roasted garlic in just a bit of an asiago cream sauce. I had my dude grate the cheese :-), it's a hard cheese and my muscles were tired. All in all, this was fast when I initially made it because I cut the chicken into thin strips from the breast and put the garlic in the oven while I boiled the pasta. Fresh pasta can really speed up the process, give it a try. Felt like 15 minutes. Here are my pics, and then the last one after I get the pepper on! I bought a new grinder yesterday, I LOVE fresh ground pepper, super coarse is super great!


Maggie said...

You can never have enough pepper.
Except on ice cream, but still. Pepper is good.

My shiitake mushrooms always taste like shoes. Ugh!

Sunny Anderson said...

i've actually had black peppercorn ice cream ... not bad at alllllll! and for the mushrooms, don't airtight store em, use stems for stocks, but don't eat em they are tough, caps should curl under and have no breaks, they are only good for 2-3 days and they do usually have more of a chew than other mushrooms, which is why they are popular with veggie only people, gives 'em a meaty sensation. so don't kill yourself, it may not be you, it could be the 'shroom. :-)