Friday, November 19, 2010

Catch me Monday on Access Hollywood Live!

Hey there! Just a quick one, I'm heading into the weekend and can't wait to sleep in tomorrow!! I'll be in Los Angeles Monday to stop by the studios fro Access Hollywood Live. Host Billy Bush and Kit Hoover invited me to stop by and cook up some Thanksgiving love! I never say no to promoting an eating holiday so, catch some entertainment news and me, this Monday. Click here to check out your local listings. It comes on here at 11AM on NBC.


Jen @ OneCurlyFry said...

Oh boo - it doesn't look like we get that here in Philly :(

Maria said...

Ooooooh, Thanks for letting us know. We will be sure to watch it. My sister is picking up parsnips to make your puree for Thanksgiving dinner. We are going to Long Island for the holiday. I'll have to you as we travel through Brooklyn on the Belt Parkway.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Sunny!

tamilyn said...

I bet whatever you make will be delish,and I'm sure the hosts will love it.

Safe travels.

Holly said...

My DVR is set! Can't wait to see what you are making :-)

Anonymous said...


Just caught the end of the show...can you post the recipe for your perfect turkey??


Colene - NJ

Holly said...

Just watched the segment - I loved your "size 14 lo-cal" comment - awesome! I hope I do a good job on your daddy's turkey on looks delicious!

Sheneese said...

Sunny Im sooooooooo proud of you!!! It felt good watching you on TV-I had no idea you had your own cooking show now. I thought you were still in radio. Oh i bet you're like who is Its ya girl from HighSchool..Sheneese yeahhhh!!! :) I'm in Houston. Look me up on FB. Luv Ya girl!

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows how wonderful you are! :) Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love you much.


Sunny Anderson said...

jen, crazy cities it's in huh? that list was random. had plenty of fun though!! billy bush and kat are a class act!

maria, yup! hope you liked it!

tamilyn, :-)

holly, i'm so late on comments this is all past due info eh? lol ...

colene, i am sooooo sorry i missed you comment and didn't get the recipe up in time, hopefully the link to the access hollywood website worked for ya. thanks so much for watching!!!

holly, girl, i can't tell you how many people ask me to do weight loss stuff or calorie counting stuff, i'm like ... i get it, i'm a size 14, but why do you think I'M the one to give this advice, i dunno lol. i've said no to dr. oz a few times for that very reason, like shouldn't the messenger look like they head the actual message? lol too funny!

sheneese, wow. what a blast from the past. how have you been, last i heard you were in houston, so i see you are still in texas doin it! i'm on fb, but i don't control the site yet, food network does. send me your email here and we can reconnect. ever talk to christina? hope so, you guys were like fric n frac!

linda, was that you? thanks for the love. you're the best!!