Sunday, April 6, 2008

My National CBS Debut!

If waking up Saturday morning was tough for you like it was for me .... I'm so cool with it. I totally understand, so here's the video of me and the CBS Morning Show crew trying to eat on a shoestring budget. I actually didn't know what my total would be in the end. The goal was to keep it under $40bux, I did know I made it, but not by how much. All I could think was, just be 39.99 lol 39.99 ... so I guess my internal dialogue took over and that's why you hear me joke about it towards the end of the clip. Anyway, I had so much fun ... I'm a newbie so they were taking a risk putting me on live network TV ... I knew I wouldn't curse or anything because after years of radio, it's like your mind goes subconsciously into 'clean, on-air mode', but who knows what the nerves will do? For me, the nerves are actually my friend, the storm before the calm, not the other way around :-). Aight ... moving pictures and sound ...


jacob said...

Wow... great job! And a pretty long segment, too. I don't even think Sandra Lee got that much time! ;-) Congrats.

Sunshine said...

Sunny, I luv your show! I used to listen to you on Hot 97. You truly inspire me for following your dreams! I am an actress who loves to cook also, so right now I am living through you!! Keep it up!

Maggie said...

I really enjoyed it!

I've always wondered how, if you burn yourself, you keep from saying "damn!". :)

Do you get to pick what you make?

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say that I loved watching you on the Food Network yesterday. You did a really GREAT job. Can't wait to make your french toast. It's good to know that FN is expanding their diversity and I wish you much success. This is Regina from Philly and before the FD show yesterday, I didn't know who you were (I saw you the other FD show once)so you have an honest opinion here. I decided to look you up today to read your Bio and came across ur web-page. Such an inspiration...I really LOVE to cook and pride myself on this. I hope to do something with my cooking skills when my 10 year old son grows up and goes to college but for now, I will keep building on my skills and do some food hustlin' on the side when I can. You really make me believe that "anything is possible" You really have a fresh passion for food like I do.

Luv Ya Lots,


Philadelphia, home of the Cheese steaks and soft pretzels to dip in lemon water-ice:)

Sunny Anderson said...

maggie ... yes, what I did is I sent the producers my recipes and together we figured out which would work best for what episode. And it's a funny thing your brain does when you go on the air, it becomes aware without you working at it. In all my on-air years I think I've only accidentally cursed 3 times tops, most times you catch yourself before the whole word gets out and you realize you must've been verrry comfy with the conversation. :-)

sunshine! thanks for listening when I was on HOT 97, I had so much fun just playing music and telling stories ... glad u r along for this ride! let's have more fun!

Sunny Anderson said...

anon .. ok, i've done ishkabibbles, pat and geno's and this place off of north broadway .. wish i could remember the name cuz it was the best in my opinion. n broad and eerie maybe? there's some rail tracks or something, there's a bar attached and on the the side closest to the street is the sizzlin grill!!! theeee best cheesesteak i've had ever. drove there several times just for it and now i can't remember the name, that's ok, i know i can find it when i go back, :-) ... now the lemon-ice water dip for a pretzel??? that sounds interesting, i'll have to look into that! thanks for the support!!!

DollFace said...

Yeah...I DON'T get up that early on Sat, so I watched it online. Some comments were a bit critical of your 'unhealthy' recipes; with that said, do you think you will include more healthy alternatives when you post the recipes on food network?

Personally, I'M not complaining, considering I could stand to gain a few pounds...LOL. But, I also want you to be successful...and we know how folks can be when they don't understand someone else's culture.
Keep up the good work.

IL Social Worker said...

Hi Sunny - I enjoyed the show very much! I really liked the puff pastry bowls - they could be used for so many different things. Be well.

Sunny Anderson said...

dollface, yeah ... i'm not all bad 4ya food, i mean i cook vegetarian often and not even on purpose. i gotta admit though, sometimes i pile on the bad stuff. i wanna just eat what tastes good and sometimes it requires a tallll glass of water :-), but if given more shows, i'm sure people will see i'm not all bacon grease :-), but boy is bacon grease good!! lol.

and heyy! IL! I'd make em sweet too, sprinkle sugar and cinnamon and then pipe in some mouse or something. maybe a fresh fruit salad, a taco salad is good here too, puff pastry is the best!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Sunny,
Wie gehts? Dein Jaegerschnitzel sah lecker aus!!
Bis Bald...Tschuess,
Christine v.