Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Cooking for Real Saturday!! T.G.I.S

Hey there!!! It's breakfast time on the newest episode of Cooking for Real!! I love to make breakfast, and some of my best lunches are breakfast!! So this is gonna be a fun one. Take a look at this ...It's my Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich and I make a version of this at home about once a week. I love nothing more than a sunny side up egg with the oooooooze of the yolk. Lately, I've been separating eggs, saving whites to the side, and making double yolk sunny side ups. That's right, I'm not waiting for the elusive double yolk egg, I'm creating it!!

Ok, next on the menu is my Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Sausage.I also do this at home all the time, I am so happy to call the show Cooking for Real. You are really seeing how I eat. I'm not just thinking these up to fill up a show. Many times when I make anything with ground beef, I save a little snatch of it to the side and season it up for a few breakfast sausage patties the next day. It's easy, the ingredients are in my spice rack always, so I'm hoping your rack is stacked like mine :-). I season my sausage sweet because I love to put syrup on spicy sausage, so why not build in some of the sweetness?! Hope you enjoy!

Then, the thing I do most every weekend ... HASH BROWNS!!! YAAAAAAAY!!! Lol!! Those are my Saturday Special Hash Browns. I am serious about hash browns!!! I love em crispy, I love em soft, I love em with all kinds of stuff thrown in, hash browns, is where my leftovers go in the good afterlife. I love nothing more than using up all the bits and pieces in my fridge over the weekend so I can start fresh on Monday. Also during the week if I find myself using potatoes, what I do is cut some down to size and store them in water in a container in the fridge. Then before I cook em, I just drain them and dry em off with a paper towel. (Yes, still Viva :-)) Thing here is that potatoes in a water, in a container, in a fridge... well, it only lasts for like a few days or so, after that it's a high school project, if you know what I mean...

I can't wait for you to see this show!! Cooking for Real - T.G.I.S Season 10@10am!!! On Food Network!! With a repeat on Monday at 3pm!!Hopefully it inspires you to get up and make a great breakfast, even if it's during lunch hours :-). Enjoy the weekend.

I'd like to take just a sentence or two here to tell you that I've been in New York now for 10 years exactly and since I've moved here, I found my true self. It could be maturity and other factors, but there is a spirit in this city that, with all the noise in the streets, it silences noise in your life and allows you to relax into your true self. People are too busy to care about what you wear, what you think, in a nice way of course. Hard to explain. It is such a great city filled with great people and in my first few days here I was filled with the joy and excitement of a city that welcomes everyone with open arms. A few days later 9/11 happened and I fell deeper in love with the spirit of New York. That's it, I love this city. I Love New York. If you follow me on twitter, I will go silent tomorrow out of respect. 140 characters can't capture the character of what happened that day.


Maria said...

Great episode! I am so hungry now. NYC is a great city. Tomorrow is going to be tough for many people in NY, shanksville, PA and across the country.

Charles said...

I totally agree with you. Though I don't live in NYC, when I'm there I get that feeling that no one really cares what you're doing or wearing or how you're living. There are so many wonderful cultures throughout, unlike the burbs' where houses are exact cut-outs of your neighbor's house, and personalities aren't as diverse. That's why I loooove my Philly at my backdoor; a little scaled-down NYC! Woot woot LOL

Onto breakfast....yum! Due to moving, I've been out of commission as far as cooking, but next wknd I'll be all settled in and this will be my breakfast for Saturday! Looks so good!

Benjamin said...

Hey Sunny -- I live in Los Angeles, but I know exactly what you mean about New York. Sometimes you just need that NYC vibe.

Just caught the breakfast episode and it looked great. I love "accidentally" getting syrup on my bacon or sausage, too...

Two quick comments: Did you flip the hash browns (and I missed it) or did they cook through?

Also, did you really eat the sprig of thyme or was that a joke?! Sort of caught me by surprise.

Keep up the great work.

jen @ one curly fry said...

All of this looks delicious. YUM! Now I want breakfast...for dinner :)

t2ed said...

You really made me want some hashbrowns now. Thanks for making this fruit bowl taste like crap!

Sunny Anderson said...

maria, thanks!!! nyc is the best.

charles, yeah, philly is a nice back drop to the big city up the turnpike. i like it down there. hope you've been well!!

benjamin, teeheehee, sure the syrup on your bacon is an "accident"?? i owned up to it! lol ok, yes, I flipped the hash browns during the break and yes, i really did eat the whole sprig of thyme. if it's a leafy stem, not a stiff woodsy one, they are just as tasty a the leaves! thanks so much for watching!!!

jen, hey girl!

t2ed, teeheehee ... that should be my phrase "making fruit bowls taste like %@#$, Sunny Anderson" teeheehee ...