Friday, July 1, 2011

Sunny's All American Celebration on Food Network this weekend!!!!

Hey there! Real quick then plenty more later .... spread the word!!! Sunny's All American Celebration debuts tomorrow morning, Saturday July 2nd, 10AM! Then Monday, July 4th at 6PM!!!! DVR and TiVo too!!!


dancer0528 said...

Hi!! I am watching your All American Celebration on t.v. right now. I am so glad for what you are doing!! The part with you and your grandmother was so nice!! I am so happy with what you did for the troops!!! I love your shows!! Happy 4th of July Sunny!!

brent goodwin said...

Watching the show now. Wonderful, caring program highlighting the military and the military food service. Thoroughly enjoyed the program. A big Hoooah for Sunny and her American Celebration. B Goodwin, LTC (Ret)

Pat said...

I'm watching your special, and enjoying it, but you've neglected an important military branch: the United States Coast Guard. While at the culinary school at Ft. Lee, you mentioned the other services, even though they had the USCG shield on their building.
Pat, Pasadena, MD

Anonymous said...

I just watched your All American was great! You are not only a great cook, but a great person and great American. Thank you!,
Lafayette, La

SanAntonioMama said...

While I love watching Food Network, I had no idea I'd ever shed a tear while watching a show on there! I feel so blessed to be an American, and am so glad you went and spent time with the troops and their families. Thank you for your time in the military as well. From one San Antonio girl to another, I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

Rachel O'Mara said...

Thank you for your weekend special. It is so nice to know, as an Army wife, that there are people as beautiful as you are out there. Someone who would take the time to recognize our military the way you have. I know that you are an Army brat, so it could only be a special person like yourself who would be able to understand what your visit and show meant to us who serve! Thank you for being an amazing American!

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching your All American show on FN. I so much
appreciate the whole concept of the
show because it shows the sacrifices that our military and
their families make in guarding
our nation. I'm glad that FN chose
you to do this because of your personal involvement with our
military throughout your life--you
tell the story best because you
know it so intimately. Hope you
get to do something similar again.
between Athens & Atlanta, GA

Anonymous said...

I just watched your All American Celebration show. It was fantastic. My son-in-law is at Ft Bragg and is scheduled for deployment in February. I know he would love the chocolate cookies you made for mailing overseas. Is it possible to post this recipe and and any others that are suitable for shipping on the Food Network site? Thanks for all you do for the troops! I'm a fan from Orlando, FL.

Sherrodcd said...

Hey Sunny!
I just saw your Sunny's All American Celebration. I was in the military for 26 years. I served at Fort Bragg, NC for 4 years. One of the best assignment ever for me. Your show brought tears to my eyes. It really captured the essence of the spirit of soldiers and how food is apart of that experience. The unit I was in at Fort Bragg was one of the first unit deployed to Haiti, for relief support. We stop in Gutomo bay for staging. Our last meal before deploying to Haiti was Barbecue Ribs and King Crabs with Home cooked country sides. Awesome meal!! After that meal we ate MRE for the next 30 days, until the MTT was setup. I will always remember that meal. What you showed about the FRG was so special. Sometimes I think it is a different world a family member has to go through to be apart of a soldier life. I am so glad you show the mothers, daughter, and wives support. Unless you been there it hard to articulate. You did a good job. It just brought tears to my eyes to see the love of military and how food really can make a difference in the morale. It is a good feeling to make those goodie boxes and even better as a soldier to receive those love box from home. It means everything. I just wanted someone to know what a GREAT Job with this All American Celebration.. Oh yeah love those HOOAH Vets! SOS with love.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your show today, Sunny's All American Celebration. Great insight into how the military has evolved over the years in highlighting the culinary aspect of military chefs providing culinary training and amazing food to their troops. Never knew the military were so serious in providing great food to their troops as any other food service service entity. Makes me wish I had joined the military a long time ago to pursue training in this field.

I would like to know the name of the cookbook you mentioned on the show that was written to honor the serviceman who died in the line of duty to protect our country. I believe you stated that a portion of the proceeds go to support military families and servicemen/women.

I would like to purchase this cookbook to support our troops, so please let me know how.

kirk said...

I just watched Sunny's All American Celebration. One of the best shows I have ever watched on the Food Network and I am a real fan! I already admired Ms Anderson's show but had no idea she was a fellow veteran and from such a prestigeous military family. Thank you Sunny for a show that showcased the talents and dedication of our hard working military cooks (chefs)! And for shining a light on the families and extraordinary lives of our service men and women! Not only that.. but it was just plain GREAT entertainment.. as usual!
Capt. Kirk L. Webster (US Army ret) Shelton, WA.

Anonymous said...

TSgt Jeffrey Kaplan
Bolling AFB, DC

Deamr23 said...

HI Sunny, I wanted to thank you for your show on the military on the Foodnetwork today! I am too from a military family, my dad was 20 yrs. AF. I trully appreciate you focusing on our military, their family and how you featured the supporting pasts of the military which are so important to our fighting force.

I also want to thank the FoodNetwork for letting you do this featured show!!! Please do more!!!

Marie Rochester Hills, MI

Anonymous said...

I loved your 4th of July show! It was so interesting and emotional to watch. I was very moved by all the military featured and impressed by you and your family.
Marilyn, California

Anonymous said...

I watched the show and watched it again and again, is there a link that I can post on my FB? My family and friends loved the show, hope to see you again, before I finally retire. Please take care and continue to be safe. God Bless,
Samuel Null

Noelle said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful All American Celebration show. I am in an Army band and my boyfriend is infantry. We love watching your show together and you make us feel so special and proud. Thank you for serving your country! Its a pleasure serving you.