Saturday, April 5, 2008


omg, was I ever anxious about this morning's appearance on CBS' Morning Show! I was mostly just really tired yesterday because I had a very early rise Thursday and then another very early rise on Friday. Then, both days were full days. Remember how I said I got an amazing "Edward Scissorhands" cut this week? That was Thursday and I waited 4+ hours to get in the artist's chair!! She squeezed me in so I didn't mind at all and I saw some masterpieces walk out before me, so I knew she was gonna hook it up, but every thing last week just had me super tired last night. I was hoping to get enough sleep and actually had plans to nap, then wake up last night to do some things ... I slept right through my nap and didn't wake up until late. I was so happy, lol, I didn't want to oversleep, but I needed it so I'd be ready this morning. Ok, so I wanted to post some behind the scenes flicks from this morning. I'm going out to dinner to celebrate tonight, I am so hungry!!!! It's my favorite German restaurant in this area, I'll give a review tomorrow. Ok, hope you catch the show, Cooking for Real, tomorrow, April 6 on Food Network @ 1030AM EST. Check here for local listings and times.

Here are the pics! We had Wilted Greens with Bacon Vinaigrette, French Toast with Caramelized Pecans, Strawberries and Cream and we rounded it out with some Raspberry Fruit Smoothies! Yummy! The challenge was to be a "Chef on a Shoestring" and spend under $40bux. My total was liiiike 38.14, I think?? I jussst made it :-) Only thing you may have notices is the texture of the cream, it differs from what I usually do ... the heat of the studio lights made it a bit more loose than usual, no biggie ... I got my drizzle on! Dollops ain't all that! teeheehee, ok ...

Me cuttin' n smilin' :-)

I want some French Toast!! (40 year-old Virgin, lol, loved that scene)

Wilted Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

Smooth it out!

Me and Chris Wragge


DollFace said...

I LOVE food network and was excited to see they are adding more color to the line up. I will definitely try the french toast recipe soon and watch the show

Maggie said...

Hey! Watching Cooking For Real (RIGHT NOW!)...what other types of seafood can I use in the pot pie recipes? One of my kids isn't a big shrimp fan...(I'm almost convinced the hospital switched her.LOL)

Really enjoy the show!

Jay said...

Hey Sunny! Loved the show! You did great!

That French Toast had my mouth watering. I love French Toast and pouring strawberries and cream over it is awesome!

The Shrimp looked great too. If I ever move to the gulf coast I'll probably eat shrimp every single day. haha

Sunny Anderson said...

maggie ...i'd go 1 step higher and try lobster tail ... sometimes u can go cheap and find em frozen, prep em, chop em and throw in, i'd do extra butter in the sauce cuz i'm like that and same as the shrimp ... don't over cook. you can also do lump crab. and omg ...thanks for watching!!!!

jay, thanks too!! yeah, the french toast is bangin' i dunno if i'll ever get tired of it :-), glad you liked it, give it a try. i luuuuuv the gulf coast!

dollface, u r just that :-) a doll, i really appreciate the support! next week it's carolina eatin'! some simple and quick ways to make it feel like you are driving past South of the Border
teeheehee ...

Anj. said...

Excellent, excellent debut Sunny. You're a great hostess, the food looked amazing and I will try the Shrimp pot pie this week. I hope you have a very long future on Food Network.

Lys said...

The show was fabulous and you did very well! Can't wait for next week.

CHRIS WRAGGE! Oh. My. God. - I remember that cat from back in my radio intern days and he would call into the morning show. Small world.