Thursday, January 22, 2009

BTW and Didja Know ...


I did a podcast interview with Vicky and Jen, two cool chicks with a radio gig. You can catch our chat on their blog. We talk about Cooking for Real, my beginnings at Food Network and all kinds of food stuff. It's a long one, 38 minutes long!!! Sorry, I talk way too much :-), but if you have an interest in some inside stuff it's a good listen, these chicks are great interviewers and as a former interviewer I really had fun being on the other side of some pros. Alright, so check it out and check their site!


Didja Know ...

I just wrapped taping 13 more episodes of Cooking for Real? I'll throw up some flicks soon and finally hope to get my tail in gear and get you some words from our on-set graphic artist that makes a label at the drop of a lime. :-) Don't forget new episodes premiere Saturdays at noon est., like this week's First Down, Ten to Feed ... just in time for gameday!


Eric said...

wow! you're done with another season already(13 episode is a season right?).. Time flies, but probably not for you right? LOL!
I'm looking forward to watching as always :)

Lana said...

Oh what a nice interview! Long, ok yes. But full of information.

I liked best your comment that FN has something for everyone - from fancy chefs to just regular home cooks. There's a wide diverse market out here, and the one thing we all have in common is we gotta eat!

Sunny, thx for sharing.

Gail in A2 said...

Was watching today and appreciated your positive comments about chili in Detroit. As a born and raised Detroit girl I would ask you to remember teeny things about Detroit--it's Mack Avenue, not Mack Road.

Small, yes, but to us Detroiters who don't get much positive recognition, important.

Gail from Grosse Pointe

Sunny Anderson said...

eric, i know ... time does fly ... funny thing is, in my infancy here i dunno what season number i'm on teeheehee

lana, glad u made it through the whole thing :-) ... yeah, as a viewer it's what I always appreciated about fn, variety ... it's the spice of life! (corny, i know)

gail, omg so sorry! look, it took me a year to say "lahser" correctly :-) and switch from soda to pop ... I actually lived close to grosse pointe on university and would drive through it on the way to work, such pretty houses. Ok, please forgive me for the road vs. ave flub :-), thanks so much for watching and welcome to the blog!

Margaret from Fayettteville, NC said...

I watched the 1/24 show...the red velvet cake was on point AND on time. My friend that makes red velvet cupcakes is TDY (another one for you!) and will deploy soon after, so I will be forced to make the cake for myself. Kennedi and I went to the Inauguration and after standing in the FREEZING cold for hours (SO worth it), my Aunts made the BEST pot of chili that I'd ever had!!!

Hailey Clark said...

Dear Ms Anderson,

We now get to watch your show in Canada on Food Network. I usually watch with my Mom.

I do like your show except for a few things. You use the term "Man" and for what reason, my Mom and I wonder why that is. Is this the street talk coming out ? Here in Canada, when people use this term we sort of shudder.

The giggle and laugh you use several times a show is sort of phoney too, so I suggest you should change it.Other than that I think you are on eof the better newcomers on FN.

Sunny Anderson said...

Margaret, I am so glad you had some good chili in the freezing temps! Next to a shot of something heavy, it's the best body warmer in the winter, huh? fayetteville has so much good food! i miss pudding and grits!!! my mom's side of the fam is from there and maaaaan, can they cook! lemme know how the cake turns out! thanks for watching!

hailey, first, thanks for watching.i really appreciate it. during my time in detroit, train trips to toronto were the best mini-vacations everrrr and windsor was fun too, glad canada is able to watch! so. the "man" thing is an emphasis and a period at the same time, many of my friends go a step further and say "maaain" or "maaaing" if you sound it out, you'll hear the emphasis. My dad even says it to me, there's also a slang people use here in nyc plenty and it's just like 'man' but the word is 'son'. sometimes I can never tell if people are saying 'son' to me or 'sun' a shorter version of sunny. anyway. it's just how i speak. as for the laughing, as much as i wish i could, I can't change it cuz it happens without a thought. when i was in radio and did pre-taped interviews of phone calls, I'd always cut or edit my laugh wavelength in half ... why? because it took up time which is a talk-break sin and because it bothered me ... i've never been in love with my giggle or loud guffaw laugh, but at least you should know it isn't on purpose just to annoy you :-). it just happens. maybe it's nerves ... i dunno and have given up ... i also wish i had one of those cute sneezes, but nope they are loud and yucky. good thing is you can get around the annoying stuff about me and still catch the food part ... the important part :-). thanks for watching and welcome to the blog!

