Monday, March 22, 2010

New Network, New Show!!

Hey there, well as it is sometimes, things happens so fast I don't have time to tell you about them as they happen. Back in February, right before I left for the SoBe Food and Wine Festival and the Monday after I wrapped taping the new season of Cooking for Real, I stepped back on to my set in Chelsea Market to tape a new show for a new network.

The network is called The Cooking Channel and it debuts later this year. It's owned by the same company that owns Food Network and I liken it to what other successful networks go through as they grow, they annex and expand. Quite like MTV2 or the many ESPNs, the Cooking Channel is going to be a neat new way to see food and I'm really excited about it. There's news out there if you Google or Bing, but I just wanted to give you my spin on it.

Anyway, the show I taped is called Decadent Delights and it's all about the sweet things we eat and how they are made ... sound familiar? :-) Here are some behind the scenes pics ...
That's my set, but what's different here is the focal point. None of my kitchen was used in this show, so they packed it away when I wrapped shooting just a few days prior, but my foyer area is the back drop for Decadent Delights, so Wendy Waxman styled it and placed some flowers and sweets in the background to fit the show.
That's me opening my front door to nowhere. One day if I'm lucky, I'll get to do a Mr. Roger's Neighborhood tribute show or something complete with the walking in, removal of coat and the changing of the shoes. Call me corny, but it's a thought. Ok, now a look at my view from the set ...
That's Jay, he's not only an excellent camera guy, but he's good for a smile or laugh whenever I see him and he's seen it all when it comes to the biz. One of those people that you look forward to seeing when you go to work. If you enlarge the photo by clicking you can see the script I'm reading in the teleprompter.
And that's me sitting and waiting to read the script. It only took about an hour or so to tape and I have a follow up voice over to finish up the show. BTW, when the shoot was over, everyone on the crew made a dash to the set to scoop up the cupcakes!

Decadent Delights airs on the new Cooking Channel sometime later this year. When I get more details, I'll let you know!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny!
I'm so excited for you!! You've got the midas touch so we know it will be a hit. :)

Linda (B'ham)

Jen said... know I'm so excited to check out this new show of yours! I'm the Queen of Desserts! Pass me a cupcake!!!


Mise En Place said...

Congratulations on the new gig!

I, for one, am very excited about the Cooking Channel and what will be offered! Look forward to seeing the new show. :)

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Oh how exciting!! Well, I'M certainly excited, both for YOU and ME! I love FN so another cooking show with my star BFF in my head you in it is right up my alley. You are living the dream doll! Yay!

Tesia said...

Congrats! I'm looking forward to seeing the new show and the new network.

Jay said...

More recipes and more Sunny? Count me in. Cant wait to see the new show and see what the new network is like. Will other food network faves be on the network as well?

Keep doing what you do! :-)

Sunny Anderson said...

linda, awww shux, thanks! i dunno if i have the midas touch, but i do wish there was a touch where i could turn everything to garlic. gold is over rated! teeheehee, hope you like it when it airs!

jen, i know, i'm a dessert person. like 99% of the time i have dessert, even if it's just fresh fruit with something over the top. i need a sweet at the end of savory!

mise en place, thanks!! i'm the engine that could lol. just keeping my head down and working. totally neat to be able to continue. can't wait to see the new network, i saw a preview video to kind of show the vibe and i like it. love it actually, i know if not on food network or affiliated, i'd watch the new channel. excited for you to see it!

mary, *BIG HUUUUUUUGGG* means alot you are gonna join me over on another channel :-). you and me, we are going places, eh? teeheehee.

jay, u r the best man, i too can't wait to see all the new shows roll out. i mean, once you find yourself searching foreign channels for food tv, that's when you know the u.s. can handle another network that is food-centric. can't wait, we are one and the same on that jay! thanks for all the support!

Lana said...

Yup, very eager for the Cooking Channel, and very curious as to how many "basic cable" packages it will be added to. If I've read correctly, it's a re-vamp of FLN, which is NOT part of my basic package.

Curious indeed! And best of luck with the spin off show! And if I don't get it on my TV, I'll bet I'll learn where the recipes will be posted, won't I?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chica!

So, I received the Food Network magazine today and lo and behold there was a Hummingbird Cake in there. Who would have ever thought, after we just talked about it at Bern's. Now you will have to make one and let me know what you think.
I want you to know that I had a great time getting to know you. I also really appreciate how "Real" you are too!!

Congrats on your new show.

Lakeland, FL

Anonymous said...

You weren't kidding...a much happier food blog over here! :)

Anyway, congrats on the new show, and I'll be sure to I mentioned in my blog, you're one of the Food Network celebs I actually like! Well done!

Oh, wait..."well done" doesn't work too well for sweets, does it? Well then, have your cake and eat it, too!

Dolphinfanhg said...

I'll follow you anywhere Sunny! ;) Keep us updated, of course.

Napa Valley Wife said...

Wow, way to go Sunny! I can't wait to check out what The Cooking Channel will offer. I'll definitely be looking out for Decadent Delights ;) Hope it's a big success!

NikiTheo said...

Congrats on the new show! If it's about Sweets, then it's for me!
Btw, you look so good in that outfit, it's so flattering on you!

kellyg said...

