Friday, January 9, 2009

On the Wings of Love ...

"On the wings of love, only the two of us together flying hiiiiiiiigh" - Jeffrey Osborne, On the Wings of Love

Ok, this is the perfect example of how music and food can intersect if you love the two. Tomorrow's newest episode of Cooking for Real is titled Wings 3.0 and I just found out from checking the schedule, so I thought I'd post about it. As I begin to type -- the song that pops into my head is Jeffrey's song above, the chorus really ... I mean ... we have the "wings" in there, the "love" in there ... just guess my version would be "All the wings I love, only the four of us together flying hiiiiiigh!!!", to account for the 3 types of wings and myself flying away to Wingland. What? Never heard of Wingland?!? Most of us have a Wingland ... it's that area of the house where you sit on a couch and watch guys throw a football. That's Wingland. It's where they were invented. Ok, well I'm pushing it there ... wings started in Buffalo, NY at the Anchor Bar. :-)

With the biggest Wingland Day on the way, this is the perfect time to look into some new ideas if you want to switch things up this year and get into change. -- EXCEPT FOR CHANGING THE WINNERS THAAAA GIIIAAANTS!!! ahem ... I have 3 flavors for tomorrow's show and I don't stop at the wings ... I do something green (not celery) and something blue (not blue cheese dressing). Works out neat because this weekend's game albeit not the biiiiiiiiig Wingland Day, for many the battle begins between the green Eagles and the blue GIANTS. I've got the bases covered by accident. :-) So, maybe this weekend give em a test run before the big-un.

Hope you like it ... and hey, it just popped in my head, just like last week's episode, this week a recipe was inspired from my trip to Hawaii for How'd That Get On My Plate. This time around it was the jars of honey I brought back from the trip. Lemme tell you, I was in honey heaven for weeks. I think I may have gone a little George Washington Carver on it and ended up with enough honey recipes for a while, but at least one of them made it into work and now, if you like wings ... this is a grrrreat sauce if you also happen to like honey.

Hope you like the show! It airs Saturday(tomorrow) Cooking for Real- Wings 3.0 @ 12PM est/11AM central, Food Network

Don't forget about the reruns Sunday morning at 1030AM ...

Have a great weekend and New Yorker's be safe in the snow this weekend ... if it comes :-).


Lana said...

Mmmm ... wings ... drool .... Timing of this show couldn't be more perfect, Sunny. Here in Idaho, Cooking for Real is on at 1pm. Yeah, we're a little (ahem) "behind the times" out here. heehee

But it's perfect, cuz NFL Today starts at 1:30, then I'll be rootin' for Baltimore (Duff's hometown). No offense, Titans fans. Y'all had a terrific season.

My picks for the Superbowl? Giants and Steelers. What a game that'd be, eh? Sunny, you goin' to Superbowl?

ken said...

happy new year sunny delight...

did someone mention....wings and no

just what to make me smile...go detroit

lions....hey we would had went 0-17 if it wasn't for

that bye-week...hey laughter eases the pain....ken

aka the next afri-ken ameri-ken president in

twenty-sevenkeen...sunny aka my first lady....

Margaret said...

We can't wait to visit Hawaii next Christmas! My sister PCS'd (you know what that is!!!) there last summer.

Chicken of Kennedi's 4 food groups. Thanks for the show, you can't have too many recipes for chicken wings!

~Margaret from Fayetteville, NC

Darius T. Williams said...

I loved the episode...but the broccoli was so not needed. This was a meal that didn't need a veggie. The wings and potatoes were plenty! LOL - I was saying to myself, "someone had to have put her up to this." I love the almond idea though.

lemon and lime zest! OMG - how about I don't even have chicken wings BUT the next time I go to my local meat joint - I'm frying them up and using the zest - I bet that was sooo good.

Have you ever had "mild sauce?" It's totally a mid-west thing cuz when I lived in NYC, they thought the product was crazy. It't bbq sauce with the heat turned up. They have the sauce all over the city at various joints, but like anything in Chicago, you gotta know where to get the best from. I go to either Harold's Chicken or Coleman's...and Coleman's is THE BEST - west side of course. That's how we get our wings here in Chicago - fried hard with salt, pepper, and mild sauce...oh an a pineapple pop!

I know - sounds weird, but that's how we get down in the Chi!

angie said...

you're a brilliant addition to food network, sunny!

keep up the great work!

columbus, ohio

Anonymous said...

try not to make your wings swim in sauce like you did last time. That was one wet wing plate.

Scrapper1 said...

hey Sunny,i seen the show,it was excellent as usual.the wings looked great and so did the red,white and blue definitely gonna make that tomorrow.are u going to see the movie Notorious?I cant wait to see that.take care

Sunny Anderson said...

lana, well, our game over here didn't turn out too well, but at least the wings were yummy :-)

ken, thanks! happy new new to you too!

margaret, hawaii is great. and your sister is lucky! that c.o.l.a. check is great in hawaii :-) ahhh the military terms never leave ya! glad you liked the show, thanks so much for watching!

dtdub, yaaay! glad you liked it! we actually had time left in the show, so when we planned it, we said ... let's put something green and healthy in there lol ... it was a fast recipe! i do all kinds of heat! no sauce too hot for me to try! shooooooot.

angie, wow, thank you so much. i am glad you found the show and hope you like the new ones to come :-).

anon, lol ... ahhh the messy plate that haunts me :-) ... look, what can I say, i'm a sauce chick.

scrapper1, thanks! i haven't seen notorious yet, but plan to. happy new year!

Complaint Department Manager said...

Your Jeffrey Osborne reference reminded me of something I need to do at the Dept. Stop by sometime and you'll instantly figure it out.

Your Giants and my Titans, what's up with that? I was looking forward to watch those 2 go at it in the Super Bowl while challenging you to a wager, DAY-um!

Oh, by the way, when wings get cooked up like that, they ain't wings anymore, they're WANGS!

Sunny Anderson said...

complaint dept. mgr., ok, i'm on the way after this to take a gander ... yeah, the jints didn't really do their thing huh? i saw one turnover too many and just changed the channel, didn't want it in my memory. u r crazy .... i shoulda said that on the show teeheehee

Sunny Anderson said...


Eric said...

Jeffery Obsourne is coming to my part of the country soon, All this woo woo wooin' and wings of love talk is making me wanna buy a ticket for real! lol

Sunny Anderson said...

eric, get that ticket! He can sang! i wonder what he looks like these days. does that sometimes, a current flick from a past star ...