Tuesday, June 3, 2008

NFNS Webisodes up every week!

Hi All!
Well, my new buddy Adam Roberts of the FN Dish and Amateur Gourmet, has invited me along every week to watch and chat about Food Network's Next Food Network Star. Plenty of links for one sentence huh? teeheehee ... Okay, anyway every week he's invited me to his place and we watch the show together, then chat about it and comment on the contestants. We even talk about the person voted off. It was plenty of fun last week. Check it out below ...

So watch the show Sundays at 10PM/9C and then right after, click here and check for our commentary. This year is interesting so far ... I already have my faves and my not so faves ... feels weird because what if I meet one of them in the future and there I am talking about them on the webisode? Well, you've got my word I'll be honest and as constructive as possible, but I'm also gonna have fun with it. It's a fun show, plenty of different personalities and culinary points of view. I totally got the "Holmes" part of my Lisa Garza comment from a funny post on Jacob's blog here ... alright, hope you enjoy em and if you don't or do agree with my comments, it's cool to say it ... it's an open forum, just don't get too crazy I've seen some angry posts about contestants floating around. :-)  Btw ... the popcorn you catch a glimpse of was from my new 13 episodes ... fresh popped and drizzled with bad stuff, more details when the show runs. We had beers and popcorn while watching, Adam is my kinda guy! Next week, I'm bringing by a close friend to hang out and watch.

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Alex Lopez said...

Ohh popcorn with drizzle...ever head to Chicago..you gotta check out Garret's. They make the best caramel corn and cheddar cheese popcorn. They do this Windy City combo and mix the 2 flavors up. Sounds funky, but it's oh so good. Sweet and savory. So good in fact a few years ago it was on Oprah's gift list. Shoot I might have to hop on thier website and order me a jumbo tub. I wonder when they will start casting for season 5 of NFNS. I'm gonna try again! I cam too close to give up..The insight shared on the blogs and interviews is great! Thanks Sunny. :)