Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Cooking for Real Sunday! Much Ado About Stuffing and Pork!

Hey there!! This morning (Sunday) at 11AM and tomorrow afternoon at 4PM a new Cooking for Real debuts called Much Ado About Stuffing and Pork! I developed this show around October last year, I had plenty of cold weather spices sitting around and thought I'd put them to work! I say it plenty, but I really don't understand how we as consumers are expected to use an entire container of pumpkin spice before it goes dead and dry in the pantry. So, I really do my best to use up spices, plus some are expensive and having them turn to dust before you can use them up is the worst. So here to tackle some pantry spices is my Pumpkin Spice-Rubbed Pork Loin! It's really easy and with 2 teaspoons of pumpkin spice, if you have the little half size of it in your pantry, you're almost done with the container!! Then, on the side a new way to do stuffing ...My Plantain Stuffing. In my hood this banana-family fruit is in high demand so it's always stocked. Somewhere around last year I was thinking about stuffing and how I always relegate it to the holidays and even though today is a holiday, I didn't plan for this show to be on today it just worked out that way :-). That's why I use store-bought bread cubes in the recipe, I wouldn't do that on a holiday, I try never to "phone it in on a holiday", but it sometimes it's good to do that where you can and a side dish is the place to start! Sometimes I add chorizo or breakfast sausage to this recipe, really takes it to another place.

Then, another thing stocked quite well around my parts is tomatillos. I play with them in the kitchen and every once in a while a dish makes a repeat, then I know it's in my kitchen to stay. Try my Sauteed Tomatillos with my Cilantro Vinaigrette, hope you like it! It's simple and I usually have it for breakfast with eggs and refried beans, but on this episode, it's a great side dish for dinner! It started as just the tomatillos sauteed and served on the side of scrambled eggs, then one morning I had some vinaigrette left over from the night before and I sprinkled some fresh cilantro over the whole dish. It all clicked and I wrote down the recipe immediately. It's tangy and sweet and the salt really balances it all out. Hope you like it! Ok, hope you enjoy the new show and happy Easter!! I went out early this morning and got myself a treat!!!
1 down, 4 to go!!!


Jen @ OneCurlyFry said...

Oh I LOVE stuffing. I must admit though - I've never had plantains! The picture of this looks good though! :) I recorded the new show - can't wait to watch it.

I hope you enjoyed your Peeps!

Eric said...

LOL im glad those peeps are around once a year, theyre addictive... So whats up with a fish/shrimp and grits episode, Sunny? :)

Holly said...

YUM! I was running around crazy making Easter dinner as I saw this episode, and it all looked so good, I ended up completely stopping what I was doing to sit and watch the whole episode! I can't wait to make it all!! And love those Peeps! I like to eat a couple when they are fresh and soft, then let a few sit out to get a bit crunchy ;-) YUM!

Holly said...

oooh! I agree with Eric - shrimp and grits, pleeeeze! :-)

Kase said...


Hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday weekend. I checked the last 2 recent episodes you had,gotta luv DVR. You put your foot all up in that plantain stuffing, and girl when you talked about putting a little chorizo in with it if cooking it at home, i was like stop Mc's D says, I was loving it. I really enjoy when you have guests on the show, will Jason being joining you on the set anytime soon..he seems to be the inspiration for quite a few recipes using Latin ingredients. I am looking forward to another great season.