I can't wait to set my DVR to record a SECOND show by you every week! How fun :)

Congrats girl!

Miss Twists said...

Congratulations Sunny! I am looking forward to the new channel and your new show.

Eric said...

Thats awesome Sunny,
I always missed HOW DID THAT GET ON MY PLATE I'm always excited to learn something new about food :) I'm LoLing about your Mr Rogers reference, The putting on of the sweater and Ked sneakers always cracked me up for some reason LOL.

Foody Di said...

I think it's great. A new channel, a new show for you. How awesome is that? Are you still going to be doing the cooking for real show? I sure hope so. I love all cooking, but as much as I love my chocolate, I am a savory girl. Don't worry, I'll still be watching. My husband loves sweets, and I love you. I just don't want to lose cooking for real.

Jaelle said...

How exciting! Congratulations! :D!

Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes photos, too. I hope we'll get that channel in my area.

Complaint Department Manager said...

If you have any pull with this new network, please tell them not to run reality shows, it's what killed MTV. I'll never watch that network ever again.

Besides, reality TV is SO passe'.

Bye, neighbor.

Sunny Anderson said...

lana, you are right, fln is gonna go to cable heaven and a new network is born. i told bruce, the big guy that will be in charge over there along with michael, and he said call your cable co. now to just request and build buzz, it'll help what pkg it gets loaded into. and of course, i'll always give the recipes if not easy to find ... this is a clip show though, so i don't know how many recipes we'll have.

BETH! what a dinner at bern's, eh?!!! ok, so i guess i have to do this hummingbird cake soon. i need to figure out how to make a humming bird cupcake, so i am not tempted to eat an entire cake though lol. tell your bff i said hi! i had too much fun dining with you guys! next time, we do the dessert room first!

xtopherjacques, welcome to the blog! ;-) ... yeah, much happier place if you ever need a smile or two. i told the execs at my 'best thing' shoot today about your post and they said they are saving fast food for a specific episode, so it may be that they have been given places like that, but they are holding it for that episode and there is a fried chicken ep on the way one day too, so i told them to be ready for me to say popeyes lol. see ... we listen :-) ... i gotta tell you, you and i are no different. foodies that watch food tv and live a foodie life. so we have our own opinions and standards and stuff ... i totally get it. glad you stopped by my hood :-). i'm bookmarking yours, good post today. glad i found ya.

dolphinfanhg, ;-), i sure will.

napa valley wife, how the heck you been? my bff is taking a trip to napa soon. she is gonna drink the county dry! lol. anyway, hope you like the new show and the channel. i'm anxious to see both too. can't wait!

nikitheo, thanks!! ita about the sweets, i think i heard pretty much just that and said yes. lol. really ... like i didn't ask about the biz part or anything, i said sweets? chocolate? i'm there. hope you like it when it airs, i took some more pics at my voice over session, so i'll post soon.

kelllyg, yaaaaaay! thanks! i am still on a cloud and so appreciative that people are watching and that i am asked to participate in other shows. thanks so much for the dvr support!

miss twists, welcome to the blog! thanks so much. hope you like it!!! check for a post soon with my background pics from the final day of work on the show.

Sunny Anderson said...

eric, hope you like this, it's kind of like htgomp, plenty of explanations as to how things become the sweets they are. and be sure, i am gonna make that mr. rogers thing happen somehow lol. when you see it, don't make fun of me :-). i'm very corny and ok with it.

foody di, heyyyyyyyy! long time no see, eh? teeheehee! i know, the new channel and show are pretty neat. i'm totally honored they'd have me work on another channel within the company. it's a neat vote of support! so now i just hope you like the show! and it's good you like chocolate, but not as much as savory, cuz then there's more for us chocaholics!! also, thanks for asking, i am still doing cooking for real. not leaving it to do the new show.

jaelle, glad you like the blog. it's my baby. i just started because i was looking for it before i was on the network. i just wanted a first person, no frills or anything blog out there to tell me what it was like. what it looked like, who was who on the crew, how did things come together ... all of that. so, that's what i'm doing now, i am so thankful that you not only read, but that you took the time to comment. and that goes for everyone :-). i'm here happily and enjoy the conversations. you guys are great and i'm only here because of your support. thanks so much and i hope you get the channel in your neck of the woods too!

complaint dept. mgr., i have zero pull lol. and u missed the reality on the network, remember the show about the catering guys? i forget the name, wasn't that reality? kinda? but you are right about mtv, funny thing is a agree, but still watch it. ick. nice roger's ref me lady elaine.

Cheema said...

no no, that door leads to me lol

Sunny Anderson said...

cheema, teeheehee. hey girl. right? that door leads to young sun too ... missed ya last run. loser ... :-) when r we hangin in bk? i am on a walking thing now with the better weather. holla @ me ...

Napa Valley Wife said...

I've been really great Sunny, thanks! I hope your bff has a great time in Napa. We're just getting through some rainy weather & nasty storms, but when the sun comes out in between all of the rain, it's gorgeous! You should definitely come out with your bff and drink the country dry! LOL It'd be great to meet up with you sometime!

Sunny Anderson said...

napa valley wife, i just told her about the weather and she's hilarious, doesn't care if it rains every day, just wants her wine! cute. any recommendations?