Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Cooking for Real Saturday!! Taco Dinner, Taco Lunch

Hey there! Well today's episode started with this picture above. I made chicken tacos at home on a whim and realized quickly that I hadn't done it yet on the show and it was a quick way to get dinner on the table, or lunch. Which is what the taco above was. Many times the recipes I develop from the show happen at lunch time because I'm developing them during my workday, other times the recipes come late at night, after the work is done, but my creative juices are still working. After putting this recipe together, I decided to streamline it even further and push the tomatoes that you see here sprinkled on top, right into the sour cream mixture. It removes a step and then I said to myself "that's close to a creamy salsa". So, I moved things around more and it's a pretty tasty and creamy version of salsa we are used to. It would be great on anything you put salsa on!!!

The next recipe I share is a dessert you can make today if you are stocked up properly for the hurricane :-). No, really even if you aren't stocked up, the recipe was built from my pantry, and my pantry isn't fancy, just the typical pantry items. So, I bet if you like the way they look, you can make em today from your pantry as well!! Ok, Here are the recipe links ...

Only two recipes?? That's not alot, eh? Well, today's show has a guest!! A returning one at that!! Please tune in to hang with my blog-friend Darius Williams again!! We had so much fun cooking and chatting last season, that I invited him back for more. He runs a cupcake shop and a pie truck in Chicago, he's an entrepreneur that left one career field (not by choice, but by design), then landed where his heart and mind could flourish. Here are his links ...

Ok, enjoy the show and please tell a friend!! You are supporting two dreamers today :-) not just me!! We need extra love. If you've ever had a tiny dream and left it behind, if it's still a tiny nugget in your head ... think about chasing it. This is the only chance you'll get in this skin. I'm asked all the time why I am so happy and positive and there are so many reasons, but it starts with waking up knowing that it's possible. What's possible? "It" is and that's all I need to know. Happy to be here, and you the person reading this, I'm happy you are here too. Not just at the blog ... but here. Means plenty you take time to hang, I don't take it lightly at all. If you meet me, that's what the hug is for, the whisper in the ear, the direct look in the eye. I thank you. Ok, before I get too sappy ... enjoy the new show!!!

Cooking for Real today!! Season 10 @ 10!!! Taco Dinner, Taco Lunch!! 10am Food Network!!

Don't forget the repeat on Monday at 3pm!!! And catch seasons of Cooking for Real you may have missed the rest of the week at 3pm on Food Network!!

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Chris from PA said...

Hi Sunny, just had a chance to watch your Taco show and it was great. Loved the Pantry Bars, bet they will go to the beach for our Labor Day picnic. Wondered what the Sazon was and have now learned a new ingredient. Then went to the kitchen with a thought, there was a jar of a Sazon Tropical ingredient. Got it when we all were at the South Beach F&W and had no idea what it was, better idea now. Any ideas on what that would be used in?? Thanks again for teaching us all new things and how to use what we have in our own homes. Enjoyed our time in Atlantic City as well, great to meet Jen, my fellow blogger, loved our pic on the blog! Too bad Darius didn't join us, what a blast that would have been. Take care, Chris from PA