Monday, November 10, 2008

Kitchen Time Is Here!

Hey there!
Last week I was busy working on the final touches of recipes I'll use for the next 13 episodes. Like before, I'm back in the FN kitchens testing them with the team and working to fit them into shows. I'm taking flicks, so check in tomorrow for some. I'm just too tired to do right now, plus Heroes on DVR is burning a hole in my TV viewing-time pocket. :-) ... Hope you had a great weekend!


Darius T. Williams said...

It's cool - no biggies...can't wait for the new episodes!

t2ed said...

Does the team get to eat the test dishes?

Any new recipes you're really excited about? And that you can tell us about without having to kill us.

Sunny Anderson said...

t2ed, heck yeah! we all just sit there like lil pigs and line up at the trough. it's a fun day of tasting and food discussion. i'm really excited about many of the side dishes this time around and i like where the flavors are going. i threw in some curry and even did a few more drinks. i got an email request for more drinks a while back and worked one into a show, as we were making it, it layered up unexpectedly, it's a show stopper... by accident! stick around for the slo mo slide sho 2moro

Sunny Anderson said...

dtdub, same here without sounding funny. i'm viewing it to learn more about what i like and don't like and i use it to kinda get better in my early days. so until i see what i shot in july, i dunno how i've progressed teeheehee. maybe i'll sneak in and take a peak before i go back to tape.