Monday, August 2, 2010

AC Food & Wine Festival: Buffering ... a bit

Hey there! I am obviously slow on the last posts from this fun weekend. I'm headed back up to Brooklyn and plan to upload pics and share them today! Thanks to everyone that stopped me to say hi! Before I depart for the trek home ... Stephanie Turnbull and her girls decided to kick-off her bachelorette party weekend with me at my Sunset, Sliders and Spirits pool party - pretty cool bunch of chicks! They know how to have a good time!! Thanks for making me a part of the memory! Here we are saying "Ball and Chain!!" instead of cheese teeheehee ... That's from left Kristy Turnbull, Amy DiBattista, Amy Werts, Stephanie Turnbull (bride to be!), Lauren Dickert, Sunny Anderson, Jamie Pfitzenmeyer, Niki Stright, Sara Daniele, Katie Harrison, Nicole Giuliani and Kim Beck. Cute note, Stephanie played her wedding date at the roulette table and made big money on the first spin!! Good sign :-) ... thanks for the pics Stephanie!!


tamilyn said...

Sounds like all the events were a hit! I bet the bachelorette party loved having you pose with them-looks like fun all around!

Lindsey Christensen said...

Darling dress and beautiful backdrop! How's that for a little alliteration on this Monday afternoon? :)

Lisa said...

Hi Sunny,

I just wanted to say that my son loves you. He watches your show everyday. As a matter of fact, he records it. He says you are funny and your food looks great. Wish you could give him a shout out on a show :) His name is Mason. We are from New Bedford, Massachusetts. He says if he was to go to New York and see you, he would have a Panic Attack. :)

Brian said...

Hey Sunny,

I was totally bummed to miss out on ACF&W -- I only live about thirty minutes from AC, but was out of state with other plans! :( Looks like it was a blast, though!

Thanks for commenting on my blog post at the other day (I talked about your lettuce wraps)! Hope I didn't come off harsh; I love the heat too ;)

I think you're awesome! Your food's super unique and my absolute fav of yours is the pasta with sausage and vodka sauce. I've never had one with such great flavor.

Anyhows! Thanks for a bunch for leaving a comment. I spit out of my water on the computer screen when I saw it was really you. Haha.

Lys said...

Looks like it was a blast!!!! Sorry I couldn't head to AC - still dealing with the eye issue from hell :( I was quite the cranky camper on Saturday - can't wait to see the pics!

Dolphinfanhg said...

How fun! What a great idea Stephanie!

Mary said...

Hi Sunny...Kevin and I had the best time at your Sunset, Sliders and Spirits event. Thanks so much for accomodating Kevin with the non-alcoholic cucumber drink; it was delicious as were the burgers. Thanks for the pictures; it was awesome watching you mingle with each guest and making everyone feel welcome and special. I hope you are coming out with a cookbook soon. A fan forever -- Mary

Hypnagogic Imagery said...

Hi Sunny,

It was a blast meeting you. I was the guy with the sleeve tattoos at your roof-top party. Food was great, the drinks were amazing and overall, you threw one of the best parties I've ever been to. Thanks for the great time, and here's to seeing you at the NYC Food and Wine festival!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sunny, That ice cream looks AMAZING!! A taste of that would make me do a little happy dance!! - Jess, Queens, NY

Lindsey Christensen said...

SUNNY! I'M COMING TO NY!!! Just booked my ticket to your F&W fest demo. I am sooooo excited I don't think I can contain myself!! Can't wait to meet you!!! :)

Sunny Anderson said...

tamilyn, you are right! every event i went to was packed! i really enjoyed the weekend!

lindsey, woohooo, that was cute. you know i love alliterations! fun with words made me corny growing up, but as an adult i find such comfort in moving around language. what a treat!

lisa, hug your son for me!! tell him people often tell me i'm funny and i really don't know what i'm saying that is funny. i was voted funniest person in middle school and remember thinking to myself when it was announced on the pa system, "me? what? for what?" . i also remember "trying" to be funny immediately after that and it didn't go well with the class. that's when i realized maybe people were laughin at me, not so much with me. i always think about that moment when someone says i'm funny and i still ask the question "who me?". i am so happy i accidentally make him laugh lol ... i just want people to be happy and enjoy the food and the show and the stories. cool to hear it resonates. tell him if we meet, before he has the panic attack, he'll have to compose himself for a big hug :-)

brian, thanks for visiting my parts! LOVED your post which is why i commented, you were not too harsh! haven't you ever tasted something and then your friend did and had a completely different take on it? we all have different palates so things aren't always gonna be for everyone, but the cool thing is we do have something in common, the love of food and blogging about it. that's what counts, the commonality! it's nice to know happy food people, so ... nice to 'meet' ya! and again, thanks so much for watching!

lys, hope you feel better :-(

heather, i know right! glad she hit the jackpot twice that weekend!! money and marriage!

jess, it made me do the happy dance in my chair, i had to stop myself when i remembered i was in public.

LINDSEY!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!! OMGravy!!! Ok, we have to plan!!! can't wait!!!