Friday, March 5, 2010

Get Closer To Your Food @ Publix w/ Viva Towels and Me!

Hey there! I just wanted to give you a list of dates and locations to catch me in the next few days if you are in Florida or Georgia. I'm in Tampa now getting ready for the start tomorrow of a series of cooking classes I'm teaching with Publix and their popular Aprons classes. Here's a list with hyperlinks ...

Saturday, March 6
Tampa, FL

Saturday, March 6
Sarasota, FL

Sunday, March 7
Boca Raton, FL

Monday, March 8
Jacksonville, FL

Tuesday, March 9
Alpharetta, GA

Click the links for directions and addresses. Click here for a list of all dates and online ticketing. Only a few of the dates have tickets left. See you there!!!

Don't forget Best Thing I Ever Ate tonight at 10pm on Food Network!


Dolphinfanhg said...

Sunny! You are going to be right around the corner from me in Boca! It says sold out though :( Do you have any extra tickets?

tamilyn said...

Have a fun trip! You need to come to Minnesota-I'll trek to see ya!

Cassandra Boston said...

Hi Sunny, I really want to make your cheese steaks and the fajitas but I'm one of those cilantro Haters. It took me forever to buy Sazon because I was afraid that you could taste the cilantro in it. It taste like they used the coriander seed rather than the leafy part. I like the coriander seed it taste nothing like the cilantro to me. But anyway what herb would you recommend to me to use instead of the cilantro in your recipes? I've thought about using Italian flat leaf parsley.

Shelisa said...

First I must say, that I liked your show before, but after today you are going on my DVR schedule! Girl, you really are a STAR! I am so happy for you and so proud of you! Thanks so much for coming to Tampa and sharing a piece of yourself with us.

Sunny Anderson said...

dolphinfanhg, awwwwww shux! you should've emailed me!!!! it's been hard for me to check the comments like i usually do on the road. :-( ... next time, eh?

tamilyn, i'll come to minnesota!! gimme some time and i'll work it out :-)

cassandra boston, looks like you have the cilantro gene :-(, but that's ok ... i think your sub of parsley works just fine! glad sazon tastes good to you though!!! thanks so much for watching and welcome to the blog!!!

shelisa, BIG HUUUUUUG!!! thanks so much for your fierce nikon action lol!! next time i come to town, hit me up and let's get a drink or lunch!

Katie said...

Sunny, I'm sad that you didn't have a stop in Orlando!!! Hopefully next time you can get Publix to let you have stop at one of there fine Orlando stores. :)

Eric said...

Come to Alabama Sunny! Anyway, I hope enjoyed your tour.. Publix is my favorite supermarket down here.
Play God of War 3 yet?

Mike L. said...

Mike-Iowa I have watched your show a few times and am very concerned about the amount of salt that you use in all your dishes. Most of the dishes you make has foods that already has salt, so adding as much salt as you do, would make these dishes way too salty. Why don't you taste them first, put a little less salt or non at all??? Thanks!

Sunny Anderson said...

mike l., thanks for your concern and welcome to the blog. about the salt, i actually rarely used prepared foods or canned foods that have a high sodium, my stock is always low sodium and quite like weight, everything looks a bit bigger on tv, so a pinch looks like a tablespoon. i've been doing my best to take a smaller pinch to compensate. as for tasting first, i do taste as i go, but there are also dishes i can make with my eyes closed. i know how much to use without even measuring and the best part is, i almost never give a salt amount on the show or on my recipes. just take a look at the website, most of my recipes say "salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste". now, as for you saying maybe not even using salt at all??? i can't do that. i like salt and am lucky i can handle it. did you hear about a gov't official in nyc that wants to make all restaurants ban salt use in the kitchen?? anyway, thanks so much for your sodium concerns and i hope i answered your questions. thanks so much for watching!