Friday, April 9, 2010

Hammin' it up Saturday - Easy is as Easy Does

Hey there! So this weekend's show is all about making a super simple meal starting with the protein. I try to chronicle plenty of my development process here on the blog and happen to have some background reading if you didn't catch the making of this episode.

Back in early February I hit the Food Network kitchen to prepare and demonstrate my recipes for the culinary staff on the show. It was the end of the recipe development stage for the episodes airing now and I wrote a blog called Kitchen Time is a Wrap! to share some stories and pictures from the kitchen. You can see a preview of two recipes I'll present this Saturday on Cooking for Real.

Also check my blog post Back to Class, I wrote it on the first day back to taping shows and just by chance the first episode we taped is the one airing this weekend! I share an on-set picture of me between acts tending to the ham chops as well as some other behind the scenes stuff.

I call this weekend's Cooking for Real, Easy is as Easy Does and I hope you agree, the recipes are pretty simple! I even try to take the mystery out of making a quick popover that actually pops! It airs at 12 noon here on the East Coast and if you check the Food Network Show Schedule page, you can check your local listings.

Hope you like the show and the recipes! If you are having a hard time finding ham chops in your area, ham steak or pork chops work just fine :-).

Have some time to kill at work? Read up on the ham steak, the ham chop's cousin at

ok... Cooking for Real, Saturday @ Noon!!


Jen said...

It's the Popover recipe show!!! Yay! I've been waiting for this one! :) Can't wait to check it out. I may just have to add the Popover to next week's menu... :)

Happy Birthday!!!!!

tamilyn said...

The episode on today featured the roast and the potato pancakes. My hubs made me promise to go to FN and look up the recipes (we caught only the last 5 minutes) so I can make for him :)

cater is my verification word-lol!

Jen said...

LOVED the episode! I'm actually making those popovers to go with dinner tonight. We're having Baked Potato Soup and I thought they'd go well!

And those chops looked SOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

ken said...

Hey Baby ....... Happy BirthDay .......

How You Do'n ........ BirthDay Girl ...... I'm Wishing unto you many Wishes on yo' BirthDay ....... Yo' Number 1 FRIEND ....... Ken aka Kratos .......

Cassandra Boston said...

Hi Sunny! I just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying making the recipes this season. They're really quick, easy and delicious. The pork chops were the bomb! Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sunny: I saw your show where you made popovers. Man, they looked great.. I just want to try them.... I like the idea of using a mini muffin you said you can eat more that way!!:) I'm going to give them a try!

THanks, Kit

dani1908 said...

Hi Sunny,

I can't wait for the show on Saturday!! FN has made me appreciate food so much more. I posted as Danielle several weeks ago and just wanted to say "thanks" for your kind words of encouragement. You are truly fabulous! I love your zeal for life. :-)


dani1908 said...

Oopps...I just noticed the blog entry date was last Friday. I guess I somehow missed the show. :-(


Sunny Anderson said...

jen, i hope you liked it!!!

tamilyn, hope you like the potato pancakes, sour cream is the best mate for them, next to apple sauce, that's how we ate them in germany. tasty!

jen, oh yaaay! lol, i didn't read down to see you said you caught it. the chops, you are right ... they are really good, but half the work was done by the people that smoked and cured it! truly a non recipe. feels bad just giving a glaze, but i wanted to show how to make something happen with an easy protein. my grocery store sells them in a 4 pack of 1/2-inch chops. i get it in a pinch knowing all i have to do is enhance the flavor, not create it. i always feel guilty though. :-)

ken, thanks for remembering! i'm an olllld lady ... if you ask my feet. if you ask my heart and mind, i'm a young kid waiting to grow up.

cassandra, yaaay! thanks! i really appreciate it! somewhere around last year i was able to cook at home and think about how it would look and be done on the show and that helped me trim processes and ingredients to make things easier to demonstrate and easier for you to make at home, so it's nice to hear you can tell things have slightly changed. i'm growing and enjoying it, thanks so much for watching!!

kit, i am a sucker for things in a small package!! you are right, the mini tin is perfect for making excuses about eating just one more ...

dani1908, aka danielle!!!! hope you like it when it reruns :-) teeheehee. and i'm happy you are here. anytime you need some encouraging words, stop on by. kind words are easy to give to kind people :-).

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweetheart,
Hope all is well with you and yours. As always, I really enjoyed this show and it really took me back to my childhood because MOMs use to cook these chops on weekend mornings often with a little pan gravy and they are oh so quick and delish! You know how we do in the DIRTY SOUTH!:) To be such a youngster you have an old soul and no one would call you look like you're about 24...REALLY. I agree about the mini tins; I've ordered some stuff from the FN site and I think I'll see what they have in this section. Well I could cause you to read all day but I'll give it a rest. OLT, thank you for your recent reply from the previous post; you made me cry. Hope you enjoyed your B'DAY!

Love you much,