Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 3 is a wrap, now how 'bout some snow!

Hey there! Well, day three went by so fast and probably because I had some guests in the studio!!! Take a look ...That's Lys from the blog Cooking in Stilettos and Jen from the blog One Curly Fry in a Box of the Regular. I met them both here on the blog and together and separately we've enjoyed some fun, food and drinks together in now 3 states! I'm looking forward to more fun this year ladies and what a way to kick it off with a set visit! SoBe is next!!

I shot two shows today, Comforting Classics and one title I'm very, very proud of ... The COD Father. Teeheehee, it's complete with my very own version of a Marlon Brando impersonation. It's bad, really bad. But I took one for the team and made a great meal between outbursts of Brando. I'm a total cornball and very cool with it. Can't wait for you to see some of my corniness. Ok, it's set to snow tonight in NYC, so instead of sleeping in my own bed out in Brooklyn, I'm holed up in a hotel room close to work so I don't have to worry about getting into the city tomorrow morning. The best thing across the nation at a hotel is a caesar salad, if you ask me. So that was dinner, told the room service guy to take back the bread sticks and butter or I'd eat em! There was enough bread in that basket to make a 9X13 of bread pudding!

Tomorrow's shows are called Piling it on and Easier Than it Looks :-), and trust me it's alll easy! Stick around and if you are in the NYC area, bundle up for another one!


Jen said...

Hey Sunny- it's Jen from Washington again, you are probably starting to think I am a blog stalker... not really, I am just so dang excited for all of the new shows to come on. Especially after all of the little sneak peaks you have been giving us! :)

Jen @ OneCurlyFry said...

I had so much fun yesterday! It was so much fun being on the set and watching you tape the shows. And you sure know how to keep us laughing with your impersonations!

Definitely looking forward to some more fun at SoBe! The countdown begins!!

Lindsey Christensen said...

Fun - Lucky guests! Hope you weathered the storm. They showed shots of Central Park on the Today Show this morning and it was breathtaking!

Sunny Anderson said...

jen, hey!!!! ummm, no way do i think you are a blog stalker!! i like that you like to come around these parts!! glad you like the sneak peeks!! stick around for more, we are havin fun!!!

jen jen :-), i had a BLAST!! i can't believe how stinky that rancid can was!!! ahhh good times! can't wait to walk the beach and sip some wine ...

lindsey, the snow wasn't too bad ... glad i stayed in the city though, sometimes the outer boroughs don't get the same amount of rock salt and plowing as manhattan. it is pretty though, nuthin like a fresh coat of snow.

Lys ~ Cooking In Stilettos said...

What a day Sunny! Thank you so much for a fab day on set and I will never look at Cod the same way. DeNiro has nuttin' on you ;) Can't wait for the new season and, of course, SoBe!

Now, excuse me for a quick sec while I photoshop that hideous gray sweater away - oy! :)

Maria said...

I feel like a blog stalker too! Looking forward to seeing you in the new episodes. And trying your new recipes. Just drove Kate home from a school function and it is 8 degrees in SW PA! Hope you are your parents are keeping warm and dry!

Godsy Girl(TM) said...

Ok, add me to your list of friendly "blog stalkers". LOL

Seriously, I really enjoy your show, so I though I'd Google some of your recipes and landed here.

Looking forward to your new season!

Many, many blessings from one of your fans in chilly Kansas City!

Tammy W said...

Dang you look good girl! Congrats on the new season and I look forward to my DVR!!!