Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hidden Valley, but not the ranch ...

Hey there! I'm in Hidden Valley, PA today for a charity event tomorrow and before you ask yourself, let me answer ... nope, this isn't where they make the salad dressing. It's close to where my parents live and my dad works at the hospital nearby. A little while ago he asked if I'd come to town for a charity event with his hospital and like daddy's lil girl, I of course said yes. I grew up in a medical family so I know how these events can really provide relief in much needed areas at a hospital and this event is no different.

So I'm here in NRA country with my family for the Cooking for Hope charity event to benefit the Somerset Hospital. It's sponsored by the Pittsburgh affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Big Picture Communications, Cyndi's Hope Fund, the Daily American and the Tribune Democrat. If you are in the area and plan to head over, I can't wait to meet you and your ticket alone is doing a great service, but come ready for a great silent auction as well. At the end of the event I have a menu I plan to demonstrate that is perfect for the holiday season. It's my Butterflied Cornish Hens with Sage Butter, my Holiday Parsnip Puree and a recipe I haven't shared yet on Cooking for Real, my Simple Sauteed Mustard Greens. If you have plans to join us tomorrow at the Clock Tower Restaurant, save room in your belly because I'm not just Cooking for Real, you'll be able to eat what I'm Cooking, for real :-).

I'm happy to be here for a great cause and even better, it's neat to make my daddy proud. Feel me on that girls? I just never grow up where he's concerned. Speaking of, there's a new episode of Cooking for Real on deck, it's called Game Changing Thanksgiving. I sat and watched my dad grin like the cheshire cat today while I presented to the food world his turkey recipe on the newest episode. So neat to see him grinning like that. I took this picture without them knowing while I sat back here typing this up. This is happiness for me ... proud parents.Ok, now on to something I will probably never live down with some, but be a member of the club with others. I took a trip to get a childhood taste of ... don't laugh ... don't cringe ...YESSSSS!!! THE MC RIB IS BACK!!!! This is not an advertisement, as if they need me to shill for them ... it's the MC RIB!!!!!! Wanna know what my bff replied when I told her I was on the way to get a Mc Rib? She said "Sunny, that's disgusting". Teeheehee, I know, but it's so wrong, it's right.

Alright, have a great weekend. If you missed my Thanksgiving episode catch it Monday at 4PM on Food Network and if you are in Hidden Valley, I'll see you tomorrow!!


Jenneil said...

Hey Sunny...This is Jenneil from Los Angeles...Your Dad must be proud...I can't wait to see the new episode...I need all the help I can get...LOL...I was wondering if you have any cookbooks out and if so where can I find them...Me and my husband would love to get one...By the way Loving this page...Thanks Sunny...

Katie said...

I'm the same way with my dad and look forward to watching the special relationship develop between my daughter and husband. There is nothing in the world like a daddy and his little girl! I can't wait to watch the Thanksgiving episode and know a bit more "behind the scenes" details.

And, oh, Sunny. This might be the first time that I disagree with you about food, because I am not a fan of the McRib. Clearly, however, I am the dissenting opinion!

tamilyn said...

LOL, McRib! Glad to know chefs have those guilty fast food binges once in awhile too :)

I love the photo of your parents watching you on TV.

Happy Saturday from snowy Minnesota!

Jen @ OneCurlyFry said...

My guy has been talking about the McRib for a little while now. He still hasn't had one since they came back out. I'm with your BFF...ewww! I say it's mystery meat! LOL!

As for the new episode today...loved it! That turkey looked so delicious! Feel free to come make Thanksgiving dinner here...;) I'm still scared to try the! I will soon though, because I heard that there is parsnips in something at my company's holiday party. So I'll report back closer to Christmas!

Have fun at the Charity event...that's wonderful you can take part in something so special!

Holly said...

OMG!!! I love the McRib - it is so wrong, but sooo right! (lol!) Saw your "Game Changing" episode today...I can only hope my version of your father's turkey comes out as beautiful as yours did on the episode! And the gravy looked so rich and delicious! I'm so excited to make it all!

Kase said...


Hope you are having a great weekend as well. I have recovered after being out out of work for two weeks due to my surgery having the tonsils removed. Food takes on a total different meaning when you are slurping juice and Popsicles,then moving up to scrambled eggs and runny mash potatoes. I did get those oxtails I mentioned in a previous post. I had a Mc Rib later that night as well,plain with cheese. Melt in your mouth. I don't want to know what it looks like before it becomes a Mc Rib. I will definitely give one of your thanksgiving recipes a try since I won't be going home for Thanksgiving because I have to work. I am loving the new episodes.

Best Regards,


Charles said...

