Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Catch me hawkin my product ...

Hey all! It's been a busy week for me here in NYC. On Sunday my new Cooking for Real episodes begin running and Monday is the official debut of How'd That Get On My Plate?.

So lemme give ya tha downlow ... At first the debut ep was to be either about milk or strawberries. We got back from Hawaii taping the beginnings of both chocolate and honey just a few weeks ago. Whatever they saw on those tapes made honey move to the front of the line, so if you can image there's a bit of scrambling goin on :-). We finished shooting the honey parts just last week in ATL and just yesterday I recorded the voiceovers for it. So, between taping, the editors, writers, producers ... everyone is really bustin' tail to get it finished. I don't know the norm cuz I'm new to this, but I've been told getting a show together in such short time is not typical. Everyone is cool though, no stress and they work well under pressure.

So, anyway been working on that plus some recipes for upcoming specials. Add to that interviews to promote the show and my week off the road is stacked with work. I got up early this morning to do radio interviews in about 20 cities via phone and still have some interviews tomorrow via phone. ... I'm hangin in there though. The radio stuff is fun and kinda easy since I used to host a radio show. Pretty funny feeling answering the questions instead of asking them.

Something else I haven't even discussed is how I've been looking for a new place with a bigger kitchen. Finally signed on to the new kitchen yesterday! So, I'm jugglin stuff right now and kinda love it. Busy is better than dormant.
... Want ya to know where to catch me b4 it's too late.
Tomorrow AM I'll be on with the Ed Lover Morning Show @ Power 105.1 in NYC ... they stream, so outta towners are welcome to log on and hangout, should be in the 7am hour ... Thennnnn July 4th ... This Friday, I'll be on Good Morning America!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That's ABC and I think it'll be in the 8am hour, so tune in! They are broadcasting from Bryant Park for their summer concert series (Chaka Khan!!!) so it'll be a nice outdoor grilling segment. If you are from NYC, come on down and find me and say hi ... Even if I look busy :-) ... Ok, hope ya tune in tomorrow a.m. with Ed, I'm takin him breakfast again and hope he likes it!


Nicole said...

Hi Sunny! I LOVE YOU! I’m listening to you on the ED Lover show (I love him too)I been a fan since you were on the radio and when I saw you with that famous chef guy(I don’t know his name but the funny one) I was so happy for you. I just had a baby so I don’t get to watch much TV but I was able to catch your show and it was great. You make everything look so damn Anyway I’m about to move into my own apartment with my baby and his father, that means I’m going to have to cook! So ill will defiantly invest in TVO so I can tape your shows! Do you also have a cookbook? And what would you recommend I make for babies? My son is 11 months he has 4 teeth in the front (2on top and 2on the bottom) So I give him mashed potatoes & Yams and spaghetti and mashed veggies but I know he’s tired of eating that what else can I make that healthy and tastes good and good for him? Anyway I know your busy so ill stop. Take care and can’t wait to see you tomorrow on GMA! (That’s a good day because everybody would be home to watch it)
God Bless

greenbean said...

Hey Sunny. So...I'm reading your post and I start feeling really proud of you :) I enjoy seeing you on tv and appreciate that you are doing your thing and being yourself. In more ways than one, you add something different that the FN has been lacking. Best of luck with your upcoming gigs and congratulations. I can't wait to check out the new show! Oh, and BTW, I'm writing from Atlanta.

Alex Lopez said...

Hi the new pic...that's a big ol' ice cream..
Congrats on all you are got the Midas touch!! Ohh. I will tune in to GMA..I watch it every morning..tell Chaka I said hi..
I use to rollerskate to "I Feel For You".. ah memories..have a great holiday!

Lys said...

Hot damn Sunny! You are all over the place :) That's it - Orlando radio needs to do an interview with you somehow. If you can, let me know the name of your PR rep and I'll shoot it over to my guys over here.

Congrats on the new kitchen and all. I'm sure people are gonna start staying "Rachael who??" in no time ;)

Mrs. L said...

Congrats on the new kitchen! I'll miss the Good Morning show (I wills so not be up yet), but I'm looking forward to your new shows.

