Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Be on Food Network with me!!!

Hey all!
I'm in Denver coming off a sugar rush-crash ... we were taping a segment for How'd That Get On My Plate? at LaMar's donuts in a suburb called  Broomfield and I do believe I ate some glaze and tore into just about every single donut they offered me!!! Oooowwweeee tasty! Ok, so back to the subject ...
How'd ya like to be on Food Network with me? I'm gonna be featured on a new Food Network show called Dear Food Network. Click there and read up, basically you send in a video or email with a food question or dilemma and if you get picked your video, question or even YOU may be on with me! This is exciting for me, I like meeting new people and even better if it's a conversation about something I love, food!! 

Check the website for ideas of what they are looking for and get on it!! You have to upload the video by July 14th. Include your age, where you live and get your friends and family involved if you want! Be creative or just be sincere, whatever feels right. The video can be uploaded to or e-mailed in to Again ... Deadline is July 14.


Lys said...

Yet another show??? Guess there is no slowin' down :) I think I have a few friends that might be game for this.

I'll stay behind the camera tho *LOL*

Bren said...

Hi Sunny! I've been to your blog before but never commented. Congrats on all the new haps.

This op to be on with you sounds like great fun. I just shot an episode with Emeril for the Discovery Channel, with a similar premise. I had so much fun, so I can only imagine how exciting your constant experience is! He was great working with and I'm sure you can say the same! :)

Glad I dropped by and I'll be back for sure. The tampon trick I read is hilarious!

Be well.


Sunny Anderson said...

lys ... i know right? another show, but this is really a food network special, so i'm just happy to be involved, only if i get some vids in i guess teeheehee ... glad to see ya back and thanks for the philly eats ;-)

bren, well i am soooo cool with ghost readin', no need to commentm but i surely do appreciate it. i am a talker and so by nature, i love to type and 'meet' new people even if it's on the 'net ... never know what you'll learn! and yeah emeril is THE MAN. he was nothing but a welcoming pro when i was on his show and boy was i nervous. lemme know when you'll be on with him so i can watch!!

Anonymous said...

Sunny, You are AWESOME!! I love Cooking for real and I will be watching every show you are on!!
You ROCK!!

Oconto Falls, wi

Courtney said...

I just found your blog and i think its great that there is finally an accessible Food Network Star! I have sent so many e-mails to Food Network and not received responses its ridiculous. I think everything your doing is amazing and you're truely insprational. I was wondering how you got your FN show. Did you come up with the concept or did FN approach you? Just a question from an aspiring FN host.

Sunny Anderson said...

anon, thanks so much!!! i really appreciate the support and enthusiasm!

courtney, glad you found me! i'm just hangin out here 2-4 times a week to give some behind the scenes stuff. this blog is here partly because as a fan it's what i wanted from someone, anyone on a regular basis. there are some neat things to share so hopefully i can keep up and post as i go. i never had a problem replying to emails personally when i did radio, shouldn't be much of a problem here. as for the how's and when's of getting a show on the network, my friend jacob over at food network addict did an in depth q&a here and the second part is here and then i found this article here , she never spoke with me before writing, but got all the facts right. thanks for the interest and support!!!