Sunny, thx for the late notice about your appearance! :P I'm always up for a little roadtrip but I put my schoolwork off until tomorrow and it's due Monday- ugh! I'd MUCH rather be watching you cook and eating on those delicious cornish hens, parsnip puree and mustard greens; Yum! If those are anything like the greens from your recent demo @ Circle of Sisters event, then those in attendance are in for a real treat!

Very cool pic of your parents watching you on tv today! I know I was wanting a bite, especially when you drizzled that gravy over the turkey and parsnip puree...oohwee! Now that McRib...I'm with your bff on that-"disgusting"! LOL I like the commercial for it but I think the meat looks like it's one grade up from dogfood. ICK! ;)

Anonymous said...

This is Michele from Somerset Hospital and I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU Sunny! We are sold out at 212 tickets and everyone is so thrilled to meet Dr. Anderson's little girl!
The sun is shining - the food will be great - and you helped us a raise a bunch for local cancer patients and new technology in our digital mammography suite!
What a great way to start the holiday season of giving!

Robj98168 said...

Thanks for visiting my page! And don't let them discourage you from the McRib... the sandwich I don't let people know I eat! And the fake crepes are to die for!

Toby said...

Hey Sunny..This is Toby from Jacksonville. There is nothing better than being home with your parents and seeing how proud they are of you. I'M PROUD TO KNOW YOU! We will be in NYC Dec 1-10. We would like to see you and deliver some special gifts to you and our other foodies at the Food Network!

Maria said...

It was wonderful seeing you again Sunny. You are so genuine, funny, entertaining and aspirational as well as inspirational. The food was delicious and you were a gracious host. It was a wonderful cause and it was great to be a part of such a fun day.


Maria and Kate

Lisa said...

Hi Miss Sunny,

You did an AWESOME job yesterday!! I'm the same way with my daddy, too! And yours, believe it or not...we all respect him very highly around here and I try to make him proud through my work. He is a great man and you are very lucky to have him as your daddy!! Thanks for coming out and cooking for us. It was delicious! It was my very first time having parsnips, and I loved them! I actually stopped and bought some on my way home. =) Hope you have a safe trip home and that you'll come see us all again!

~Lisa (the girl with the skin) LOL!

Lys ~ Cooking In Stilettos said...

I don't want to know what is IN a McRib, but having worked there through high school, I've had more than one and they are pretty tasty. I wonder, is there a way one could do a "healthier" and less mystery meat option of that, hmmmmmm...

That is so awesome that you are doing that event Sunny and your parents must be extremely proud!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,
Hey I'm proud of you and I'm not ya mom and dad. :) I know the feeling of finally seeing them glad that you made a pretty safe transition from childhood to adulthood. I had that same feeling when I took my dad to our brand new home for the first time. Just him and me in an empty house. So touching. Love you much and I know you are enjoying the time with the family. Take care.

Linda (B'Ham)

Sunny Anderson said...

jenneil, welcome to the blog!! i'll be in los angeles next week for an appearance on access hollywood live! then i'm heading over to my favorite l.a. intersection, pico and labrea ... lucy's tacos!!!! woohooo!! ahem, ok back to your question, no, i don't have a cookbook. Yet :-). working on it! thanks so much for watching!!!

katie, i know i'm not the only one, but i have to tell ya, at 35 i still melt like a little girl when my dad is concerned. i just wonder if we ever really outgrow that ... hope i never do. how cool it must be to see that grow between your daughter and husband. and girl, don't worry ... i know the mc rib is an acquired taste, at least if you don't like the flavor you have to admit the commercials are hilarious!

tamilyn, well the cool thing is i'm not really a chef, i'm a home cook like most of the country, so i never feel bad when i dip into the fast food market for a bite. it is truly a treat, like a dessert lol. this morning i had hash browns from mc d's at the airport and you would've though i was biting into a chocolate cake!

jen, you better go get your man a mc rib!!! get him two! you know what they say about gettin to the heart of the man right? i'd buy two and cut em in the bias and plate them with a beer and a pile of napkins, then have it waiting on him when he comes home from work! get it jen! lol ... btw, i talked to aaron! next time i see you and he's not there, we'll give a call!

holly, right!? the mc rib should always stay on the menu, why do they take stuff away like that? they are sadists lol. glad you liked the turkey show! the gravy is so easy, you really have to try it, i never put a roasting pan from the oven to the sink, i always stop first at the stovetop to make a gravy, even if i'm not using it for the particular dish. just too much flavor to rinse away. can't wait to see you holiday spread!!

kase, how you been? hope well! ok, let's talk about you taking it to the next level with cheese on the mc rib, i dunno ... i'd need a couple of slices to actually taste it because the sauce is just so ... saucy lol. i'll try that the next time, i want to get at least 2 more mc ribs in before they take em off the market again! ok, get better and welcome back to eating solids!!!

charles, teeheehee, sorry, but were you really gonna get on the turnpike for that drive? it's far!! and the greens were the exact same ones i did at the event! I do them plenty because it's easy and fast and not many people play with greens. i figure if they see me do it, they'll know it's easy and they can give it a try too.

