Saturday, September 13, 2008

Playin' Ketchup ...

I'm a teeny bit behind on the behind the scenes ... Took a day off to chill, which was yesterday. So, I'm sure you're like, uhhh what was on Saturday then? I'll get to that, but first ... Friday in the Food Network kitchens I continued to cook away for the new episodes we begin to tape at the end of the month. One of the recipes I share this time around was developed years ago for a friend and he hasn't had it in years from me, so I took this pic and emailed it to him ... fastest and yummiest gumbo everrrr

Then, here's the arm of Santos scooping a sample of something I'll call dumplings, for now. Some bacon in there and to the right little packages of fire!

We took a half day and I went to run some errands in the rain! Made me feel alive! Until I got tired, then I bought an umbrella. That's another thing I love about NYC. If you get caught in the rain, on just about every corner is a place to buy a lil 4 or 5 buck umbrella. If the storm is severe, in it's wake you'll see dozens of these broken cheap umbrellas in trash cans and on the side walks. Very funny sight to me.

The next day, Saturday, I got up early, got dressed, got my face put on and then headed to the city for a commercial shoot. This was with some of the new people on Food Network. I got to meet Aaron McCargo, winner of NFNS. He was funny and really nice. I told him I'd seen his blog and was impressed how fast he's pulled his online stuff together as I'm still working on getting my website up! Here he is shooting one of his parts.

Then I got in on it ... but first a touch up by the pros.

Anne Burrell and Aida were also there and from what I understand other people are doing their parts in other places. I'd have those flicks too, but I forgot to charge my phone and it died halfway through. Oh and just as I was leaving Danny Boome showed up. He is so funny and just as hyper as you can imagine, very animated! Everyone was chatting away and talking about how things have been for them. It was a really nice environment., except for the heat! It was hot in there!!! They had to turn off the air to get good sound, so we were all sweatin' to the oldies in there!

Here's some of the hard workin' crew that sweat more than we did and worked hard too ... they are deciding what I should do before I begin my segment.

Can't wait for you to see the commercial, I think there's two and they begin in October, so pretty fast turn around time. Funny thing to look for ... I'm a lefty so there's one part where they want us to all make a movement that is very left/right specific, so I did my best to do it the way the righty's did, but in the end ... my left took over. Funny thing is I do so many things better with my right, like cut and bowl, golf, bat etc., but I write lefty. Go figure. Alright, back in the kitchens today! Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

So funny that you shared about you being a lefty...'cause Kabrina is too! LOL.

Actually, all my kids are and they do the other things that you say you do with your right, with their right as well!

Really weird because my hubby and I are both righties!

Anyway, I'll be looking for the commercial!

Darius T. Williams said...

so yea, I can't wait for the new episodes to hit the fan. I saw you yesterday w/the collard greens and stuffed pork chops...and the pineapple orage, yup! Had me licking my chops - lol - pun intended!

Mrs. L said...

I love these little behind the scenes look at what you are doing! And having never been to New York, I enjoyed the little tidbit about the umbrellas.

Sunny Anderson said...

kcps6277, i think our righty usage is based on living in such a righty world, it can make ya feel handy capped if you are a lefty. imagine me in kindergarten trying to use scissors lol, teachers thought my motor skilles were down lol, to this day, i can;t write cursive worth a blip. everything smears.

dtdub, yer beta carotene wrapped protein is in the flick for today :-)

mrs. l, thanks! i'm doing it for the curious minded and my past self. i always wanted this in a fn host before i was here, to see a bit of the inside and know what it's like. glad you enjoy it and i hope you enjoy the shows as well!