Monday, December 29, 2008

Slo Mo Slide Sho - All Palates On Deck

Speaking of the tasting team, here they are ...
In addition to the entire kitchen staff and the occasional executive that walks through while I'm cooking, each time I go in to test my recipes, I want as many people to try the food as possible. Then there are people that work directly with me on the show that are constant tasters when I'm in the kitchen. Here's our current team. That's Allison on the left, she's an intern and a vegetarian, so many of the recipes she couldn't taste. I kept telling her how I had some vegetarian stuff on the way, then the day we were gonna do my vegetarian lasagna ... it turned into a meaty lasagna for show purposes and I felt like I let her down teeheeehee. She's in culinary school and I asked her how she does the protein courses without eating the meat and she says her friends in school let her know if it's good ... where there's a will there's a way! Next is Jenna, she works with me on the show and assists my culinary producer, Sarah - she's the next one in line, then there's Santos, who I've dubbed the Culinary Gangsta of All Things Cuisine. Together we all taste my recipes and they give comments and notes. Most of the time when they watch me cook, we are able to shorten processes or make shortcuts and sometimes we even come up with new stuff on the spot. Many times when a recipe is finished and we taste it and it tastes perfect, we look at each other like ... "hmph, guess that's that!" lol ... Usually then we just talk about the salt content. More? Less?

Here's an example of us working/playing at the same time. This is really a part of an actual dessert, trust me. I know it looks crazy, but only 1 item belongs, then everyone came in and put in their own symbol ... I didn't do the sun, that was Jenna :-). This is a great dessert in the making, hope you catch the show and remember it's humble beginnings.

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