Sunny Anderson said...

nicole, awww shux, thanks for listening this a.m. and for the cont'd support since my radio days. that chef was Emeril!!! he was so sweet that day!! we had fun this a.m. though, huh? what about that guy on the phone "grindin' chickin'"???!!! lol too funny. ahhhh good times. see ya 2moro on tv!

greenbean, pls, list a few places to eat in atl .... and thanks for the proud feeling, i gotta tell you, all this is really blowing my mind. having fun though!!

alex, girl, if you woulda told me i'd even be in the same 50 feet as chaka khan growing up i'd say whuteverrrrrr teeheehee ... i'll live it up for u 2moro :-)

lys, can u believe it??? thanks for the support. the pr at fn is on the very end of my very first post here, her name is lauren and she's kick tail!! link her up with the o-town crew teeheehee

mrs. l, thanks! it isn't done yet ... just have the dimensions and counter space planned out, that's a real issue i have now, don't we all?? i mean i actually gave up half my living room for a kitchen ... makes sense to me,i live there :-). and i feel ya on the early wake up! i dunno how i'm gonna do it, but i think it'll start with some tylenol pm tonight teeheehee ...

l.m.t, thanks for the comment, i won't post it cuz your personal info is in there, i'll send ya the recipe :-)....

Gemma said...

Oh Sunny, I am so excited for you and your new shows. I try to catch "Cooking for Real" every Sunday, I dont believe I have missed one yet. I will also be tuning into "How'd That Get On My Plate."

I wish you much success, I know everything about marketing and producing these shows is such hard work.

Keep up the great job.

OH, and Wendy Williams gave you a sweet, very Wendy-esque shout out the other day, saying its nice to see another female radio host go on and find success after radio.

Darius T. Williams said...

And you don't think you're and inspiration? Sunny, geez, come on! I'm so darn happy for you. So you know I'm totally living vicariously through you - please promise that the more big time you become you'll never stop blogging? Promise me that, okay!

I've got a barber shop appointment tomorrow - good thing you told me about GMA. I'll set the Tivo tonight just so I can see my Sunny!

Yo, for real Ma, keep doin' ya thing!

Beautiful said...

I missed the show. I fell back to sleep at 6 and just woke up. My BAD!! I can't wait for the new shows to come one. I have my Tivo set for both and the Neeleys. I am so glad that FN put some more flavor on. Love me some Paula and Bobby, but I want to see US too. Many blessings to you in all your endeavors. I am going to check up some more of your recipes.

Peace from Indiana

Sunny Anderson said...

Gemma, thanks so much for the luv and waking up early on a sunday! and omg!!! wendy williams gave me a shout out?!? i feel i've made it now!!! ;-) ... we've never met but i always send kind words to her through mutual friends. doubt the word ever gets passed along, but boy am i happy she gave some love cuz i give her love all the time not even knowing if she lumped me into all the things she hated about hot97, you know? good stuff ...she's such a pro.

dtdub, thanks maaaaaaan!!! hope u like my lil segment on your tivo!! and i don't plan to stop bloggin, i enjoy the dialogue.

beautiful, don't trip, both me and my make up and hair dude fell asleep in the car on the way ... it was earrrrrrrllly!!! tivo held ya down! and boy do i love paula and her sons as well, i'm just happy to be a part of the landscape, you know? and btw, i used to live in indianapolis! forrrr 3 months teeheehee ... ahhh the military!

Sunny Anderson said...

NICOLE!!! .... just noticed i left ya hangin on the kid-food idea ... i think if i had kids it'd be all about food processing some fruits. like, why by apple baby food? i'd get a fresh one and make it happen ... pears, plums would be yummy with pears i think as well. if you need liquid to loosen i'd add fresh apple cider or something with low acidity. maybe even mashed banana.

Alex Lopez said...

Did you check out the glitter crusted mic that Chaka was rockin'?
Sunny you were great!! Happy 4th of July!

Sunny Anderson said...

alex, did i?!? that mic was tha biz!!! all divas have a bedazzled or otherwise decorated mic huh? she looked beautiful too, i dunno how old she is, but she doesn't look it no matter what age it is! happy 4th back atcha!!!

MrOrph said...

Congrats on the new show, can't wait for it.

I'll be checking for the new recipes from the new episodes coming up.

You are getting talked up here in the ATL, so keep on keepin' on!

Sunny Anderson said...

mrorph, i'm an atlian lol!!! good to hear i'm reaching down there, i have friend and fam galore in atl, plus i used to live in columbus, so some home grown luv is cool. can ya list a few good places to eat in atl? plenty of ppl have questions ...i haven't eaten out there in a minute and don't want to give old news :-) ...thanks again and hope you like the new shows!

