Monday, November 17, 2008

BTW and Didja Know ...

BTW ...
Tonight check out Dear Food Network - Turkey Day Disasters at 9p.m., along with Guy Fieri, Tyler Florence and Michael Symon, I'll help a viewer with a cooking problem that is Thanksgiving related. All this week the Dear Food Network special runs with different episodes each day, I make an appearance in all of them giving holiday tips, but only make recipes in a few. Check them all out and hopefully if you have any holes in your menu, you can plug em up!


Didja Know ...
When I taped this episode, I posted about it? Check out the behind the scenes and stuff in my Super Tuesday post and have a look at the set before tonight's show. A quick story ... My recipe calls for hazelnut creamer for coffee, but when I got to the set all they had was the liquid creamer, not the powder. Once we realized it, no one could figure out where to get some powder for the recipe in a rush, so when I taped my segment the "powder" I added wasn't coffee creamer. A total fake out, no one ate that pie on set I'm sure, lol ... I've learned since then to be very specific about ingredients when sending them via email ... Enjoy the show!!!


Anonymous said...


I gotta tell you that you got me back into cooking. Im a Johnson & Wales alum but never really tried to take it seriously. I graduated business not culinary. I found you through The Wendy Williams Show this summer. I just liked your approach to cooking and the music angle. I grew up on Hot 97 but havent listened to it since 2001 when I moved to Los Angeles.

Now I am back in NYC and I'm cooking for real. I Tivo'd some episodes and my first dish was Spicy Mac N Cheese and Tri Color Meatloaf. My wife was "what the ??" she was so impressed with the flavor. I have made it 10 times at least since for people and myself. Like you say "I can cook that mac n chesse in my sleep"

I have tried many other Sunny recipes. Love the "Iced Brewed Tea". FYI I bought a large Navel orange/grapefruit thing and it's now what I use-a happy accident. Love the crunchy salmon and just tried the fried chicken. Who knew to brine like that? Loved shaking the brown paper bag! It was amazing. Tried the PNJ pancakes for a breakfast party and they were a "showstopper".

Have you done a sweet BBQ show? I love chicken and ribs but on the sweeter side.

What I eat? I love a good Taco Night ( hard shell only), making spag and meatballs, fish like tuna, lamb chops, skirt steaks.

I would love to see your spins on those.

Good Luck on the new episodes.


Anonymous said...


So proud of all of your success. I grew up in Harlem and used to listen to you on Hot 97 - I have been following your career for a minute now. I made your tex mex salad a few weeks ago and it wnt over really well with my picky family.

Continued success,
-Soul Cookbook

Sunny Anderson said...

marley, first, thanks. what a huge compliment! and so many recipes you tried! thanks, really. funny thing is i started @ hot 97 in 2001, so we just missed each other. i'm on a new pancake kick, just add about 1/4 tsp of lemon extract and walnuts to my regular batter ... omg tastes so good and it's simple. i think next thing i;ll do is skip the syrup and make a lemon glaze with conf. sugar and juice and just drizzle it over everything from the pancakes to the bacon. i do have a bbq show coming up, but i just make the sauce, i don't slow-n-low it on the show. annnnd i grew up not liking crunchy taco shells, but soon i want to do a taco show other than my fish tacos that aired a few back. i'm doing lamb in the next 13 and i think i may have room for tuna or spag & meatballs. thanks for the requests, i take them all the time, just like the radio :-). thanks again for the words and for viewing!

soulcookbook, thanks! HARRRLEM!! is "pan pan" still open??? i miss my mixtape runs up there! so glad the salad was a hit for you! it's really just presentation right?! so little effort can make you win big when it comes to food. glad you tried it!

Turtle said...

Hey, Sunny -- Thanks for the insider-y scoop. I enjoy your blog.

I just posted this over at FN Addict, but I thought I'd try here, too: What happens to all of that prep food that you must blow through to produce a show?

I'd hate to think it gets trashed. Do you have clearance to answer a question like this?

I understand that some food has to sit out for a long time under hot lights and so forth so you can capture a beauty shot. Obviously that food would be tossed.

But does ALL of it go into the dumpster? I love me some FN, but it does seem like a huge waste.

Cheers and thanks for considering my question.

fabulassy said...

I just saw your whole show for the first time (brined turkey breast and pumpkin pecan tarts--while at the gym) and I LUV it! I'm a home-chef but I am addicted to FoodTV. People always ask me where I learned to cook (my mom did teach me) but I always say FOODTV--been watching since 1997! Your relaxed, friendly but real style is awesome!!! Can't wait to see what Holiday recipes you have.

Sunny Anderson said...

fabulassy, thanks so much for watching and at the gym no less!! that's smart ... if i watched while working out i'm sure i'd be lighter because sometimes watching food make you want to cook it! and brining is coming up this year huh? no one is marinating anymore :-) ... hope you like the holiday recipes!

Sunny Anderson said...

turtle, thanks for checking the blog. i answer your questions throughout the blog in different posts here and there, but why go on an answer chase? so, basically ... most of the food is eaten. When I finish say one part of the recipe and there is a swap out, that means in the end there will be two. in this case, one would be used for what they call "beauties" (is that the right plural?), these are the official pics of the food. the rest is eaten, by me or the crew. In the beginning I asked the same questions you did. there are times when there is food left over, but can you believe charities have rules as to how they accept food and what kind? they don't want leftovers, just like you don't. it's demeaning in a way i guess, but i've worked for many charities and many of them only want food prepped specifically for them, they do not want leftovers. and sometimes beauty shots are done as we tape, so the food doesn't die, it gets eaten ... that is if there isn't a tampon in it :-) and for that info you'd have to read this post . hope you enjoy! :-)

Barbara said...

Hi Sunny! I've been watching you for some time now and enjoy your show very much. I have a recipe I would like to send you and don't know where to send it. You said on one show that you like chorizo and I have a recipe that the main ingredient is chorizo. Please let me know where to send it.

Keep on doing a great job with your show.