Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slo Mo Slide Sho - "Is It Done Yet?"

Welcome to my first ever Slo Mo Slide Show! Today I threw up flicks from my time in the Food Network kitchens this week. This is the last flick, but I have more and should post them up soon, you can scroll down for one's you may have missed. If you did this in real time, hope it was fun!

#6. Is It Done Yet?

That's one of the questions we ask and answer all day in the kitchen. One of the main goals is to get realistic cook times for the recipes before we post them online. If you are planning a meal, it helps to know how long it really takes. We have an official time keeper and we constantly check things, but this flick is when it's done. I usually do the spot check with the light in the oven.

It's the base of a sticky chocolate bar that gets a sticky crunchy top. I got the idea from freezing my favorite candy bars. I think this is great room temp, but I can't wait to get the recipe perfect so I can freeze it and crunch away. Looks like one more ingredient can take this where it needs to go, so it's back on the list for the next day. For now, the bottom is dunked in morning coffee and the top is frozen and cracked over ice cream!


Complaint Department Manager said...

You better be posting this one, this looks most interesting. Candy bars are just better when frozen...just not M&Ms, I took a chunk off of one of my back molars on one of those rocks.

With the looks of this dessert, I may have a few ideas for this on servin' it up.

Darius T. Williams said...

Looks good - and I'm loving how you get inspiration.

I get weird wafts of inspiration too - I mean it comes at the craziest times - walking down the street - smelling something stinky - heck, even talking to a non-foodie...they're the best sometimes because they're so sweet and innocent.

Anyway - enough about me. I hope the finished product tastes great!


Sunny Anderson said...

complaint dept. mgr., i will ... very happy with it and i think i'll even find a candy bar-type name for it. i luckily had my wisdom teeth removed when i was young, so i'll throw the hard frozen treats back there in my super hinge and crunch away teeheehee, sorry you took one for the team. i'm gonna add an egg and see how i feel about the binding job it does, then settle on the recipe. do you like coconut? i have it mixed in the topping now, thinking about toasting it and sprinkling on top. actually think i will for sure.

dtdub, thanks ... yeah, you know how it is, it just comes to ya. one time i woke up in the middle of the night with and idea and it was so good i cried. like how does the brain wake you up from sleep, straight up in bed, with a clear image of an idea? i was about to read your date part 2 post and didn't because i knew i'd get distracted while reading it, i was like i need quiet time to read this! lol ... you have such a writing gift d.

Darius T. Williams said...

Awwww - thanks Ma. (said in my greatest Brooklyn accent).

I like to write - and I like to cook - blogging is a great mix of the two!

Complaint Department Manager said...

Coconut??? NOOOOOO!!! I just couldn't get the hang on that stuff, to many bad experiences as a kid biting into those box of chocolates and coming up with the funk that is the coconut piece. However, I am a big fan of coconut milk...go figure.

Again, if it works, then roll with it then. I may be in the minority with my take on coconut.

Sunny Anderson said...

dtdub, love where it's due ...

complaint deot. mgr., ha, i actually wanted those coconut pcs out of the choc box growin up. hated the cherry ones, ick. like cherries now though. i think that's why i'm going to toast them and put em on top. make it optional. if i put it in, then people not using it will miss what it brings the texture inside. i do eventually want people to try the recipes, so i'm staying as true as i can to my culinary style, but in the end i think a good cook wants to make the eaters happy teeheehee.