Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trivets aren't trivial!

Hey there! I'm currently taping season 8 of Cooking for Real in Food Network's Chelsea Market studios and yesterday I shared a picture of my favorite dish so far. I go so much response to the plate, I thought why not show you another neat addition to my repertoire ... two pretty trivets!That's Jamie and she styles my set along with Wendy. Today when we were ready for the final act of the show we realized we needed a few more trivets than the tiles I usually use and a few seconds after the request, Jamie waltzed over with those beauties! I gasped a bit, so simple, but very pretty to me. They were reminiscent of nautical rope, but sweet. I did the flip to see if there was a tag or identifying mark and I found none. Pretty neat though. Then right before the show ended, I made a drink I can share with you here because I've already served it plenty of times this summer at events. It's my Brooklyn Iced Tea. 6 ounces of lemoncello, 3 ounces dark rum, 3 ounces tequila, 24 ounces sweet tea. Pour it in a pitcher of ice and lemon wedges, stir, then pour in a highball glass with ice ... way better than a Long Island Iced Tea, of course I'm biased :-). Here it is on set today ...It was tasty, but I couldn't sip too much because I was only on my first show and needed to finish my second show of the day! In the background you can see my purple door ... tomorrow I'm going to attempt walking through that door on the show for the first time. I am super excited about it because if I do it right, it'll be a nice tribute to Mr. Rogers. If it doesn't look good we'll scrap it, but just wanted to tell you so you have the inside scoop! Wish me luck pulling it off, I am so corny that I've wanted to do it from the start, hope it works :-)! Ok, have a great evening/day. I'll do my best to keep posting while I'm taping, but I do find my time crunched a bit. Thanks for all the comments! BTW, the website redesign is going very well, hope you guys like my new home!


Lisa said...

I have a weakness for trivets! I have a ton. Those are cool they remind me of Celtic knots.

Holly said...

That Brooklyn Iced Tea is soooo good! Too bad there were no identifying marks on those trivets - they are adorable! Good luck on your premier purple entrance!

Jen said...

Oh I love fun things like trivets! I need to get some cute ones - right now I have really boring ones from Ikea. It's time to replace them with bright & colorful trivets. I've also been on the look out for some new & cute serving dishes/bowls too! I need a few new things for the apartment! ;)

Oh - and I'm signing up for a Culinary course at the Restaurant School here in the city. It's one that is open to the Community. I've taken the Pastry Arts course, but I figured it'd be fun to take a Culinary course. It's 6 weeks long. I'll have to blog about it when it starts!

Mmmm, the Brooklyn Iced Tea was so good! My absolute fave is that Punch though! I can't get enough of that stuff.

I can't wait to hear how your entrance works out! I'm sure you'll do great!

Yolanda said...


Good afternoon. I love, love, love your show. I was watching one of your episodes last week when you made peanut butter pancakes and my husband happened to be in the kitchen cooking breakfast. He spontaneousely said "I am making those, give me the directions". So while you add baking powder, flour, oil so did he. Much fun was had in the kitchen that morning. Then we were so full from the pancakes that we napped for three hours afterward. Good time!

I will be making the ice tea drink in a couple of weeks during my girl's weekend.

Thanks for sharing. I wish you the best.

Sunrays7 said...

Hey Sunny! So glad to hear about the new season of Cooking for Real. You've mentioned before on Food Network shows that you like Eggs Benedict, especially the ones at Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square. If you like those, you will LOVE the Benedict in a Bed at the North Street Grille in the North End: French Toast stuffed with Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese, with the poached egg+hollandaise sauce on top. Everything is well porportioned (toast isn't too thick, not too much/too little CB) - it was a great sweet/savory dish. Hope you get a chance to check it out next time you are in beantown!

Heidi said...

We love your show Sunny! Who is the manufacturer of the faucet on your set? I love the design.

Mandi said...

Good luck on the door. Hope it turns out how you want. I loved Mr. Rogers. That would be a cool tribute.

Cooking Mama said...

Those trivets are beautiful!

So are you going to change your shoes and change into a sweater before you start cooking like Mr. Rogers used to do at the beginning of his show? tee hee