Sunny Anderson said...

michele! well thanks for having me. it's a neat feeling when being at an event can help raise money for something worth while, feels great to be able to assist, so thanks for having me! take care of my daddy :-)

robj98168, nice pic! is that a sun on your head? your head looks like what i always have inside of my head, sunshine with a few clouds here and there! welcome to the blog! we need to start a mc rib support group! and those fake crepes are a discovery i made late one night when i was hungry and lazy ... so tasty and versatile, neat to hear all your combos!! try chopped and crisped bacon, shredded cheddar cheese and maple syrup ... it's crazy!!!

toby! i'l be in town!! let's go catch a bway show!! email me you plans, do you still have my email address? if you find the show, i'll buy the tickets or the pre-show meal is on me, pick your poison!!!

maria!!!! how neat to see you again! i went in asking about you and was happy they gave you rock star seating!! hug kate again for me! you guys are so lucky, i really love that area. i mean i love nyc and brooklyn, but the hills of pa, are right up there. take care and can't wait to meet again!!!

lisa, thanks!!!! my dad loves his work and everyone there, i can't tell you how neat it is to hear them settle into a city. our whole lives was moving from place to place for the military, so to see them settled and loving it, warms me to no end. have fun with the parsnips!!! you can do so much!!!

lys, there's a vegan brand called "smart" and they have "smart ribs" i SWEAR they taste like a mc rib, for real. lol. like seriously. they have the fake meatless rib shape thing going on, the sauce AND the texture. look for it! i found em in the freezer dept. when i was on a health kick a few years back.

linda, isn't that a great feeling? to make daddy proud? i have to tell you, even though i felt my radio career was great and i put in so much work to get to radio here in nyc, i feel they are just now understanding what it is that i was doing all those years. so to see them finally relax, relaxes me. i mean, i worked at a radio station where it was the "cool" thing for artists to get shot at in the lobby or out by the curb. then before that i was moving around the country building my resume and skills, so to parent's it may seem unstable, but i was chasing dreams and that's what counts. i am so excited to watch what is happening now. it's as if i'm not in control. i'm just doing what i love and keeping my head towards the work and things are really blossoming. more than a cookbook, i wish i could write a book that had just one page and it would simply read, "follow your dreams no matter what" and "support your fears with your knowledge", because plenty of the "dream work" is scary, risk taking and downright stressful, but if you can power through it, good things can happen. i've been powering through life because i just don't want it to end. so it feels great when someone out there can relate to the struggle. we are all humans here, trying to figure it out. thanks for being here linda. you and many others make this dream chasing even better, i can't do it alone.

LindaHensens said...

Hey Sunny!

I just watched your Game Changing episode, and I can see why your Dad would be beaming from ear to ear! It was always a great feeling for me to hear my dad tell other people that I could cook biscuits like nobody's business. He would tell people that my biscuits were as light as air and his "little girl" was really good in the kitchen. Then he would tell the story of what my first biscuits looked like when I was like 7.. ROCKS they were.. My brother threw one at the wall and watched a hole appear.. LOL.. You are very lucky to still have your dad around to praise your talents.. I really wish my dad was still here, especially at the holiday's. He was a very finicky eater in his later year's, but he always ate anything I put in front of him because he knew he would like it. I seem to remember a few things he didn't like so much.. LOL.. He was my tester when I was in my teen's.

Please tell your dad that I will be checking out his turkey brine, although at Christmas instead of Thanksgiving, because that is when I cook for our family. My brother and his wife do Thanksgiving..

I wonder if you have a recipe somewhere in your history for brocolli casserole? If not, I wonder what kind of spin you would have on it.. That would be quite interesting.. It seems like a definitive Southern holiday dish..Care to experiment with it?

Take care, and I hope that your holiday's are filled with lots of love and that you get to see your parents and other family members as well..

Linda in NC..

Complaint Department Manager said...

Hate to tell you this my dear, but the McRib is McAwful. I tried it in KC 2 years ago and I was really psyched about it. Man, what a let down. But hey, if you like it, more power to ya and that's all that matters.

By the way, you going to be in the parade this year?

Tunisia of NoVa said...

LMBO!! Okay---That's a great moment! That picture of your parents watching you on the screen is worth a thousand words.
Back to LMBO---I have yet to stop by Mickey D's to grab me a McRib---b/c I'm afraid of being let down. Scared it might not be like I remembered it! I don't want to go through withdrawls again when it leaves the menu again. Tear! Sooooo-I'm saving my taste memory from a few years ago! LOL