Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On your mark, Get a new set, GO!

Heyyyyy!!! Tomorrow is the day I start taping my new episodes of Cooking for Real!!! About two weeks ago I went in for a lighting test ... seems they wanted to change some things around color and lighting wise ....I've never done a lighting test, but basically I just stood there while everyone worked. There were various different colors of backdrops and different shades of each of the colors. They'd move the color behind my head then all look at the monitor and comment on what colors they liked at what setting ... it was all very above me ... I couldn't tell you what looks good on me, much less behind or around me teeheehee ... so, I just stood there socializing. Then came this really pretty blue tile they put behind me to look at on camera. Now, I hadn't seen most of the crew since we taped, so there were plenty of hellos and I'm a talker so most of the time while I stood on my mark, I'm sayin' hi and yellin' across the room ... just happy to see everyone, seeing the shades of green and such behind me, but not getting too invested. Then they put about a foot-long sample of tiny blue tiles behind me to check it for color and I continued to yap, but made a big mental note "i like it, i like it, i like it". I'd talk, then look back at the tile and think "i like it, i like it alot". So, I get in today for the final lighting test now that all the colors have been changed and other things on set as well and what do I seeeeee??? MY BLUE TILE :-) Yaaaaaaaay!!!! Along with this really pretty royal blue backsplash that goes higher than norm behind the sink, I have a fridge with a see through door and a new range and oven. Plus, a dishwasher!? Ok, now I'm jealous ... I don't even have a dishwasher in my own apartment!!! teeheehee ... most of the set stayed the same though ... Just newer colors and appliances, plus new cabinets and pantry ... lol I know I keep saying nothing changed and then I tell ya about something new, but really plenty of the things remain from before. I took pics, then was told it may not be a good idea to post them now, but I got the go ahead for a description ... I felt like a paparazzi teeheehee ... so there ya have it ... beautiful blue tile, new fridge, wood cabinets and pantry ... it's just a cleaner look and the lighting is nice too.

I can't wait to start taping and cooking tomorrow and hope to share some stuff about the journey here. I remember the long days from the first 6 shows (it wasn't long ago) so, I know it'll be tough to post, but I think I'll be able to handle it, there are plenty of stories to tell during taping, so check in and I'll let ya know how the shows are coming along .... here's a pic I didn't post last week of a tart recipe I worked on for these new shows .... It has 4 ingredients and has the most simple preparation with the maximum flavor output ... can't wait to share the recipe ...


Anaylli said...

I can't wait to see the set and new lighting,lol!
And those are my fave types of tarts! It looks delicous...looking forward to the recipe! :o)

Sunny Anderson said...

anaylli, lemme tall ya about tarts, any kind is my kind teeheehee ... i'm an eater by trade and cook to support it lol .... and the lighting is really different. very natural, feels more like my real kitchen than a set. there's shadows and highs and lows, not just a big wash of light. real natural. i like it.