Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank You

So, I'm the weepy type and I don't want to sit at my laptop and cry, so I'll keep it short. 2008 was an amazing year for me professionally and personally. I've lived a life thus far of determination and dreams knowing that anything is possible if we work for it. Thing is, my dreams often involve teamwork and this year -- what a team. I'm talking about you. I'm talking about people I work with. I'm talking about my close friends. There is no way I can get to my dream without all the above, and surely no way I can stay in it without the team. So, if you watched just once, or for 5 minutes. If you watched and spread the word. If you watched and then cooked. I thank you so much. Can you believe there are people that work on the show I haven't even met yet? Sales staff, promotions and more within the network, here in NYC and down south at the broadcast facility ... I thank them too. I've met so many great people this year, some I hope to know for a long time. Bloggers, producers, viewers, foodies ... my life is fuller because of it and I just really wanted to say thank you. Dreams come true, hard work pays off and when it does, it feels good to turn around and see people there for you. Thank you so much for being a part of my dream and I wish only success for you and yours in 2009.

Sunny Anderson.


houstonmacbro said...

Sunny, thank you for your creativity and passion and for inspiring all of us.

jacob said...

Yay Sunny! Quite an exciting year, for sure. It's been fun meeting and getting to know you both on TV and in real life. 2009 will be fabulous.

Darius T. Williams said...

*raises his bottled water because he's at work*

Here's to even more in 2009!

Mise En Place said...

Hi Sunny~
I hope you have continued success with your show and everything else in 2009.

Your statements about dreams coming true and hard work paying off are certainly encouraging for those still seeking our dreams.

Thank you and all the best for the coming year.

Susan said...

Thanks for inspiring me to get back into the kitchen! I look forward to your show!

Happy New Year...."see" you in 2009!

Complaint Department Manager said...

Holy Crap!!! Somebody has been blog busy. Something tells me that 2009 will be even better for you, seriously. Happy New Year and keep the new suff coming.

Eric said...

AWWWW! Thats really sweet of you Sunny, thanks for being real to all of your viewers out here. I just hope the great things you've experienced so far is only the tip of your iceberg of success as well.
To be honest, I dont really cook all that much(Marie Calender was my personal chef alot last year , LOL!).. I just enjoy seeing someone who is enthusiastic and has a passion for whatever theyre doing, and your enthusiasm and passion shines through in all of your shows and even just your blogs also :)

Margaret from Fayettteville, NC said...

Happy New Year. My 7 year old daughter Kennedi LOVES your show. For Christmas, she received a cookbook, an apron and a spatula. She's already made grocery lists for her recipes. Keep up the good work because we'll keep watching!!

Nikki said...

you're welcome, sunny. it's a pleasure to be able to see your dreams come true on-screen and here at your blog spot, too. happy 2009 to you & yours xoxoxo

Carol Southard said...

Hi Sunny, Thank You! I love your shows on food Network, and I hope you have continued success in the new year. I am from Boise, Idaho, and I have travelled a lot with my family (like yourself, I think). Happy New Year,


Sunny Anderson said...

houstonmacbro, aww thank you man!

jacob, crazy right? and ditto, so happy we met and can't wait for more chuckles in 09.

dtdub, my dude ... let's go! i'm on your team.

mise en place, thanks! i wish nothing but good stuff for you this year!

susan, yaaaaay! glad you got back in action! see you too :-)

complaint dept. mgr., i know right? total guilt teeheehee ... i had to t.c.b. for a sec ... happy new year man, so good chatting with you last year.

eric, m.c. ain't bad ... i've done a h.m. myself before teeheehee ... figure that one out :-). thanks for the support, it truly is appreciated!

margaret! FAYETTEVILLE!!!??? that's my stompin grounds!!! ooooooweeeee i miss pudding and grits ... just lie to me and tell me you had some recently so i can live vicariously through you! tell chef kennedi i said thanks for watching and welcome to the world of foodies, so cute!

nikki, back atcha!!!

carol southard, thanks so much ... travels that bring food into our lives is the best huh? hope you catch the new episodes, i did plenty of travel last year, so it's all ended up in my kitchen. thanks so much for watching!

Eric said...

h.m???? hungry man??? LMAO youre a trip Sunny.. Oh! I start shooting my zoo documentaries(if you remember I first told you about a looong time ago) this month.. any tips for someone who's never been on camera before.. I've been tryin to workout like crazy LOLOL

Kecia.Wynn said...

Sunny, I am so proud of your accomplishments. You may not realize it, but you have truly arrived! It is always a pleasure watching your shows because I feel like I know you. I'm a Brooklyn born girl who now lives in Cary North Carolina, I just moved back 3years ago from Dallas Texas and we are about the same age. I often come home to Bed-Stuy because my parents still live there. I always hope that I will run into you! I am a big foodie and always try to take in some of Brooklyn's new restaurants. If you have some ideas of places that I can hit while I'm in the NY area please let me know. When you come to NC please come by and check out Cary. Its a very up and coming town near Raleigh/Durham. I wish you all the best and hope to meet you soon.

Your biggest fan besides your mom and dad,


Sunny Anderson said...

eric, you got me lol ... my advice? i don't have any ... i am too green, i barely know what i'm doing. i guess just be yourself and what ever they edit together will always represent you.

kecia.wynn, thanks so much for the support! brrrrrroooklyn! :-) anyway, i've had a few great meals in bkyln, footprints, blue ribbon, difara's etc., but i do most of my eating out in nyc. ... petit abeille (just went last week) and negril are my most frequent spots, but i hop all over the city eating when i get a chance. take care down there!

Charles C. said...

I live in th ATL,new author, name Charles; and I was surfing thru the channels on my well-deserved day off and saw your show. Wow!!! That's not just for the show but for you! I can go to Heaven now because I have seen the most beautiful woman on tv. I am too inlove! I jumped online to see if you are single, and thank God you are! I guess sorta. Anyway, I know you are a busy woman but I just wanted to make a BIG request and ask you to send me a signed photo (with my name on it)? :-) You are the only celebrity I cherish. After Mchelle Obama you are the most talented, lovely, goreous, pasionate, intelligent woman on air! If you ever come thru the ATL pleeease let me know! I would love to meet you in person. I will be watching your shows religiously from this point forward. I am not just your number 1 fan now but your greatest admirer! You are the BOMB!!! Stay REAL!

Sunny Anderson said...

charles c., thanks for the words, but your research is off a tad ... i am in a relationship and even talk about him on the the show a bit. that's not to say you can't still watch :-) and i hope you do. thanks so much for the support!