Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We're done taping!

Hey! Taping got the best of me and I wasn't able to keep up with the pace and post blogs at the same time for the last three days, but I still have pictures and videos from shooting the 9th season of Cooking for Real. We just wrapped today and just in time for another snow storm! Look who joined me on the show yesterday ...
It's AARTI!!!!! And please believe, we had a PARTY! She came on a show I title "It Takes Two to Salsa" and salsa we did :-). She is such a ball of sunshine and having her on felt like the thing to do. We met when I was taping NFNS: After Party and have been online chat buddies ever since. I can't wait for you to see us in the kitchen together!!! She a blast and really brought some crazy flavor!! We taped the first show of the day together and I still had another to go. So, she headed out to get some things done, but not before leaving me a sweet note in the green room ...Sweet huh? She's the best and I hope you are catching her show, it's such a nice departure from the norm and the flavors she can brings into your kitchen without any new shopping, is so valuable. Trust me, you have these ingredients or can get them in your grocery store.

Between shows I chatted with the crew at AOL DayBreak and the video is up now, no need to click away though, I've got the code ...

You’re watching Daybreak: The Rich Beg for iPads. See the Web's top videos on AOL Video

Pretty fun, thanks to the team from AOL! Such pros!! Oh wait, before I forget ... I also had some other studio guests! If you hang out in the comments here a bit you may know of Charles. A few months ago I met him in Philly at an event I hosted for Aetna Healthcare and he asked if he could visit the set. I never say no to a visit! I don't have a studio audience show, but I'll set up a chair and hand out some candy :-). Here we are right before a quick tour of the Food Network kitchens and my set ...That's Charles next to me and his guy Tremaine, next to Aarti. Pretty cool they got a bonus with the visit from Aarti, eh?! I can't wait for you to see this new episode! I don't know how we got any cooking done, it was all laughs and chatter. Love her!

Then today, I decided to have my parents stop by and hang out with me! The production team worked hard to plan a funny surprise for them on my show. I'll save what it is until it airs, but check out just a small part of the team hovered around the surprise trying to figure out how to make it work within the show on my set ...I mean ... for the better part of an hour more than 20 or so people were brainstorming and working on the staging of the surprise. They discussed at length the hows, whens, how fast, where, everything, you could imagine for what will end up being about 2 minutes of television. Total group of pros, this hard work has nothing to do with a paycheck, this is dedication to doing the best. Pretty cool to watch them work it out. The hard work was worth it because the surprise went off without a hitch and it's pretty funny. I can't wait for you to see me catch my parents off guard when it airs. This episode is called, "Fish n Grits". As soon as I get new airdates I'll let you know.

Ok, one last thing before I fall asleep to the sounds of American Idol ... I went to Columbus, Ohio this past weekend to hang out at Giant Eagle Market District and cooked for a crowd of smiling people. If you were there thanks so much for turning out to have fun and eat, for real! I'm glad you stuck around for dessert :-). Here's a pic of the culinary team that helped everything go off without a hitch ...Giant Eagle is a huuuuuuuuuuge superstore and each time I go, I feel like big time grocery shopping is the one thing I miss living here in NYC. We don't have football field grocery stores in the city. That means you have to go all over the place to get many things. I don't mind because I end up finding so much more than I'm looking for, but I truly envy you if you are close to a Giant Eagle. I mean ... dry-aged beef, gelato and Cap'n Crunch for sale under the same roof?? Sign me up and upgrade my membership please. Teeheehee, for real.

Ok, last, but not least. A special huge hello to straight A student Zamarius from FAIRMOORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! Sorry it took me a few days to post, but I'm a woman of my word Zamarius! Hug your mom!

Ok, I'm heading to Los Angeles to tape Access Hollywood with Kit and Billy Monday, stick around for some California love :-).


Jen @ OneCurlyFry said...

Love the AOL Daybreak video. I love Peanut Butter and that looks amazing!!! It's sad because my guy isn't a peanut butter guy. He only eats Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Other than that he isn't a fan of peanut butter. There are some desserts I'd love to make that involve peanut butter but I'd eat the entire thing myself so I try to avoid it, lol. I guess I need to come hang out with you guys for a Peanut Butter themed meal!

