Monday, September 19, 2011

The Vendy's says I'm kinda like Jane Lynch...

Hey there!! The official announcement is out there, but you already knew if you read my musings here that I'm the host of this year's Vendy Awards!! 7 years in the making, this is the best of all the street vendors vying for ribbons and future long lines where ever they hitch up in the city!!

Get tickets and information here, then catch the 1ish ferry to Governor's Island with me this Saturday for a city full of food all in one spot. If you've heard of all the tasty stuff, but find it hard to track them all down in the city, come out this Saturday. I'm looking forward to eating, ahem *meeting* you there! :-)


Anonymous said...

Just wondering why you wear wigs all the time?????

sbrtir said...

Sorry I can't be there this weekend :(
You know I would be there if I could! Have fun and you will nail this "host" gig!

You friend always, Toby from Jacksonville

Torae said...

Hey Sunny I'm Torae, we met at 9th Wonder's screening a few months back. I'm having an album listening session at Sirius in October for about 30 people. I'd love to talk to you about catering it. Hit me up at Hope to hear from you soon, Thanks!

Sunny Anderson said...

anon, i inherited male pattern balding from my granddad. i shave my head because what will grow is in patches and wispy. it started falling out in chunks around 2006. loved my granddaddy and i'll take all the traits he can give me. good ot perceived bad. miss him, so i actually like my balding head. love it even. hope i answered your question. people pick on me all the time and i just smile, if they only knew the joy and memories my bald head brings me, they'd know the pickin is futile. pretty happy person over here, so glad to have another day.

toby!!!! send me you dates again for your nyc trip so i can make plans!! let's all go to a show!! i'll buy the tickets!!

torae, i'm sorry i don't cater anymore. i only cook mass amounts of food during the holidays, for take away plates :-). I can help you find someone that will do a great job though, let me know.