Friday, December 11, 2009

What I Had for Linner: Cookies!!!!!

Hey there! Well, it was 2 holiday parties in two nights for me this week and last night I headed over to Frost, a dual party thrown by Food Network and FLN at a hotel in NYC. It was just a gathering of people in marketing and sales and I was there to meet co-workers and hang out. The event was called Frost because that's all most people did the whole night, frost up some holiday cookies. What a neat idea, as soon as I walked in I got a choice of cookies to decorate and then after mingling for a bit I sat down to play with my food. Here are my creations ...
I frosted them under plenty of scrutiny ... people at the table kept watching me and it made me nervous lol. I'm thinking, they know I'm not Martha right? After concentrating on the girl's outfit, I decided the guy just needed some flair, not clothes. I actually started putting together a narrative in my head for the cookie couple, that's when I knew I was having fun. I'd totally reverted to childhood thoughts while sprinkling on sugar and stuff. After I put mine safely in their boxes is when the dance floor started to get packed. Soon after, this guy kept trying to get me over there ... he kept yelling and making faces towards me like "c'mon" and then finally got a punch line everyone laughed at ... he said "Hey Sunny you're Cooking for Real, well I'm dancin' for real!!" ... here he is trying to convince me from across the table with the dance floor right behind him ...
Didn't get his name, but I did head to the dance floor for a few minutes. After a quick dance I went to check on my cookies (I'm a protective mommy) and took a couple more pictures of other's creations ...
That's Wendy, she styles many sets for Food Network and you've totally gotta check this video to see more of what she does, it was taped while I was taping, so I'm honored to be a part of the video. Wendy is truly a value at work. I called her cookies 'stained glass'. Take a look at Jamie's cookies ... she works with Wendy and styled my set for the Viva Towels commercials.
They got to the party a bit late because they are working on a show so I had to inform them about the boxes for the cookies. I went off to get them some boxes to pack up and was asked by someone if I'd seen the "Tiger Woods" cookies. I thought, is this a joke? And surely it was ... I was walked over to a table where some people decorated a gingerbread man like Tiger, complete with a bloody lip and then another cookie that was to be Elin, with a golf club in her hand. We all had a laugh at it and then I said, it was missing the car scene. So someone got me a marker and I scribbled out the artwork ...
What an end of the year story, huh? Funny how these things can permeate all of society to where we are decorating holiday cookies in reference to the news.

Well, after the party I headed home with my two cookies, one for me and one for my guy. Sitting here typing this morning, this is all that's left of mine ...
I had so much fun decorating the cookies, I thought I'd share. At parties like this they always have a gift bag with goodies when you leave and I always take one, but they usually pile up in my closet. Would you like the one from last night, plus some other stuff thrown in? I only have one and I'm only me, so let's make this simple ... In comments the first person to answer these questions correctly first wins:
1. What Food Network chef gave me my start with a guest spot on their show? What did we make?
2. What building in NYC houses the main studio for Food Network?
3. How many Bobby Flay series have the word or stem word "grill" in the title? Name them.
4. Who won season 4 of NFNS?
5. Where does Guy Fieri's Roadshow end? City and venue.

Here's what you'll win ...
It's the tote (perfect for Earth-friendly shopping), the apron, the cookie cutter, recipe, a Food Network magazine and I'll throw in some other gift bag stuff from other parties. (sorry, I ate my cookie lol, I'll send crumbs though teeheehee) Ok, good luck if you want it. I'll put it in the mail over the weekend! Remember, the first one with all of them correct wins!


Geli Girl said...

1. Chef Emeril Chef Emeril Lagasse on "Emeril Live" (still trying to figure out what you made though!)
2. Chelsea Market
3. Four:
Hot Off the Grill with Bobby Flay
Grillin' & Chillin'
Boy Meets Grill
Grill It! with Bobby Flay
4. Aaron McCargo, Jr.
5. Las Vegas House of Blues

Geli Girl said...

Aha!!! Add to my last comment for what you made w/Emeril: Big Green Apple Martini, Sunny's Hot Chicken Wings with Emeril's Blue Cheese Sauce, Jalapeno Corn Muffins, Spinach Orange and Almond Salad, Coconut Cream Pie!!!!!!!

Cooking Mama said...

