Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where's the Beef?

Right here!

I shot a new episode of Cooking for Real Monday and took home some work. :-) This is some boneless beef eye round that I give a crazy herb crust in a future show. One of the FAQs I get is, where does the food go? Well, some goes to the production for use in photos for the FN's website and within the show as well. Then, some gets devoured by the crew and some comes home with me. It's pretty cool because sometimes I get home and I'm too beat to cook, so I eat the spoils of the day. Not bad. Food Network also teams up locally with City Harvest, a company that rescues food from local restaurants and food businesses then redistributes them to outreaches and centers for hungry mouths in the 5 boroughs of NYC.

Speaking of, the same day I brought the beef home from work I did an interview with Spike Mendelsohn for something he's doing for Food Network. Name sound familiar? Think Top Chef. He is working on a show and right before he came by the set, he spent the day working with City Harvest. I'll let you know when that show with Spike runs so you can catch it. He was pretty funny and actually has been doing great since his appearance on Top Chef. He has a restaurant in D.C. and looks like another one is on the way.

Alright, well I just wanted to stop in. Don't forget to catch URS, Sunday nights at 9PM eastern. Then, immediately after the show check the FN Dish Blog for the viewing party! I host with special guests every week and it's also a good recap if you want to relive it without waiting for the rerun :-).


Schottzie03 said...

That beef looks awesome!

I've always heard most chefs eat cereal when they get home, you've got it goin' on with that beef. I dunno if it would go with your "crazy herb rub", but I want that with some horseradish on a big roll.

Keep up the good work!

Mt. Washington Ohio

Tanner said...
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Sunny Anderson said...

schottzie03, funny you should say that, I made a quick horseradish sauce that night at home to eat with it :-). sour cream, horseradish, lemon, salt n pepper and that was all I wrote that night. So, no cooking and no cereal, just stirring with a spoon that night :-).

tannerodell said...

my comment was deleted :'( I guess it was off topic..huh, well that's ok. I really look up to you and wanted some advice for a 14 year old cook. and that meat looks tasty. I'm ready for a midnight snack.


Sunny Anderson said...

tannerodell, no don't think that :-) ... i deleted your comment because you are 14 and you gave your personal email address, i thought twice about it and took it down. the internet isn't the place for a minor to leave their info on a public forum, you know? sowwy. i didn't mean it in a rude way. thanks so much for support and much success in your culinary career!

Alec Smart said...

In a FN Dish segment, your fearless leader, Herr Tuschman said all the food tested was tossed out for safety reasons.He was asked what he ate on a daily basis and replied tuna sandwiches were his staple. No FN goodies as most thought.

I guess old Bob is confused.

tannerodell said...

thank you so much. I didn't think about my info being shown to everyone. and by the way, I absolutely love you. Lol, you are awesome.

Passionate Eater said...

That makes me smile, I am glad that you get rewarded for all of your hard work and get to eat what you made, and also, that the leftover food goes towards a good cause.

Sunny Anderson said...

alec, been missin ya ... no, actually things change and maybe you caught an older interview with him, as of recently ... just a few months ago from my knowledge, we've partnered with city harvest. and when i 1st got there, i asked as well about getting them to a charity and got the answer you saw, but i guess things changed. i volunteered for city harvest before i joined fn, so my initial question was really based on suggesting they get the leftovers, so imagine how cool it is that it naturally happened with time? anyway, happy new year ... long time no see

tannerodell, no prob :-)

passionate eater, yeah ... sometimes i win and sometimes i lose though, can't always take the food home, i'd rather leave it for the beauty shots if the amounts are small. now that food gets thrown out--the beauty shot leftovers. basically because it sits under hot lights for hours and sometimes doesn't get proper refrigeration. don't want to make people sick. :-)

Darius T. Williams said...

Spike is coming to FN?!?! I love Top Chef - it's the only other show (besides yours) that I'm committed to watching every week - no lie.

Beef looks great Sunny!

Darius T. Williams said...

Oh wait - let's talk about today's show. GREAT show.

LOL - loved the Chinese donuts - classic!

and the combo of manicotti and enchiladas - classicly you. I love this...that fontina cheese had me!

Sunny Anderson said...

dtdub, teeheehee yeah, that velvety ribbon of cheese stopped me in my tracks lol ... usually at home you just pour it on, but on tv it's a slowwww even pour towards the camera :-). Glad u caught it and yup, spike is on his way, i dunno if it's online or on air. very nice dude though. very nice.