Monday, July 28, 2008

BTW and Didja Know ...

Tonight's How'd That Get On My Plate? is at a NEW time!!!! 830 PM EST and Pacific ... NEW TIME NEW TIME NEW TIME! :-) it's' 830PM now!!! Check here for local listings, there's a tab at the top for each time zone. This week it's all about the only fruit we eat with seeds on it's outside ... strawberries!! Check here for the local press. Then, check your TV tonight for the rest. (my attempt at a loose rhyme... "press", "test" teeheehee)

Didja know ...

Last week I was in garlic country a.k.a. Gilroy, CA. Scroll down for the stories. Christopher from the local paper came by and he shot video instead of print- which is what I guess I expected ... go figure! I love a paper that has vlogs on it's site ... check me out talking about my love of garlic and check for the 10 foot pile of garlic in the background ... crazy!!!

ANNNNNNND ... Tonight if you are a Sirius listener, tune into MAXIM radio with Devore and Diana tonight around 730ish and then I'll be hanging out with the ladies of Lip Service on Shade45 radio around 8ish. See ya on the radio!

p.s. If ya follow the blog, i wrote this on friday in anticipation of my mess today as i'm moving into a new kitchen. just got my wifi so i feel human again ... like on Seinfeld ... "Serenity Now!"


Darius T. Williams said...

Booo! I don't have sirius...I know you were good though.

A new time? That's good Sunny. I see a Saturday morning line up coming soon.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

I think I gain about 4 lbs a week from watching your show!

Sunny Anderson said...

dtdub, it was fun, we laughed, hugged and i plugged :-) ... i saw so many people from my radio days there because that's where they all work to get a second check.

fbc, teeheehee ... i mean your curves no harm! sorry! i always try to watch other's shows when i'm full because if i don't i'll end up munching and cooking right away! thanks so much for watching!! yaaaaaaaay!!!!

Complaint Department Manager said...

After the merger becomes final, it won't matter if you have Sirius or not.

I liked the "How'd that get on my plate" episode with the strawberries. I actually don't like strawberries, but the freeze drying process got the attention of my geek side. Glad it was mentioned that nutrients aren't lost in the process. For the most part, vitamins and minerals are lost when in the liquid state. Once the liquid evaporates it takes a lot of good stuff with it, even flavor.

I wonder if those gene poolers ever thought of experimenting with grafting or cross pollenating from different strawberry plants to create a better strawberry?

Sunny Anderson said...

complaint dept mgr., you are so right, even the employees are trying to figure out what to do. seems like a unit that catches both or a pkg that allows you to have saaaaay 50 channels and you pick them from the two to total your pkg amt. i dunno ... plenty of work for radio listenin, but the porduct is markedly different and kinda worth it after listening a bit. and i like the strawberries ep. too, you are on point with the wondering ... they are actually always working on genetics to get a sweeter berry that won't spoil in like 2 days, always watching for the right amount of tart, like salt and sugar, tart n sweet work hand and hand, you kow that tho :-), just saying. they are workin on it and white and pinks too! the strawberries we eat today were engineered 5-10 yrs ago, crazy right??? and they are all from one mother berry.

Anonymous said...


I love your shows and I feel mad lame for not realizing you were Detroit's Dayime Diva.

I miss those days but it's good to see you are successful and having fun.

I work in tv news but I would love to be part of a show like "on my plate".


Alex, Detroit

Sunny Anderson said...

alex, wow i was jusssst talking about detroit yesterday! i miss the chili at the coney so bad!!! thanks so much for your continued support! go get a coney for me and extra onions on the chili!!!