1. Emeril You just sat at the table? I dunno! I wanna win!!!!
2. Chelsea Market
3. Grill It with Bobby Flay, Boy Versus Grill, Grillin' and Chillin', and Hot Off the Grill with Bobby Flay.
4. Aaron McCargo Jr.
5. Las Vegas, House of Blues

Beth said...

1. What Food Network chef gave me my start with a guest spot on their show? What did we make? Emeril Legasse, chicken wings
2. What building in NYC houses the main studio for Food Network? Chelsea Market
3. How many Bobby Flay series have the word or stem word "grill" in the title? Name them. 4 Boy Meets Grill, Grillin and Chillin, Hot off the Grill, and Grill It with Bobby Flay
4. Who won season 4 of NFNS? Aaron McCargo, Jr
5. Where does Guy Fieri's Roadshow end? City and venue.
Las Vegas House of Blues

Nicole said...

Is it wrong that the first thing I thought when I saw your adorable cookies was, "She must be a Packer fan!" then I came to my senses and realized just because green and gold are together, it does not necessarily mean packers. Can you tell I'm from WI? The party sounds like a blast! Isn't decorating the cookies one of the best parts, anyways?

Cassandra said...

Hi sunny you know that I'm always up for a challenge. I believe the answers are as follow:

1. Emeril; Hot wings
2. Chelsea Market
3. Four; Hot off the grill with Bobby Flay, Grillin' & Chillin', Boy meets grill, and Grill it with Bobby Flay
4. Aaron McCargo Jr.
5. Las Vegas House of Blues

Capito said...

Ciao Sunny..How was your weekend?..The cookie with the Tiger theme was funny..gotta have a sense of humor with cooking or anything sometimes...Are you having a christmas special?..ya look really great with the hair an the whole now that you dance what's next?...Are ya doing dancing with the stars? lol...

Benjamin said...

Okay, I'll give this a whirl:

1.) Emeril Lagasse ......
2.) Chelsea Markets
3.) Bobby Flay: "Hot Off the Grill," "Grillin' & Chillin'," "Boy Meets Grill" and "Grill It w/Bobby Flay"
4.) Aaron McGargo Jr.
5.) Las Vegas, House of Blues

I can't remember what you made with Emeril! I'll post what I can remember (in case no one else gets it) and chime in later if I can dredge it up from my brain pan.

Benjamin said...

P.S. Man, I have got to read more closely. This entry was posted two days ago... Oy. Better luck next time.

Sunny Anderson said...

geli girl! congrats! took you 2 comments, but you were first with all the correct answers! you win! I had a lazy weekend, so send me your address in comments and I'll send the package on it's way!

thanks to everyone that searched their brain and the internet!

cooking mama, close :-(

beth, chicken wings ... i can tell you remember, thanks!

nicole, i'm a cheese fan, does that work? i have to agree, the cookies were the best part. i thought what a neat party, i may have a cookie decorating party next year.

cassandra, close ... the distinction here is that yes, the wings were mine, but the collective "we" made them all ...

capito, lol, i'd have to be a big star, then a not a star for a minute to be on that show, and i'm not even a teeny star yet :-) ... besides, i'm not really a dancer

benjamin, thanks for being around and supporting me! don't worry ... even though it was posted 2 days before you commented, i'm just now reading it :-) ...

Thanks again everyone! I'll do this again, no reason for me to keep all the goodies ... let's see if i can make this a regular thing. stick around for more :-)

Mary said...

Darn! Wouldn't you know it? I missed a giveaway. Always late for the party ... well, in truth I'm not much good at those Q&A things anyway!

I could have some fun in that prop room! I cannot believe she just automatically knows the history of everything, and even some numbers of things - that's amazing! Love the way that they ended that clip too lol!!

What a cool party idea - your cookies turned out great too! Looks like fun. I don't know why but that last "scene" of the leftovers reminded me of Mr. Bill. You know, of the Gumby era lol??!

Sunny Anderson said...

mary, don't worry ... i'll do it again. the gift bags from the wine festivals are crazy! glad you watched the video about wendy, she is THE BEST! i love her vision and wish i could see the world through her eyes, if only for a second. and omg, you are so right about the mr. bill thing! that's why i thought it was funny, but couldn't put my finger on it!! too funny!