Friday, April 4, 2008

Press and Pizza .... wait PIZZA and Press lol!!!

It's friday and I wanna know where my week went, for real. I've had two hair cuts, one baaaad and one that was Edward Scissorhands grrrrreat! A bad headache or two, a few meetings, I had an over cooked porterhouse, that broke my heart .... such a nice cut of meat, butchered by a nyc restaurant and let's seeeee .... I got lucky and got a pie in just 20 minutes at Di Fara's!! So, it wasn't too bad a week now that I think of it. And wait, now that I type away, something amazing happened this week!!! I can't even share yet, but you know as soon as I can, I will spill the navy beans. See, that's how life is, you think it's bad or stressful, but if you sit for a sec and think about it, there are some gems in there. How could I forget some of the good stuff this week?? Alright ... I have some pics to share ... first, oh wait, the FN Dish thing ... so if you saw the episode, it was a good thing I gave a behind the scenes rundown and toldya about my apartment and our walk through my 'hood, because that part didn't make the cut :-). So they got right to the chase and started it at Di Fara's Pizza. It is THE BEST PIZZA EVER. I described the way they top pizzas there as "The Ben & Jerry's of toppings", meaning, what you ask for you get in abundance. I mean, you will never search a slice for garlic, a garlic pie ... is a GARLIC pie. teeheehee ... take a look ... these are not stunt pics, real slices I began and couldn't finish until I shared the beauty of gaaaaaarlic ahead of me. So, here's two slices of Di Fara's with pepperoni and garlic. I also like the porcini mushrooms on it, so if you ever go, give them a try and be prepared to wait for a long time, but just know it is worth the wait. really. you are eating a piece of history, formed by an artisan. period. and now .... the slices ... remember, i didn't set these up, no strategic placement of any topping ...first the wide, then the close up for each ...yummy!

Okay, so that's the pizza, now the press ... There's a 2 part interview I did with Jacob from Food Network Addict, give it a click and read :-)

Then, this Saturday ... TOMORROW ... I'll be on the CBS morning show, eating and cooking for less than $40 bux, so hope you can wake up and catch that ... feels like a 7 or 8AM situation.

And, my bad ... i got so busy I didn't even promote the fact that I would be hanging out with Ed Lover and his team on Power 105.1 here in NYC yesterday. I hope to get the audio and post it soon. We had such fun! I brought breakfast and they tore it up. They had my french toast with caramelized pecans, strawberries and cream. I also threw in a side of bacon. At first, when I suggested it, I thought I'd cook at home and bring it in, but then Food Network offered me THA ENGINE lol ... so, two cool chicks from the kitchens helped and did alot of the work, so I gotta say thanks to them. It is so neat to see other people prepare your recipe. Feels weird too ... I was like yeah, the bread is sliced just how I like it, and they were like ... we read your recipe and measured them. That's serious. Let me tell you, that's why I love Food Network, they are serious about food and so am I! So Ed, Kut, Lady O and the gang hopefully enjoyed every bite. Ed's was gone in 60 seconds like the movie teeheehee. Then they asked me about the beginning of my catering days, here I am talking about catering for Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch (D-Block), when who walks into the building??? Sheek!! We chat via text here and there just to catch up and say hi, but I hadn't seen him in about 3 years!!! It was soooooooo good to see him. Those guys were just always great to me and treated me like a little sister. So of course I cooked for them and they were first to throw me grocery money for cooking. Next thing you know, I'm catering for N.O.R.E and the list went on. So, I'm forever thankful for the smiles and the "mmmmmm good's" I got from them. Sheek specifically used to tell me my food tasted like "LOVE" awwwwwww .... how sweet huh? Anyway, he has bulked up, so I know his girl is killin it in the kitchen!!! Get his CD Silver Back Gorilla and look at the inside flick, he's in the gym son!! lol ... ok, here are some pics from yesterday ...

That's DJ Kut, Me and Ed Lover

annnd me and Sheek Louch ... just two days guys! i'm nervous and anxious. :-)


Lesley said...

hey sunny... it's lesley (shoes)... good to see you blogging!! wish u much success!! and damn that pizza looks good as all hell!!! :)

Mrs. U said...

OH MY WORD!! That pizza looks wonderful!! And garlic.... oh me oh my... I LOVE garlic!!!

Looks like you had a wonderful time at the radio station!! I'll bet you are having the time of your life!!!

Mrs. U

Sunny Anderson said...

i know right?!!?? i promise ... every single time i go there, it's a pizza masterpiece. each slice is so unique and equally yummy.
and ..
heyyyy leslie! good to see you here too! tell shoes 2 watch this wknd!

Iana said...

Congrats Sunny! I am so excited to be behind the scenes with you and watch your success on Food Network. Thank you for blogging it. I am so happy FN finally has black chefs on tv cooking the food I grew up with. I am from Detroit but have been in Phoenix for the last 3 years. I love to cook and I am anxiously awaiting your premier on Sunday. That pizza looks so good (and so does Sheek, teehee)!

Sunny Anderson said...

iana!!! i lived in detroit for 3 years!!! worked at wdtj, it is a different station now ... remember the river rock? legends?? ahhhh good times!! belle isle?? tha coney??? i miss the chili so much! no one does it like detroit coneys .... ok, lemme stop before i walk to detroit lol ....thanks for the support!! hope you like the shows!

Lys said...

Wow - you've had a big week, Sunny! I can't wait for tomorrow - should be a fab. show. Wish I had read this yesterday - would've TiVo'd the Sat. show but I'm sure it won't be the only time you are on there.

And, running into Sheek - one thing I learned over the past two months pretty prominently - there ARE no coincidences. Everything is coming into play for you.

Best of luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sunny,
Just wanted to wish you the best of luck! I was getting my nails done, and saw a commercial for your show today, and I couldn't believe it, Sunny back in the air! You used to be such a great positive energy in my middays as I worked in NYC!!!! I'm glad to see that you will be on the FN, and now more people can pick up in your great, electric energy. Good Luck! Marina