Darius T. Williams said...

Okay babes - so I saw the show. I couldn't wait to see it. I saw it while eating a bacon & egg & cheese on white bread sandwich - lol.

Um, you were STUNNING! They didn't give you enough time. You should have made firecracker wings and more. Plus, you dish was the best to me. The mayo in the potato salad is what makes it "fresh" tasting and the cobbler just looked aiight - your dish outshone the others hands down.

Um, and alright for being food network trained. I saw how you poured the honey into the marinade and made the plug about the new show. You did that! Good job Sunny - Um, them (sic) firecracker wings looked dope Ma!

MrOrph said...

I can list where I like, you know, other than at my house!

I like, no particular order:

Aqua Blue (
McKendricks (
Bones (
Rays on the River (they just renovated!) (

These are my favorite places in the ATL.

BTW, I've spent several days roaming Victory drive when I was in Ranger school. As a matter of fact, my Mason home is in Columbus, Prince Hall, Louis Haden No6. Ain't been in a while, read: long while. but that was a, :-) Hope those restaurants help. I have more, but I really like those.


Roobee said...

I watched CFR this morning and I heard the crunch!!!! Loved your hoodie too. Gonna TiVo WOYP and can't wait to check it out :-)

Darius T. Williams said...

Sooo - I saw the new show LAST NIGHT. You know the Food Network can't put anything past one of its loyal viewers. They previewed it last night and it's coming on again tonight. You should do a post about it and ask us what we thought *wink, wink*

Sunny Anderson said...

dtdub, teeheehee you bfast sounds yummy, the 3 food groups, bacon eggs and cheese lol. glad u saw my honey plug, i thought of it that morning, like ... hey. there's honey in my recipe!! glad it came off without a hitch!

mr. orph, thanks for the list!!!

roobee, thanks for catchin the new show! that crunch is crazy right?? my bf was like, "yo, i can still hear the crunch while you are talking!" ... cornstarch baby! the hoodie was lucky brand if i remember right. hope you like the plate show!!!

dtdub, pt.2, i wonder why they do the preview thing, not just food network, but others as well. like on vh1, i allllways watch the sunday night premiere sunday at noon. wonder if it's a marketing technique? i'm a bit new to this, so i dunno the cogs n wheels, glad you like the show. :-)

Alex Lopez said...

Happy Monday Sunny!
Caught your shows on Sunday, almost missed the AM one, a few too many Greygoose and tonics on Saturday :)~
Both shows were great! loved the story about your parents and how your Mom loured your Dad with Mom did the same thing...Dad knows nothing beats homemade Mexican food..he used to survive on cold sandwhiches and Campbell soup before they got married...they're still together. he he he..33 years. And I almost fell out my seat when you crunched that cooking school my Asian cuisine teacher Chef Tran would always tell us to use cornstarch 'cause it makes food "crippy"..I was like "what, what??''oh you mean "Crispy" ya...wonder what he's up to>>
Inspired by your spicy wings on GMA, I'm making jerk chicken skewers for a potluck dinner I'm going to tonight. The honey show was great..lots of you do all that research for the reading??

Sunny Anderson said...

alex, girrrrl i worked so hard sat. that i went to bed early and woke up at like 630 am and couldn't get to sleep, so i watched fn until my show came on, but i think i'm in danger oversleeping soon. good thing dvr is holdin me down! lol. and yes, cornstarch is the key to crunch!!! glad you got inspired by the jerk seasoning too. As for the research, plenty is done by the production company, but I'm also inquisitive, so as soon as I get the ingredient we're shooting, I begin some research of my own. It all comes together and makes the show really educational, some of the stuff, i already know though, just cuz i'm a foodie. you know? but the processes are really neat and some are blowing my mind!!

Very Anonymous Mike said...

Okay, this is the reason that I need to start reading the blog. I had to find out about your good news through a COMMERCIAL. Congratulations on doubling up, and in such a short time. You have a great narrator's voice.

Also, the other week, I was reading an article about a macaroni and cheese cookoff, and thought of you.

Sucka Smurf,
San Diego

Sunny Anderson said...

sucka smurf, eeeyyyyyooooo!!! long time no hear :-) ... good to hear from you. yeah, can you believe it about the shows? still all very surprising to me, but i'm working my tail off to hopefully stick around and get better. and werrrrd on the mac n cheese article? pls send a link or what mag to look for.