Saturday, November 6, 2010

Foxwoods Food & Wine Festival 2010: Celebrity Bowling Bash

Hey there! Hope you are enjoying the weekend if that's when you catch this :-). I took a ride out to Connecticut yesterday from my home base in Brooklyn so I could hang out at the Foxwoods Food & Wine Festival. I remember my first time here back in 2005 was on a near perfect date--minus the guy lol (isn't it horrible to say that? but I can't be alone, the person that goes on a date and thinks about how much more fun it would be with someone else. Coincidentally, the someone else I was thinking of ended up not being so great in the end so ... tmi, huh?). Ok, so then my second time here was my first ever food and wine festival as a Food Network host. I blogged about the experience in "I survived my 1st Food & Wine Festival!". So now on my third visit, I think I'm finally getting the full complex covered. It's huge here and really hard to see everything in just a day or two.

Last night was the Celebrity Bowling event here within the complex and the last time I was here, I don't remember there being a bowling alley. I asked about it and turns out it is brand spanking new and was broken in by Kim Kardashian and her heels, she kept them on even while bowling they said. Cute, but my feet can only handle heels for a cumulative of about 8 hours a week lol. So I got my size 9.5 bowling shoes and went to work on some gutter balls. I'm not saying it to be cute, look at our final scores ...I love how the graphic conveniently covers up all of my zeroes lol. My gutter balls were like the O's in Warren Buffet's bank account ... they kept going and going and going. That's until a guy on the team in the lane next to us offered some help. I used it and began actually hitting something. Midway through the game I looked over to ask him his name and noticed the screen said "Jesus". Teeheehee, Jesus taught me to bowl. Sounds like a t-shirt. He and his girlfriend and another couple hung out with us all night. Here's Alex Guarnaschelli on another one of her day's off :-), finishing her last frame -- one foot in her heels and the other foot out of the bowling shoe, but not yet back at home in the matching heel ...I had to get that photo because Alex actually had a great last frame, but missed most of the game because she was being interviewed. It was a loose game and anytime someone was missing in action, we brought in a pinch-bowler ...Joey Fatone!!! Woooohoo!!! Did I just bury the lead? Teeheehee, well he was super nice and a GREAT bowler, I half wished I'd been MIA during the beginning of the game so he could give me some of his pin-action. He's here at Foxwoods hosting a casino version of Let's Make a Deal. I always thought he was one of the better dancers in 'Nsync, so it only made sense that his footwork and coordination were both on point to make some great frames.

Ok, that's it for last night! I did an interview with before I started throwing gutters and he already has it up! It's called "The Extremely Sunny Anderson". Then I also spoke with Track Gals TV from Boston. So plenty of clickin' around if you want to read up on their coverage of the festival.

Tonight, I'm headed to host the Bon Bon Boogie Bash. They had me at Bon Bon and sealed the deal with a Boogie. :-).

Hope you liked the new Cooking for Real: After School Special today, if you missed it, reruns! Monday at 4PM eastern!


Jen @ OneCurlyFry said...

The bowling event sounds like so much fun! They need to do something like that in AC :) Sounds like you had fun! Wish I could've been there to blow you all out of the water, lol! ;)

Have fun at the rest of the festival! Can't wait to hear about some fabulous food! Keep an eye out for cupcakes!!

Maria said...


Kate and I loved the special. Those red velvet cream cheese brownies look luscious! We went out and bought ingredients to make them.

Sounds like the CT Food & Wine Festival is a hit. I hope you enjoy NEXT weekend, coming to SW PA. The weather is predicted to be Sunny and Warm, just like you!

Today, cold and actually snowing a bit.

tamilyn said...

Bon Bon Boogie? I'd so be hitting that up!

Your bowling score looks like mine-which I always thought was pretty good.....hmmmmm :)

Risa said...

Hi Sunny,

I just came across your blog while searching for your red velvet swirl brownies. I just wanted to say I love your show and your recipes. You really cook with your heart and that is what makes your show so enjoyable. If you ever have time check out my blog.

Lindsey Christensen said...

Fun recap! I think I'm with Alex with her half heel, half bowling shoe. Don't think I could've pulled a Kim and bowled in a full pair of heels, that's just asking for trouble! Speaking of, I was at kickboxing class last week and landed wrong on my left ankle after doing a roundhouse and was left with a sprained ankle and a lovely air splint to accompany. Would you believe I still managed to wear heels to work, this girl just can't give them up!

Jodi F. said...

Hi Sunny! I still love reading your blog. It is so full of personality, just like you!
I see you were just at Foxwood's Food & Wine Festival, and it reminded me of when we met last year at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash. Are you going to be there this year? I know that the end of February seems like a long way off, but it'll be here before we know it! (Can't wait!) :-)
I work for Mr. Food, and we'd love to have you stop by our studio (in Ft. Laud) to tape a show with him while you're in town!
Please let me know if you'd be interested.
Take care,
Jodi from Florida

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Joey Fatone! I was such an NSYNC fan in high school.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny!

My name is Wendy Concha and I live in Brooklyn in the Kensington/Windsor Terrace area. I love reading your blog and to say that I love your show would be an understatement. I was wondering if you could answer 2 questions for me:

1. When oh when will you have a cookbook published and a set of DVDs of your show???

2. Why are some recipes on the FN website different than some that are printed in cookbooks?

Again, I love Love LOVE your show (we have the same personalities)! Keep up the fantabulicious work!

- Wendy