Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catch me & the Scotto's now & later, just like candy!

Hey there! Well, it surely has been a minute since I've blogged about something other than a new show. I've been so busy and I like to have "real" time to write instead of just rushing things, so I've not been able to share some cool stuff. First, I am currently taping the 10th season of Cooking for Real! I can't tell you how happy I am, it just blows my mind and I'm truly thankful. Thanks so much for watching, I'm still enjoying it like the first day.

Today I had some guests come hang out for a bite ...
That's the Scotto's! Well, some of them. My set isn't really big enough for the whole family tree and they do have a restaurant to run! So Marion, the matriarch of this big family sent me 3 of her darlings and I can't even believe we got anything done during the 22 minutes of the show (commercials happen!). That's John, Rosanna and Anthony Jr., he runs the family restaurant, Fresco by Scotto along with his brother John and his sister Elaina (not pictured). Then, Rosanna Scotto is the co-host of WNYW Fox 5 NY's, Good Day New York. She's an Emmy Award winning journalist and this week is celebrating 25 years at Fox 5! What a career! I cannot WAIT for you to see this episode of Cooking for Real when it airs. Here they are getting ready for their close up ...My director Mike said go, then all I remember is laughing and thinking to myself, these are my kind of people! They were a total blast. I watch Rosanna every morning for not only the news, but the great chemistry with her co-host, Greg Kelly. The whole morning team is really funny and I like to start the day with a smile. They make it really easy to do. Catch them live online if you ever want to see what I mean. Here's the link.

Now, the behind the scenes I leave for the blog ... I asked them to join me on Cooking for Real after we both joined Dr. Oz to tape an episode of his show for a segment called "Family Food". Think, Family Feud - with nutritional content. :-) BTW, I LOVE the newest version with Steve Harvey as the host, it's like an hour of stand up comedy!

Anyway, we taped the Dr. Oz show a few weeks back and it airs this Friday!! Here we are before we went out on the stage to compete ...
That's actually in a green room for the Jimmy Fallon show that tapes on the same floor. He has each room set up with a different animal theme, pretty cool.

Because I don't have any family in New York, my mom made room in her schedule and came to town and my dad couldn't compete because as a doctor he had an unfair advantage. So, I lined the rest of my "family" up with family in another sense :-). Along for the fun was Executive Chef Clarence Van de Mark from Del Frisco's here in NYC. I eat there maybe once a month or so and every time I leave stuffed and very happy. The steaks are crazy delicious! Next, I invited my right and left hand man, Santos Loo from Food Network. And last but certainly not least, I'm just introducing them in the order we were in on the show, is blog winner Charles!!

I can't give away too much about the competition, but I can tell you the Scotto's are a rowdy bunch, and so were we! Tune in to see how it all turns out, the winnings go to charity, so really we all win!! The Dr. Oz show we are on airs this Friday, the 13 (spoooookkkyyy!!!) on WNYW Fox 5 here in New York at 11AM. Click here for local listings.


jen @ one curly fry said...

I still can't believe you're taping Season 10 already!! Time sure does fly!

I'm loving the whole guest thing on your show! How fun! And I can't wait to try some of the new recipes!

Anonymous said...

So thrilled about season 10, Sunny.
You deserve it and so much more. Hope you are having a BLAST! Hey, Friday's gonna be a great's my Hubby's B'Day.

Linda (B'ham)

Emily Malloy said...

What fun!! Looking forward to watching it :)

Charles said...

Wow! That was like, the best day ever! I am so thankful for the opportunity and truly feel honored that you reached out to your fans to join you in something like this! Good news: I saw some of it at work in my breakroom. Bad news: I set it to record, but forgot to delete space on my dvr and it didn't record!! I am so mad at that! I'll have to keep an eye on the repeat.

But congratulations to you on Season 10!! That is so amazing! You keep making great shows & we'll keep viewing!