Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Days are like Cupcakes!

Hey there! Well, we got a snow day and although I love working, something about a snow day brings the kid in you back just like a cupcake! Here I am on the way to lunch ... can you even tell it's me? Teeheehee
Just an hour before, that sidewalk was shoveled down to the concrete, it was really coming down fast and I'm all bundled up because the snow was a mix and the sleet pieces really hurt. Then, on a walk through the area for exercise and scenery, I found an empty parking lot and tried to make a snow angel ...
That's after making a few swipes and realizing I wouldn't be able to see it that well ... there was plenty of snow to angel through. I haven't done one of these since I can't even remember, see what I mean? Totally cupcake city! The rest of the day was spent working on my show notes and watching weather reports on the television. Our local Fox channel had an impromptu in-studio snowball fight and to catch that live was so neat. Seems I wasn't the only one feeling like a kid yesterday. Hope you had a cupcake day too!

We got back to work today and we all realized how neat it was to have a snow day on a Wednesday, because if you look at it the right way, we get two more after tomorrow! Hope you are staying warm!


tamilyn said...

Snow angels-love them. Since we live in the country we just plop down anywhere and make them. Of course, with the drifts that run from 3 feet to 7 feet it is sometimes difficult to find a flat spot!

I would love a snow day-I'm needing to rack up some napping hours!

Jen said...

So glad you got your snow day! I used to LOVE snow days growing up. Sledding was so much fun!

Now I don't really get snow days, but I get work from home days. Hey, I'll take it! :)

Complaint Department Manager said...

I've had fun with the Stinger Missile in this stuff, it's ice that becomes a buzz kill. Walmart parking lot at midnight...use your imagination.

We don't need no stinkin' snow plows.

Jen said...

Hi Sunny, I stumbled upon your blogspot by accident while doing a search for one of your recipes (Wings 3 Ways. I shouldn't be eating so many of them but I can't help it...they're one of my eight favorite parts of the chicken! lol!)

Got a kick of the pics of you in the snow. I live in Detroit, and I was just talking to a friend about how this winter in the "D" hasn't been as bad as usual...but the East Coast continues to get pounded! (Hang in there!) We got about seven inches of snow a few days ago and that was our biggest storm of the season so far. (VERY unusual for this neck of the woods!)

I'm a total foodie and watch the Food Network daily. It's my favorite way to "cool down" after a long day at work, and I always catch a few shows on the weekend. One of my all-time "Saturday Morning" things to do is to fix breakfast, pour a mug of tea or coffee, and catch the FN morning line-up. GREAT way to relax and get inspired by new recipes! (Of course your show is on the top of the "most-watched" list!)

One more thing to share before I forget. I remember your show where you made chili and you talked about your time in Detroit. A few minutes ago I read an article in one of our local papers ('s about one of our largest Coney Island franchies here: Leo's Coney Island. Leo (owner) is opening his first coney island outside of Michigan on CHICAGO! Ought to be interesting to see how well that works, as I'm sure folks there love their "Chicago-style" dogs. In the article, Leo talks about how transplanted Detroiters living in Chicago are ready to BUST down the door...they can't WAIT until it opens! I got such a kick out of the story; thought you would too. I would be just like those transplanted folks if I wasn't still living here...coney islands are something I'd truly miss!

Keep up the GREAT work on Food Network! And please keep making us feel like we can be invincible in the're awesome!

Sunny Anderson said...

tamilyn, i love country living, but i love the city too! luck you to have space!!!

jen, thanks! we all were like kids wondering if we'd get one lol. very funny for us adults.

complaint dept. mgr., u r so funny. singer missiles lol. yeah, snow plows are for people with places to go ... i submit on a snow day ... there should bo no where to go lol

new jen :-), yaaaaaay! welcome to the blog! i love a juicy fried wing just like you. the tip, the flat and the drummie!! you are right about my time in the "d" ... my fave coney island there is on mack ave, the nat'l coney island. i used to live on university place just a few blocks away and in the winter time, i'd only go out to blockbuster and nat'l coney island for some chili!! love it! thanks so much for the detroit foodie luv!!! eeeeeeeast siiiiiiide :-). and thanks so much for watching, i really appreciate it becuase like at wdtj 105.9 jamz (remember that?), i can't keep my show without you. thanks again and happy detroit eating!

The Duo Dishes said...

It's still so strange to know you guys had all that snow, and it was sunny and 80s in LA. Weather is so funky! Y'all had a lot of fun though.

Sunny Anderson said...

the duo dishes, i know ... global warming!

d.wilmer, thanks so much for watching, i didn't post your comment because you listed personal information. thanks again for the support!

NeeCee- Birmingham by way of N.Y. said...

Sometimes it's feels just to cold to cook, except if your making cupcakes. So I was wondering about your measuring cups. They are so cute, where did you get them?