Saturday, February 21, 2009

SoBe it! IV

Hey there! I'm still enjoying my first-ever SoBe Wine and Food Festival! I'm recuperating in bed as I type this because boy was yesterday a long day! I have a cooking demo on Stage B today at 2:15 and I am nervous as all get out. That's a phrase my family uses, hope it translates teeheehee. Ok, so yesterday started with a call from my bloggin' buddy Jacob aka the Food Network Addict. He'd just arrived and made a bee line to the beach! He's covering the event on his blog and has some great flicks up. I had some extra passes because I'm here solo ... yes, solo. Which seems normal to me, but to everyone else it seems crazy? When people find out I'm here solo they get the look in their eyes like I'm a 6 year old that just scraped her knee lol. Like poooooor little girl, are you ok? Uhhhh, yup! Just fine! Most people here have a group of people with them and I've never been one for groups and honestly don't think my lifestyle and position calls for one. Right? Let's be real, I'm new and nothing has gotten too complicated yet. Even when it did in my radio career, I preferred the minimalist approach. So anyway, good thing about being here solo? I had those extra tickets to share!

After we linked up, we headed over to the hospitality suite at the Sagamore hotel for free drinks and there was even a little gift suite there. Funny thing is it was divided into His and Hers rooms, but I didn't notice from the start. Right when we walked in someone said something to me and Jacob like "Welcome, we have something for you, you go in here and Sunny this room is for you". Felt weird, like why can't he go into my room and vice versa? So, I go into the room I'm directed into and there are some real pretty shawls. I take one and exit. Just at this time Jacob exits the room he was directed to and me being nosey, I look in and see cigars and stuff. I take a step back to look at what the room says on the outside and realized I totally missed the sign that read "His", so then a glance at mine and it reads "Hers". Next thing out of my mouth was "So chicks don't smoke cigars? Is that what you guys are saying??", then Jacob said he was wondering what the separation was about too, thinking there were better things in the room I went to because I'm on the network. Needless to say, my dude is gonna be happy when I bring him home some cigars and I'll go ahead and enjoy one with him as well.

Here's Jacob, Lisa (Food Network co-worker) and a yummy drink that was missing only one thing ... a shot of vodka, so after the first sip and thinking it was alcoholic, I ordered a shot of "wodka" as I say and stirred it in.

Here's the view from the terrace at the event. Notice the band ... soon, I'd be in a band of my own ...

Look, I'm a gamer, but a PlayStation gamer. In fact, I won't buy a PS3 until God of War III comes out on it. So, here I am at an event that has a room set up with a Wii and everyone looks like they are having fun. I bowled a bit and liked it, but when they set up the band thingy, I LOVED it!!! I can't tell you if it was Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but what I can tell you is I loved it, will buy it as soon as I get home and will fight to the death every time I play to be the drummer. I had too much fun. Really. I just don't think I'll ever be able to do the fitness game though ... very funny to me that the problem with video games is that they keep us indoors and sedentary and their solution to the sloth is to make a workout video game. I'd rather take a walk ... after playing the drums to Livin' on a Prayer and then No Sleep Til' Brooklyn! Boy, can you tell ... I really liked that game!? Check me trying to getting my color-coded drum on!

That's the aforementioned shawl I'm rockin' too ... pretty color huh?

I pretty much hogged this thing until the end of the event once I discovered it, I'm such a kid. My apologies, but the gamers feel me. My PlayStation is all the way back home. I look forward to playing this and having arguments much like I envision a real band when one member doesn't hit the right notes lol.

Ok, then later on Gina Neely and I headed over to the tents for the BubbleQ party. Take a look at the scene...

Me, Ingrid Hoffman and Gina Neely

Red eyes and all, me, Ingrid, Pat and Gina Neely and my girl Sandra Lee. Lemme just say for the record, coolest chick around miss Sandra, coolest chick.

After that, we headed over to Paula's Poker Party, where I linked up with Guy and his crew, then we headed to Rachael's party, then from there many of us walked over to a private party where it seems we were the last to get in. I searched out Jacob and only got to chat to him for a few minutes when were were kindly, and I do say kindly, not rudely interrupted. Seems as though someone wanted Jacob gone, so I stood and watched my buddy Jacob get asked to leave because he was a blogger and this was to be a no-press event ... to that I said to the guy removing him ... "Well, I'm a blogger too, do I have to leave????" I tried for the blogger solidarity, but it didn't work. But like he says on his blog, the fact that he even got in lets you know what type of guy he is. He got the job done! Soon after, I left with a co-worker from the pr department and called it a night. Boy was I tired. 

Back at it today, check in later for more flicks if I get 'em ...


jacob said...

It definitely was the most politely I've ever been kicked out of something:-) Thanks for backing me up, though. Still had a great night! Break a leg today!

Lana said...

Long blog, so a matching long comment:

"as all get out" funny! We use that phrase in my family too.

So glad to hear I'm not the only chica to attend events solo! I do that alot (at the university, live music events, social events, ...) Some call me a "ballsy broad", but being solo does make moving around the room ever so much easier.

The "his" and "hers" thingy sounds a little odd - I'm glad Jacob was with you, so you could go "purpling". (that's snagging some pink swag, some blue swag, and mixin' it up. lol)

Bubble Q, Poker Party, RR's Party AND a private party in the same night! Yowsers! You went thru more parties in a night than I go thru boyfriends in a month! And that's sayin' sumthin'! *giggling*

Just so's ya knows, we were thinkin' 'bout you last night too. Had our own Burger Bash for dinner, and I taught my 11 y.o. daughter how to bake your Grandma's Red Velvet Cake - half gone already, and the rest is goin' with her to a slumber party tonight.

Sunny Anderson said...

jacob, i know right? in my old hip hop radio days, people got strong-armed out! lol so glad you came! hope you get that cocktail with sandra!

lana, werd, i've done all my vacations solo, go to games solo, all of that. it ain't balsy, like you said ... it's just easier to move around. plus, when i'm ready to go ... i can go! yeah, the "purpling" was fun once i made it unisex lol .... and now that you put the party run in that manner, boy i did do plenty of hoppin last night huh? and lana, it does my heart somethin crazy to have people making my granny's cake. she is THE cake lady at her church and i never asked for the recipe, when i got it and made it the first time, i cried. took me right back to watching her cream butter and sugar when i was a youngin' ... hug your daughter for me.

Lys said...

I hope all went well with the demo today. Sounds like you need to get yourself the Wii game when you get home (or *ahem* Wii needs to send you one stat!) Love the song choices *LOL*

Looking forward to tomorrow's chaos. Will be driving down in the a.m. - egads. Gonna be quite the interesting day!

Eric said...

You need to get the travel case for your Playstation, Sunny. I totally understand, I was having Xbox withdrawls like Pookie last time I went out of town on business lol.

P.S. Me and my little cousin was watching food network and she saw a commercial with you saying "Put it on a Biscuit" and for some reason she got a kick out of it. and shes been saying that for the past week now, but hey, it could be a great metaphor for life. "When life gets you down, put it on biscuit!" :)

Sunny Anderson said...

eric, i know right? the thing that annoys me is getting there and there are no tv connections, they are all covered or something. i took my nintendo ds, but never broke it out. not enough time. tell you lil cuzo i said to never be afraid to "put it on a biiiiiiscuit!" :-)

Sunny Anderson said...

lys, omg so good to see you today! i'm at the airport now waiting to get back to some overcast clouds and cold temps!