Monday, December 29, 2008

Slo Mo Slide Sho - Blue Ribbon Award ...

This is a flick I had to take. Bob is one of the chefs in the Food Network kitchen, in addition to his always cheery disposition, the MAN CAN COOK! He's cradling something I can only describe as pure bliss in a dish. Imagine a very good ham and cheese sandwich, the bread being the perfect thickness and airy without being flimsy and substantial without being too sense. The ham not too salty and the perfect thickness. The cheese - sharp and cheesy. Then imagine that being dunked into a herby flavorful custard and then baked until the custard turns the bottom half into a pudding with texture and the top remains crunchy as if you toasted the bread ... really honestly I can't even tell you how good it was. I was actually mad I'd been eating my test recipes and didn't have room to eat the whole dish. Like, really, I already know what my food tastes like, why didn't I save room for Bob's? Well, so you know, this may be in a cookbook soon and if it makes it, I will be sure to tell you where to get the recipe. Until then, all I have is this pic ... :-(

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