Monday, May 19, 2008

I lost count! teeheehee

ok, it's true ... i've lost count of how many days it is that i've been shooting the new episodes of Cooking for Real. This is also going to be the shortest post everrrrrr... I have some great stuff to post later though ... gonna do a behind the scenes look at how they make the food look so perfect here and who does all the "perfect making" lol ... and then for all the set design junkies that have asked me where things come from, i'll also be posting an inside look at the design team ... let everyone know who gets it done ova here! ok, until then ...thanks for all the support! new episodes in July!


Cara said...

I caught your show for the first time this weekend and my daughter and I could not get enough. As I watched my 5 year old say 'Nawlin's' several times, I realized that time in the kitchen is something that she and I can do to bond as mother/daughter. I really appreciate what you are bringing to television and as an African American. Keep up the great work!

Cara and Kailani - Indianapolis

Sunny Anderson said...

cara and kailani, wow. now that's a cool feeling after reading that. thanks so much for watching and even more for reaching out. very nice. have fun in the kitchen together! foodies raising foodies! :-)

Pia said...


Girl, girl, girl! My husband and I made those Shrimp Pot Pies using your recipe and OH MY GOD they were deliciousssssss! Everyone in my household which includes kids just loved them. We have eaten all types of food including cajun food but I can defintiely this was one of the best meals I have ever had. Matter-of-fact, this morning I was looking on the food network website looking for some more of your recipes that we could try. My sista, please keep on bringing those slamming recipes to your show to give us a variety of foods to cook.

We definitely appreciate you!
Pia from the A-T-L

Sunny Anderson said...

pia! i'm so glad you guys liked the shrimp pot pies!!! i get plenty of compliments on that one dish alone ... and it came from using odds and ends, then just blossomed into a recipe. so glad you liked it. the recipes coming in the new 13 episodes are even better if i can say so, i had more time to think about what works for a half hour show. hope you guys like them when they pop up! yaaaaaay atl!!!