Schot03inCincy said...

I can spot a phony a couple thousand miles away, and phony you are not! I like your show, but I think you need a slight flogging with a banana peel for not liking Canadian bacon on your eggs benedict.

Salmon sounds good, I guess,'s bacon!!!

I think you said that your problem stems from bad salt content? If you have good Canadian bacon, do you make them with C.B at home? Is the salmon just something you do at restaurants?

WHAT UP WITH THAT, MAaaaaahnnnn...?????

Sunny Anderson said...

schot03incincy, well, lemme tell you it is pretty hard to not be myself. the stress alone forces me into auto pilot which really forces me to just be me. i don't know how anyone could fake it. it's hard enough doing the other stuff lol ... glad you caught the best meal show. i do have a teeny bias against canadian bacon, but only cuz i bet some places don't use the good stuff, but if i make it at home and i can control the quality ... i'll do it. plus hollandaise is funny out there ... some many different mess-ups even places that don't serve it with the traditional sauce, but their own. crazy, when you make it your morning meal out of choice. the variations are endless. welcome to the blog! omg ... what a long name!

Eric said...

So, I'm still unsure.. is theres a difference between canadian bacon and ham?? it looks "Aboowt" the same to me "Eh"? LOL

Anyway, I like your laugh, its sincere and contagious :)
When I get nervous I use the word "alright" and "also" alot and thats irritating!

If you ask me I think you should use the e-40/deejay from hustle n flow style of Pronunciation of the word "man" on your show at least once or twice lol

Mrs. L said...

Wahoo, another season in the can! Can't wait!

And what phony laugh? Man, is that person for real? :)

Sharon said...

Wow, sounds super exciting with the episodes that are coming along for Cooking for Real!

Sunny Anderson said...

hailey clark, i cannot post your other comment. i am glad you are cool with my explanation though, but i can't let ya diss my co-workers. :-) it seems you have some stress you want to release in a negative way. i get it, but just not over here please. the internet is a huge place, there's somewhere that will allow your comments, just not here, sorry. btw, yes i loved toronto, great shopping and food!

eric, got this off of, it's long but hope it answers your question.

"Canadian bacon is a pork product. The foods described by the term “Canadian bacon” are very different, depending on where in the world the consumer is. This can sometimes lead to confusion, especially for travelers. In the United States, “Canadian bacon” is a salted and cured meat much like conventional bacon. In much of Canada and Great Britain, however, “Canadian bacon” is an entirely different food, cured and treated in a different way before sale. Availability of the two different types of bacon varies, depending on one's location.

In flavor, appearance, and texture, Canadian bacon is closer to ham than it is to bacon. The meat is lean, slightly sweet, and juicy. Unlike regular bacon, Canadian bacon does not crisp up in its own fat while it is being cooked. The meat is meant to be served in a soft, juicy stage of cooking, and it will be dry and tasteless if it is allowed to crisp up. It is also usually served in thicker wedges than those used for conventional bacon

The cured pork product which Americans know as Canadian bacon is usually called back bacon in other parts of the world. It is made from the loin cut, which is in the center of the pig's back. As a result, the bacon is much leaner than conventional bacon. Back bacon is prepared in the same way as conventional bacon, with a salting and smoking process intended to cure the meat. Slightly more sugar is usually used, lending a sweet quality to Canadian bacon."

thanks for the cosign on my laugh, i gotta tell you it annoys me a bit, but at 33 ... you just live with what you got!

mrs. l, thanks! i have guests this time around too, i plan to post some flicks soon.

sharon, thanks! i think i'm most excited about the episodes with my friends on with me, there are also some good seasonal recipes for spring because the shows should begin around then. hope you like them!

Momsdiamond said...

I'm so happy to know that there will be another season of Cooking for Real. I love the show and catch you at noon almost every sat. This weekend for our SB party, I'm going to make the wings and also the biscuit dumplings (deep fryer w/cinnamon and sugar) and I know those will be a hit. So glad I came across your blog! Keep doin the thang Sunny!!

Sunny Anderson said...

momsdiamond, glad you found the blog too! thanks for watching and yep, the show rolls on ... thanks to you and many others watching. so truly, thank you. have fun with the donut! i also do a quick orange glaze with juice and powdered sugar ... the right balance of the two and you have a great glaze! put em on a rack within a baking sheet and glaze away! have fun and welcome to the blog!