Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Catch Me On Giada's Family Therapy-2nite@9pm!

Hey there, I posted this headline today as I was on the set shooting some stuff for the NFL. Neat thing is, in small-talk with the producer he reminded me that a show we worked on previously would air tonight! I knew I had the 17th in my head for a reason. Ok, here are some links ... If you want to see some behind the scenes of the show check my blog post titled TGIF: ThanksGiving It's Friday . Wanna see the Food Network page with show info and recipe links? Then check the Dear Food Network page. Want to see some behind the scenes video with Giada and the crew? Check Giada's Family Therapy mini-video. Have time for more than one Thanksgiving-themed video from Food Network? Check the Food Network Thanksgiving Video Page and see some tips, behind the scenes ... everything. If you miss it tonight, don't worry ... it reruns.

Catch it ...
Nov 17th TONIGHT :-) @9PM
Nov 18th Wednesday @ 12AM and
Nov 21st Saturday @ 3PM

Stick around, I got back in the kitchens and had some fun with food, and as mentioned above, I just wrapped shooting some fun game day foods for the NFL. I'll post up some stuff as soon as I get some time in the next couple of days. Take care and thanks so much for the continued support!


Nicole said...

Just checked it out. Great spots! And thanks for the whiskey drink, my weak spot. Can't wait to make it...although, that one looked STRONG, not that there's anything wrong with that :)

Mausi said...

Hi Sunny,
Thank you for your great shows! I really like your personality on the show. It makes me feel happy when I see your smile. My husband is German so we also like when you cook some German food and talk about Germany on your show :-) I like German food but I think German food is underrated. I am looking forward to seeing your new shows and learning new recipes from you! Thanks!

Sue said...

I love that you're doing NFL stuff. That is a fantastic idea. Whoever thought of it should get a pie...at least.

Sunny Anderson said...

nicole, glad you liked it! the drink is strong, but a digestif is usually just a nice strong shot to settle the tummy. yummy! and yes ... STRONG :-)

mausi, thanks so much, totally honored you are inspired by the recipes and cook them for your family! i'll keep up the german influences here and there. you are so right, it's totally underrated eating! thanks again!

sue, saaaame here! i am so excited! i'm a guy's chick mostly, i was raised by wolves lol. so this is right up my alley. can't wait to share the stuff! and there was no pie, but i had dim sum with the people that thought it up this morning!