Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SoBe Wine and Food Festival 2012: Where to find me!

Hey there! I just wanted to tell you about some events this weekend in Miami for the SoBe Wine and Food Festival. This is my 4th year? I can't remember lol, I'm getting old and counting only works when I'm motivated by beer and it's too early for that :-). Or should I say wine? I'm just happy to be invited, it's for charity and I don't see a thing wrong with that! If you want to see some old posts from the events over the years, just click on the "Sobe" tag below this post or look to the right and click on the that list. I meant left and I'm not hitting backspace. Ok, so first thing I want to tell you about is:

1. FRIDAY Catch me co-hosting Live Miami on NBC from 11-noon with the ladies. I've done cooking segments with the morning show, but this time around I'm so happy to join the ladies a bit later in the morning for an hour. I occasionally catch my girl Sara Gore here in NYC on our version of the show called NY Live, so I look forward to the chat-fest in Miami. I'll be there the whole hour, then I have a cooking segment at the end. If the weather holds up, we'll grill outside, if not, I'll make it work on a grill pan indoors, cuz that's what I do ... I make it work like Tim Gunn. :-) I can't wait! We'll have comedian/actor John Witherspoon to interview, he's in town for a show and has a new movie coming out. We'll also have a rep from wine glass makers, Riedel, to talk wine. Why? Why not?! It's the Sobe Wine and Food Festival! Can't wait!

2. SATURDAY MORNING I'm cookin my butt off at the Grand Tasting Village at 5:30PM. Oh my, that means when I go to the parties Friday night, I need to make sure I just do the food part, not the wine part LOL. That's an early rise for a wine fest so I hope ya join me!! Yes, 530 will be early LOL. Check for me on the green stage. Speaking of Friday night, there are so many events, I will surely do the Burger Bash and Robert Irvine has asked me to help with his Party Impossible event. I'm hoping to have energy for it all, look at me sounding old LOL. Ok, FYI, My menu for Saturday under the Grand Tasting tents is called "Words with Friends" and it's all about fun apps and things to make when you have guests over for a chat fest. I'm most excited to show you how to make a fast dessert with beer. Yes, I know it's a wine fest, but beer can hang out too :-).

3. SATURDAY NIGHT This is something I CAN'T WAIT FOR!!! SOOONNNNNIIIIIICCCCC!!!! Ok, let me calm down and tell you the deal. Woooohsaaaaah ... It's the Best Thing I Ever Ate - Late Night event on the beach. This is all about us serving you the things we love. It took some work and some calls and some smiles through emails and phone calls, but Sonic, myself and the SoBe team got it done and my absolutely favorite fast food place to eat late night is on board!! They've even created things for the event. SO HAPPY!!! So, join us in the tents for a Cherry Limeade Martini (virgin style) and several small bites off the menu, with a concentration on their various hot dogs. You know what? You deserve the menu:
Sonic Dog Bites of Premium Menu Dogs
Chicago Dog Bite w/ relish and poppy seed bun
All American Dog Bite w/KMMRO Sauce
New York Dog Bite w/fresh cabbage & kraut slaw, grainy mustard dressing, onions
Chili Cheese Dog Bite w/pimento cheese, warm chili
Sonic Classic Chili Cheese Tots w/ green chili cheese and warm chili
I SAID TOTS!!!!!!!!!! TOTS BABY!!!TOTSSS!!! LOL Can you feel my excitement?!?!?
Classic Sonic Cherry Limeade Martini w/ Lime Scented Sugar, fresh lime and a cherry.

So seriously, come hang out with me under the glow of Sonic. I'm packing my favorite yellow Sonic Cherry Limeade shirt, and my cherry limeade earrings. Yes, I own Sonic wear. This is how much I love it! It may have something to do with it being my 1st paying job in high school, but I have faith I would have found a love for tots and cherry limeades somehow along the way. Join me if you have a love and if you don't, join me so I can bring you over to the tot-side.

3. SUNDAY Join me at the Kidz Kitchen on Jungle Island at 1PM. This year it's all about getting the kids to eat healthy. I never had that issue as a kid, mommy and daddy made it, and I ate it. There were no excuses. I may have to call mommy and daddy for some inspiration before I go on and talk to the families there. I don't get the issue. Eat your veggies and fruits kids!! I've developed a fun and healthy menu. When I turned it in, one of the organizers asked if I'd change the bread on my grilled cheese to wheat and I said "NO" LOL...there's already apples, spinach and protein from nuts in there. I'm not trying to make robot kids, just happy and healthy ones. I think that's where people make a mistake, trying to make every single element of a meal "healthy". Carbs are carbs, let's get some other stuff into play. Ok, so I call this demo "An Apple A Day" because apples are in each course. I'm making soup in a Vitamix, grillin some sandwiches and making a quick apple compote for dessert. Join me with your family for a PG show :-).

Ok, those are my official events, but please .... if you see me, I run with what I call a "NON-tourage", you are more than welcome to interrupt a call, a conversation, anything. This is your time to tell me you think I look smaller in person :-). LOL See ya this weekend!!!


Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos said...

Have a blast in Miami! It's going to be weird not being at SBWFF this year but next year, it's a must. Can't wait to see the Words With Friends menu/recipes :) - and dessert with beer?

Dolphinfanhg said...

Can't wait to see you you again Sunny! I'll be at the BTIEA party on Saturday! :)

jen @ one curly fry said...

This is where I get sad that I'm not going to be there this year!! HOW CAN I MISS SONIC?! :( I hope the weather is beautiful for the festival! I need to make sure I'm there next year sitting on an oceanfront balcony! Have a blast!

Maria said...

Oh Sunny! That sounds like so much fun. I wish I was in Miami right now getting ready to watch you cook. I think it would be so cool if FoodNetwork had a live link to the festivities. I was cooking some soup this AM as it is COLD, SNOWY & WINDY in Somerset, PA. I was watching all the comfort food episodes on Foodnetwork. They are good, but part of me would rather see Palm Trees and all the cooking going on in Miami!

Count Kate and I as part of your NON-tourage. Your blog made me hungry for a Panini, so I am going to slip some apples and spinach into my sandwich!

Love you!

Maria & Kate

Reiko said...

Hi Sunny, I just want to say that your show is amazing! I watch it almost every day at the rec center at my college while working out. I didn't know where I could ask questions to you, so I'm using this comment form to ask one! I recently tried Beurre blanc and fell in love with the taste of it. I wanted to know how to make it so I Googled it but I just couldn't get the idea...I was wondering if you could do a simple Beurre blanc recipe so I could see it done and then I can try it out on my own? Thanks! :) - Reiko in Ellensburg, WA (Central Washington University - Nutrition student)

carriepemberton said...

We just got the Vosges Chocolates that you sent. I love Vosges chocolates!! Thank you so much for sending them and for including us in your event. We had a blast!

Carrie Pemberton

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SarahElizabethAndrews said...

Hey Sunny! You're soooo pretty! How do you do your makeup?

Mary Foreman said...

Hey Sunny! You don't have to publish this comment - just swinging by to say hello. Hope all is going well, that you're staying busier than usual and working on that cookbook. Was just watching Best Thing I Ever Made where you did your hot wings from Emeril's show. How cool is that?! I liked you with the long hair too. :)