Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Cooking for Real Saturday!! Beefin' with Pork!

Hey there! I'm very proud to announce another new episode of Cooking for Real today on Food Network!! First, how was your week?!? Mine zoomed by and I cooked plenty, for real :-) Here's a pic of my latest faves...

That's a quick ice cream topping I made using pumpkin pie spice. It is becoming one of my favorite spice blends in the kitchen. Great for sweet and savory cooking. I still have some of the topping upstairs, gonna put it in some pastry and fry it soon. Then the fist pics are an Italian flavored sandwich stacked with flavor, and although it's not a classic muffaletta, I stacked it like one and it has the curb appeal of one when topped. It all came together in my freezer, the round par-baked focaccia simply looked better than the white pullman loaf. I can't wait to share the recipe and the inspiration with you. Kinda like today's new episode of Cooking for Real ...I call it "Beefin with Pork". What's Beef? Well, you can ask Talib Kweli and Mos Def aka Blackstar or take it back a little further and listen to Notorius BIG. But "beef" is just a way to express distaste with something or someone. So, with my love of words, the title popped in my head when I got a request from a friend for BBQ that had a distaste for Pork. Well, they were beefin and so was I, I like pork :-). So today, I have a menu based on some friends coming over for a bite and had to make everyone happy. Those are my Honey BBQ Oven Short Ribs up there before the ride in the oven. I can't express enough how easy it is to make these and the payoff is exponential based on the work you put in. Great weekend eating :-). I always take pics of recipes as I develop them, for fun and for work. Sometimes I see ingredients in pics I forget to add to the recipe, so it's good for checks and balances. Here's a preview of the Quick Bacon-Cheddar Biscuits ...
I promise, if you've never made a successful biscuit from scratch ... YOU CAN DO THIS! I promise. I don't wanna say it's fool-proof, cuz smart people make biscuits, but ... it's reeeeeally easy. Give it a try and add ingredients the next time around if you want! Now here's the other side dish ... my Creamy Potato and Proscuitto Salad.
The potato salad was a perfect compromise, I served it with the proscuitto on the side for the people beefin' with pork that day :-). Anyway, I take these pictures and hold on to them for my reference when I'm going over my recipes, but I also use these pictures on the set to assist the culinary staff. Usually for the sake of time many of my recipes are prepped in advance by the team, some times parts and sometimes in the case of things that take hours like a slow roast, the whole thing is done because we can't wait hours for it to finish while we are taping. The recipes, the photos and my verbal instruction get the team on the same page as I am in my home kitchen. It's such a team effort to make everything on Cooking for Real authentic to my home process and it's ease. Just a lil behind the scenes :-)

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Man that potato salad looks good. I'd add some heat but that's just me :)

Best wishes on the new site launch and all your endeavours.