Sounds like you had a great time taping the rest of Season 9. I can't wait to watch it! I was just looking through a magazine and I saw a recipe for something with Cod. I started laughing! Can't wait to watch the "Cod Father" :)

And I can't wait to see the surprise for your parents! I bet it was so much fun taping with them.

Any way you can squeeze me in your suitcase that you're taking to LA? It's cold and snowing like crazy here. I could use a warm getaway!!

Kelsey said...

Sunny! Congratulations on wrapping season 9!!! It's so fun to see a bit behind the scenes. I can only imagine how much fun you and Aarti had together. I can't wait to watch the episode! Take a break definitely deserve it after the schedule you've had! xo

Lys ~ Cooking In Stilettos said...

Wow - S. 9 is in the can! Can't wait til it starts airing :) I caught Aarti's show the other day and was pretty intrigued.

So glad you are getting away from the snowhell that we're getting pummeled with and heading to L.A. :)

Jen said...

oh hey Sunny, of course it is your blog stalker, Jen from Washington here- I am so excited about the new shows! I just can't wait to see your new recipies (and to try them of course!). I love hearing about great times you have been having on set, the love you have for what you do really comes out in your show (and in the food of course), I'm so jealous of the guests who get to come see you at work in the kitchen! If you know when your next gigs are going to be (location and date) or if you will be anywhere near Washington, I'd love to hear about it. I am crazy enough to plan a little mini vacay around one of your appearances! Congratulations on finishing your taping and I can't wait to see you on Access Hollywood- be sure to let us know when it is airing :)
Toodles for now! Jen

Holly said...

Love to see the pics from taping - it makes me SO excited for Season 9! I have to tell you, I do my weekly grocery shopping at a "football field" grocery store here in NJ, and I love it! It can get a little dangerous though - somehow, I'm always buying little "extras" that weren't on my grocery list! ;-) Have fun in LA!

Charles said...

Woooooow Sunny we had an awesome experience at your taping. We felt very welcome and the crew (Amanda, Maureen, Crystal the PA), were very accomodating. Aarti was so right about you in her note she left you: you're so gracious and giving of yourself and with a crazy full schedule to boot-crazy! You and Aarti were great together on set, and I'm sure Aarti felt really at ease with you, but my guy and I both noticed how fluid and natural Aarti appeared! She's so adorable.

We got to eat a soup that you made the previous day and it was really good! I don't want to give it away but it was a meat & grain combo soup-warm and filling mmmm yum!

I made the sweet n' corny hoecakes yesterday for breakfast that aired recently, and they were excellent! I've always liked corn in my regular pancakes, but these were sweeter with that cake-like texture and so good!

Have a safe trip to Cali and again, thanks for everything! You're the best!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Now you can relax a bit. It was so cool to go behind the scene with you...I just love that; it's the next best thing to being there. I'm like Jen, a little jealous of the guest. :) You make me smile knowing that you're living the dream Sweetheart.

Aarti seems way cool too! The both of you just seem like two of my girlfriends that I'd love to hang with. Well, it could happen! :) Love you much.

Lind (B'ham)

Cassandra Boston said...

Hi Sunny! Congratulation on finishing season 9. I can't wait to see the new shows, especially the one with Aarti. I think she is great! I'm also looking forward to the show with your parents. You talk about them all the time, it will be nice to put a real face with the mental pictures I see when you talk about them.

Toi said...

Hey Sunny! Love the behind the scenes of the show. I can't wait for the new season. I miss watching you on Saturdays. Do you know if you will be back on Saturday? Either way, I'm still watching!

Dolphinfanhg said...

Yes, Aarti and Charles are spot on when they called you gracious. I can attest to that too! You totally made my whole birthday weekend (ok, year!) when you took time out of your busy schedule to meet me last year. Hoping I can see you at SBWFF again this year! :)
Anyways, have fun in Cali and have some Roscoes for me... or carne asada, or Sprinkles, or any one of those thousands of things I miss about Cali! ;)

xoxo, Heather