Sunday, September 7, 2008

Buffering ...

Hey all! 

I know I've been a bit quieter than usual, I have some good news to share and it's been keeping me busy a bit. Plus, I basically live at Home Depot these days as I try to move-in to my new kitchen. I'll share what's keeping me busy Monday and also letcha know about the fun street fair in Manny Hatty I went to this weekend.  Omg VMA's and Entourage in one night?!?! T.G.4.DVR :-) ... hope you've had a great weekend and don't forget about How'd That Get On My Plate? Mondays at 8:30PM 


Lys said...

You know we're waiting for the good news :)

You are so right re: DVRs. Right now, I'm dyin'. My Phils are playing the Mets, Entourage premieres, Mad Men and the VMAS? The VMAs got pushed to the side - reasoning, MTV will repeat that stuff over, and over, and over some more.

Either that or it'll be up on YouTube. Hope things are going well for you Sunny!

houstonmacbro said...

Thanks for the reminder, but I live by DVR these days. I might not see you when you broadcast, but I never miss an episode!

Can't wait to hear about the good news.

Sunny Anderson said...

lys, wow, your situation calls for 2 tvs on dvr, to record two wshows at once lol ... i actually did the vma's live cuz sometimes they edit out the mistakes on the reruns. entourage was good, finally someone mentioned the makeup lol

houstonmacbro, thanks for the dvr viewing!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

Yup - can't wait to hear the good news!

Hmm - you gotta explain something too. I think I may have it figured out - but not sure. Why is it that on studio shows, you can't show the names of certain brands...but on a show taped in someone's real kitchen, it's okay?

Sunny Anderson said...

dtdub, post is on the way :-), and my unofficial answer is i don't think there's a hard rule. i don't want to promote brands on the show, so labels are changed. then there are times like this past wknd when i used old bay and was like ... there's no way around it, i gotta say it and show it. so i asked if i could and got the ok and that's a studio show. i often joke on set about it and ask my director if i can say "use the brand that rhymes with Smillsbury Pie Dough" lol and i get the negative ... i just did a segment in a kitchen for dear fn and the labels were just merely covered and not totally reworked. so i think it's just all over the place and no plan, but a concerted effort to make sure people don't think we are promoting products, just the food. cayenne is cayenne no matter what brand. wouldn't want someone to think they need the exact brand of similar items too, so that's something to consider i guess ... that's my unofficial answer and observation, can't really speak for the network. spoiler alert! if you read this before i post today don't read further)

there is a person on set while i tape cfr and if i decide to use something different we haven't planned for or a different sized container for a certain reason, they design and make the label on the spot. i plan to interview the graphic artist that does that in my next run of shows for the blog. ;-)

Darius T. Williams said... spoiled it! LOL - thanks for the info though.