Friday, January 2, 2009

Yesterday and Tomorrow ...

Just thought I'd put up some flicks from yesterday's GMA visit and also remind you that tomorrow is a whole new episode of Cooking For Real. Here are the flicks ... episode details right after ..

This is my Sunny Money Salad ... fast, yummy and healthy! Yup, healthy! Well, if you don't add the bacon, but bacon isn't that bad is it? :-) 
And here's my take on Green Eggs and Ham ... The pesto is where it's at. I really like the way it tastes with the eggs, it isn't typical pesto, so give it a go if you are a pesto lover. 

Both of these recipes have already been featured on Food Network, so it was really nice to repeat them to another audience. See if people like ginger in their salad and walnuts in their pesto :-). 

Okay, at noon tomorrow (Saturday Jan 3rd) is a new episode of Cooking for Real called Far East Eats. Don't get it twisted, this isn't the Far East many think of first ... it's Hawaiian! I've been there a couple of times and boy, lemme tell you they know how to eat! Just this last year I re-visited the island to tape two episodes of How'd That Get On My Plate and had one great meal I knew I'd talk about for a long time. Who knew it would work it's way into a show? Really it was just that good, I came home and the first thing I wanted to do was work on getting those flavors into my kitchen. Now, just a few short months later, if you so choose, you can have the flavors in your kitchen too. :-) Sharing is caring teeheehee ... Ok, now, for all the native Hawaiians, if I get anything wrong or it isn't perfectly authentic, don't get mad ... this is truly a love letter to a great meal and I made some changes here and there so you won't have to slave in the kitchen too much. Hope you enjoy the show and the recipes! Saturday January 3, 2009 @ 12PM EST and then repeats Sunday at 10:30AM! Have a great 1st weekend of '09!


Lys said...

Looking forward to tomorrow's show. Will let the Wolfgramms know - they'll give feedback :)

Happy New Year Sunny!

Darius T. Williams said...

Oh - how interesting...I saw the show yesterday and loved it. You rock - those flavors look fantastic. The funniest thing was that you ordered some sushi just so you could have rice...I died with laughter.

Sunny Anderson said...

lys, backtatcha!

dtdub, yeah ... i bet someone is like ... sunny is dumb, and yes in normal circumstances, but that lomi lomi needed some rice lol and once i downed it, there was no room for sushi.

t2ed said...

I can't wait to try the chicken tenders and peanut sauce from the last show.

Now if I can just find some big enough tenders for the grill. Oh, and thaw the grill cover enough to actually use the grill again. Maybe in April.

Sunny Anderson said...

t2ed, teeheehee ... you are right, a very unseasonal episode if you are snowed in, eh? well, a grill pan is a pretty good buy, emerilware has a good one with a handle and one without that spans two burners, i have both of them and if you drop a lil l iquid smoke on the situation, you'd almost think you were in a tropical region ... hope you defrost soon. :-)