Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BTW and Didja know ...

Reruns of Cooking for Real air on Wednesdays at 130PM!!! Catch me cooking during the week!! Again, reruns on Weds!! This Weds it's all Tex-Mex food, a term used in Texas to describe the blend of both cultures, duh teeheehee. Really this is what you call unauthentic Mexican food, what the natives have done to make it their own. Best of both cultures. This is how I ate when I lived there and still do. I miss Texas, I remember a bumper sticker I saw while living there that said "I wasn't born here, but I got here as quick as I could". So fitting.

and didja know ...
Debuts are still on Sundays at 1030AM. This week PB&J pancakes plus my take on green eggs and ham ... feels like a must-do for a cooking show right? The green part is great with more than just eggs, hope you like the show!

In honor of my rerun's ... the original Rerun - Fred Berry, r.i.p.


Darius T. Williams said...

Hey Sunny!

No need to see reruns - I've seen ALL the original shows - lol.

I loved the Tex-Mex show too. Those fish tacos looked damn good. And corn bread croutons - all I can say is YES! I had never thought about that - but I bet I could put some cheese in the batter and spread it on a thinner sheet pan and let them crisp away - OMG - I bed that'd be stellar on a Caesar salad.

Sunny Anderson said...

awww dtdub, you know i appreciate that first-day screening. really do, now as for your cheesey cornbread ... go 'head with your bad self!! i often add sour cream and herbs to the batter, of course, you know you can go ahead and throw in some jalapenos with your cheese is it's cheddar. parm and garlic would be nice too ... now you got me wanting some cornbread!! and trust, even though i didn't get it, i asked the graphic design chick to hook my fake cornbread box up with some blue trim lol ... but we allllll know which cornbread from the box is good in the hood!!

Darius T. Williams said...

riiiiight! I was like "what type of cornbread is she making?" I thought it was just some NYC STUFF. I was like where's the jiffy?

Actually though, I ain't messed w/jiffy in years. I have a STELLAR recipe for cornbread made w/bisquick.

2 cups of bisquick
1 cup of sugar
1 stick of melted butter
2 eggs
3 table spoons of cornbread
1/2-1 cup of milk (or until it reaches the consistency you like...I've made it so much I don't measure the milk anymore)
as many frozen corn kernels as you like

Bake at 400 until golden brown. When it comes out I rub more butter on top of it. It's so good my friends call it corn cake.

Nikki Miller-Ka said...

Oh I'm so glad about the reruns! They'll come on just before my afternoon nap! Yes, I said nap. I wake up early to get it done and stay up late to meet, greet, and be in the street. ;)

Sunny Anderson said...

dtdub, you said, it didn't :-) ... but yeah, that's a standard in my pantry. not so much the bisquik, cuz i love me some baking and have a few diff biscuit recipes i'm happy with, but i'm try your recipe. i'm always up for something new!! i'll letya know how it turns out ... may take a minute though, i'm shootin and movin ... between kitchens right now.

nikki, yeah a siesta is par for the course!!! i take many adult naps. plan 'em out and all ... a lil 2 hours can really do ya good!

rayinHoustonTX said...

I'm wondering when are you going to do a show on carribian Food?

Make some Conch Fritters

Sunny Anderson said...

rayinhoustontx, well, you are a show/mind reader ... cuz in a few weeks you'll see a carribean themed show, with plantains, oxtails, all that ... then there's another show with jerk chicken! so stick around, they are on the way! thanks so much for watching so far!!!