Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm a Killa ... almost.

Hey all! Well, hope you had a great weekend. I didn't do much but cook. I have 13 new episodes to tape in December, so right now I'm developing the recipes I'll share. Looks like plenty of stews and soups, plus I'm throwing in some inexpensive meals and meals you can finish in no time. I just found out that the fruit/veggie stand I love is eclipsed by one 2 more blocks down the street, that's what happens when you go for a stroll in search of scallions on a Sunday night.

Anyway, to the blog title and me being a killa ... kinda. Really it was a killer ingredient. I read plenty of blogs including the Food Network Kitchens blog ... here I am catching up on my reading over the weekend and I see I made an appearance in the blog, here's an excerpt of The Accidental Poisoner :
"...Sunny and Santos gazed down at one that Santos had smashed with the side of a knife, as if waiting for it to speak. No, I had no idea what it was.

None of which stopped me when Santos broke off a piece and offered me a bite."

Read the rest of The Accidental Poisoner the Food Network Kitchen's blog and tool around and check out the new site, I'm still finding my way on it myself and have received a few emails looking for recipes. If you need help finding one, just comment and I'll shoot it over to you as soon as I can ...

P.S. Thanks to Jonathan and all the FN kitchen peeps ... killin' ain't my style, but I'm glad to work with foodies that'll eat first and ask questions later.


Anonymous said...

*waves* Hey Sunny. Timah from BK (but in grad school in Lafayette, IN) here.

What a teaser! You know I had to go on over to the other post and see what this ingredient was. Sheesh! You all are much braver than me. The resemblance to dried bat wings alone would have given me pause. Have you found any recipes in which to incorporate it yet?

Darius T. Williams said...

Look at you - you're too nice to kill. Soooo - I don't know HOW YOU DO the photoshoots! I hate them. I did one - the pics are posted on my blog. I didn't post the promo shots that will be used for the show - but yea, big ups to took five hours. I'm done with pictures for life - lol.

Sunny Anderson said...

timah, *hood nods* hey girrrl. bkaaaaaaay! i will eat pretty much anything. if it's eaten by someone, somewhere, i'll give it a try. no recipe for the h.r.w.chestnut, but i'll get to it after doing recipes for cooking for real. thing about using that ingredient on the show is it's hard to find across the u.s., so i can't even go there. today i'm broiling fruits and takin' notes .... welcome to the blog :-) i used to live in indianapolis! i was just there doing a show about fairs and amusement parks, fun.

dtdub, oh no, i can kill ... a plate of food :-). and lemme tell ya, i like photo shoots mainly because you get all made up and look better than you could on your own lol, i'm not that great at make up and my clothes are mostly jeans and nice tops or hoodies. but you are right, shoots are lonnnnng, but it's a part of the deal, huh? and sometimes you hope you gave what you needed to give to get something good. really, it's kinda work. people do like to put a face with a name. lovin' the blog.